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Into the Med
RobbieW / Breezy & Sunny
06 January 2012 | Off Tarifa Point
We are now in the Gibraltar Straight, having just rounded Tarifa. Wind a steady F5 from the West, current and tide with us so its now a splendid sail. A bit like the Needles channel with the tide as we are doing 9+ kts over the ground and 6 ish through the water. The main difference is that we have Africa rather than Christchurch off to starboard!

Started off misty and lumpy with a NE wind so we motor sailed until we got some air in the fuel system. At that point the wind had steadied so not a problem to get us sailing properly then bleed the system - Billy's little squeezy thing came in very handy :) Lets hope it all works when we reach La Linea.
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