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SY William Tai
Biscay crossing
12 June 2012 | 42 51.95'N:10 5.13'W, Bay of Biscay
I was in the process of writing this yesterday when I was actrually meant to but my day of cookery had taken its tole on me with the acrobatics required in the William Tai galley while crossing The Bay of Biscay. I blew everyone away with my Michelin star training and set the bar at a super high level for others to try and come even close to...this is a joke by the way...I'm not that arrogant. I made a chicken chilli broth for lunch which was pretty mediocar to be honest and a Lamb Pie with Sortayed potatos for dinner which was much better. The sun has decided to pop out and say hello for much of the day today and the further we head south the warmer it is definatley getting. We are currently exiting the traffic seperation scheme Off Finisterre 35 nm off the coast of Spain. Everybody is in the swing of things with the watch system except Kev who I constantly have to wake up half an hour after he should be on watch.

We have sailed around 520nm already and have got about another 1000nm to go...See you all in Palma!

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