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Small Anchorages & Kiteboarding - a Good Combination..??
14 June 2012 | Cala Binirras
We spent another day in the pretty and peaceful Cala Binirras communing with the hippies!

We also spent some time aboard another yacht, 'Scarlett' a Jeanneau 42 owned by an Australian couple, Dave and Sharnie. Dave's a bit of an up-front bloke, we'd met them a few day's previously in Cala Salada. He tends to arrive at an anchorage and if he spots any French boats, he does a drive-by whilst singing 'Rule Britannia'!!

Dave's cousin, Phil, was staying onboard Scarlett too and had brought along his kite-surfing gear. I tried to flog him the kiteboard that we'd plucked out of the water a couple of weeks ago but no deal...

Phil decided to try and launch his kite and himself off the back of Scarlett but it soon became apparent that this wasn't the brightest of ideas in a small anchorage filled with several boats. Can you imagine it? Kite lines getting caught around dinghies and outboards and on the cleats on the sides of boats and around anchor chains....ooops! Eventually Phil just jumped in the water (minus his board) and allowed the kite to pull him out into some open water. Dave jumped in his dinghy to go and retrieve Phil and the kite but then his outboard packed up! After about fifteen minutes of faffing with that, the outboard sprang into life and Phil and his kite were retrieved - all a bit of a farce but thoroughly entertaining!
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