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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
arrived in Germany
03 July 2012 | Helgoland
Hi all, this morning at 1040 we arrived happy and safely at Helgoland. We got a great welcome by Lennard, Emily, Kati, Dorle (sister), Manfred (brother in law), Kerstin (niece), Hanne (niece's daughter) and Nils (niece's son). Then my aunt rang from Hamburg and told me to tune into a cerrtain Hamburg radio station where we heard her greetings and a song played for our arrival and my birthday - how nice!. Manfred organised a special berth alongside the jetty, the sun is shining the whole day and it got rather warm - so so all is good here! AHOI! Arne and the Iemanja crew and welcomers
Nina Hickson
04 July 2012 01:21:35Z
Happy Birthday Arne and it is wonderful to hear that you made it to Germany safely. Are you still planning to sell the boat there? Hugs to all of you and enjoy being with Kati, Emily, Lennard and your family. We're keeping very busy visiting friends and relatives in the States until the first of September when we'll fly back to Arctracer in Saldanha Bay.
05 July 2012 09:11:32Z
Moin, moin, Andrea und Arne. Es ist "the day after" und ich schlitze Briefpost auf. Meine Wohnung war von sommerlichen Insekten bewohnt, das Gas hatte sich abgeschaltet (kalte dusche am Morgen ...) und mein Wasserhahn im Bad tropfte. Ansonsten hat sich herzlich wenig verändert. Meiner einsamen Bananenpflanze auf dem Küchentisch geht's anscheinend prächtig. Naja, ich werde mich hier etwa eine Woche aufhalten, dann Kop, dan zur Olympiade nach London. Wer mich besuchen will, darf das gerne tun. Anosnsten vermisse ich euch, emily, Lennard Kati und auch die anderen Insulaner sehr. Vielleicht sollte ich ja nach HH kommen und bei eurer Ankunft winken... ahoi, für heute.
Jacky and Rob
06 July 2012 16:32:33Z
Congratulations dear friends, now you are together again. That must be very nice. Since last Wednesday I am having a job, and I like it a lot. Back in the system but that is good for a while. Enjoy the time together with family and friends. Hope to meet you in Holland. LOL xxx
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