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The Grander Scheme: s/v Northern Symphony
Another simple dream...Another crazy notion: To make a sequel to our Grand Scheme by making an extended great loop starting from our home in Nova Scotia. One boat, two so-called adults, one or two children, and one cat.
Back in the USA!
7 April 2006, Port Canaveral, FL

We are back on the mainland. We arrived here at about 1500 and tied up at Scorpion's New Port Marina, cleared in with Customs, and went out to dinner. We're all tired, but not completely thrashed and we'll be starting our return northwards rather rapidly. Since we didn't go all the way to Charleston, it will probably take us a week to cover what two days of sailing would have done but, given the forecast timing, equipment failures, and personal comfort, it was the right choice for us. One of the fun things about our passage is that Leslie has discovered that she likes being a lookout and keeping watch (She's good at spying small boats on the horizon, too!). Overall, it was a very enjoyable passage on beautiful water in mild conditions. We ended up motorsailing almost the whole way because of light winds so it was noisier than we like, but this way we got to have the fun of refueling at sea!

That's it for now: bed beckons...

(28 24.467'N 80 37.798'W)

Still going...
7 April 2006, Underway

This is today's sunrise from the Gulf Stream. We are in the miffle of the stream right now and doing 9 knots over the ground thanks to the current boost. We're about 45 miles from Port Canaveral and should make the entry sometime this afternoon.

Go west, young man...
6 April 2006, Underway

We have altered course and are heading west, hoping to make landfall in Florida sometime tomorrow. This will be considerably south of where we had hoped to go, but a number of circumstances have conspired to make it seem the more prudent choice, for us. We encountered a counter-current that we hadn't expected which slowed us by 20 percent for most of the day. That makes a daylight arrival in Charleston rather unlikely and I'm not to wild about approaching that entry at night without our radar functioning. The later schedule also puts us in the way of some stronger winds and larger sea than we find comfortable and had hoped to avoid by passing before they arrived. Finally, I seem to have lost my sea legs during all that time in the Bahamas and m feeling seasick despite having taken anti-naseau medication. So, sunset finds us motoring west...With luck we'll go in the Port Canaveral entry tomorrow afternoon.

(27 36.209'N 78 20.295'W)

Off the bank...
6 April 2006, Underway

We are off the Bahamas bank and in deep, blue water. So far it's been pleasant, but the wind is light so we are motoring and our chartplotter has failed again so we are on backup GPS (we have three). The forecast calls for gradually strengthening winds so we're hoping that we'll be able to shutdown the engine sometime this evening.

(26 07.950'N 77 46.356'W)

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