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Into Port For A Few Supplies
Jax/Really Scorchio
24 May 2012 | Almerimar Marina
We upped anchor and trundled into Almerimar marina in order to top with water and gas and to do some food shopping.

Almerimar marina is one of the largest in Europe but it actually has a nice feel about it due to the nature of its design - lots of little squares if you like, a few berths here, a few shops and a few apartments and then that's duplicated all around the marina. Much nicer than just rows and rows of pontoons. In addition, they were still charging winter rates so we were pleased to only have to pay 13.25 euro for a night's stay, including water, electricity and VAT.

Whilst we were trundling around the supermarket, much to our surprise, we bumped into some friends. Karen, Bob and Eric, on board 'Bolero' had been resident on the same pontoon as us in La Linea. We knew they were leaving La Linea on Monday too but they had told us they planned to go to Morocco. However, their plans changed and, unknown to us, they'd been just behind us all the way, stopping off at the same places as us but going into marinas rather than anchoring as they're checking out various places where they can leave Bolero for perhaps the next 12 months.

Just down the pontoon from us in Almerimar was a boat called Bagheera and we found out, after chatting for a while, that they'd over-wintered in Lagos and had naturally, bumped into some of the friends we'd made there. Not least was my Uncle Mike on board his boat Seawynds. The couple on Bagheera complained that Uncle Mike had fleeced them whilst playing cribbage....tut-tut!
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