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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
departed Cuxhaven for Hamburg Citysporthafen
09 July 2012 | on the Elbe
Hi all, a quick update from Brunsbuettel- a - beam. We left Cuxhaven together with "Antje" at 1300 in 25 kn very gusty SW and driving rain - what kind of summer is this? It just stopped rainnig a few minutes ago and we are following Antje who zoomes ahead of us towards Wedel. At he moment we should arrive on time at 2130 in Hamburg's Citysporthafen, I'll post an update if we should be delayed.

All grown ups are in wet weather gear, the kids are listeneing to stories below deck and now it's time for a piece of cake!

AHOI! Andrea, Kati, Lennard, Emily and Arne