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TAHNOO Travels
07/16/2013, ~1900 mi W of the Columbia River

i'd say Tahnoo is approaching the halfway point on her journey from Hawaii to BC. She has been heading pretty well directly north for 12 days, and on the last few days has gotten a good push from winds that are squeezed between the N pacific high pressure system & a low to the west. Hopefully they are far enough north to start getting some west winds soon.

i have to eat some of my words from the last post, because the next time i spoke to Bill on the sat. phone the crew were asking, "where is the canned fruit stored???" i can understand it though, when you're being tossed around by big waves, you don't want to open lockers or lift up the floorboards unless absolutely necessary.

They have not run in to fog yet, but it is expected at some point as they get further north & east; and not much other traffic, just a few cargo vessels that have passed by within 15 or 20 miles. Here's an interesting report though - friends on the sailing vessel Bidule, en route from Hawaii to Sitka, Alaska, reported a few days ago that a ship passed close by carrying a rocket in separate pieces. Maybe they are hallucinating, but that's what they saw....

07/26/2013 | Willem
Looks like they backtracked a little but gained back their ground. Any idea Brenda when they expect to make landfall?
Passage to BC

Tahnoo & her crew of Bill, Hugh & Ian left Honolulu July 3 ~ 11:00 local time, sailing up the east side of Oahu & then north. They've had some variable conditions so far, with some intermittent motoring required on a couple of days, but now seem to be in a more settled pattern of ENE winds. According to the forecasts, the winds should continue to be well organized around the N pacific high this week, so they should make good progress. Position on monday evening (BC time) was 29'24min N x 160' 18 min W, and heading almost directly north.

Ian caught a nice 20 lb. mahi mahi the other day, & i have not had any frantic cell phone calls asking where the spaghetti sauce or the oreo cookies are, so i think they are managing quite well in the galley:)

Departing Honolulu
07/02/2013, Honolulu

OK. The bracket for the boom vang is ready. I'll pick it up at 7am tomorrow and we should be on our way to Victoria by 10am. We expect to be in Victoria on July 25, give or take a few days.

07/04/2013 | Leif and Jackie
Wishing you fair winds and calm seas. Hope the voyage goes smoothly.
07/05/2013 | Heidi and joe
Go Tahnoo Go!!! Safe trip, miss you guys so much
07/06/2013 | Willem
Have a great trip Bill and crew! Fair winds and calm seas.
06/24/2013, Ala Wai Small Boat Harbour

We arrived in Honolulu on Sun. June 23, after our 2nd attempt to cross the Kaiwi Channel. Geraldine & John of Sea Reach were here to catch our lines, & we are now rafted with them at the Hawaii Yacht Club.

The sailing among these islands is definitely challenging, but rewarding. It seems there are always strong winds & big waves in the channels, so you just have to suck it up & go through that to get to the next place. We got in lots of snorkeling at Honolua Bay (NW tip of Maui), Molikini, Manele Bay (SE side of Lana'i) and one more overnight at Kaunakakai Harbour (S side of Moloka'i). We did not have the time to explore inland on any of these islands unfortunately, that will have to wait for next time.

Crew for the next leg of the trip, Glen, Hugh & Ian arrive here on Thurs. June 27 & will set sail along with Sea Reach shortly thereafter.

06/28/2013 | Paul Jones
Best of luck to all with theupcoming voyage. I wish I could join them. Are they planning to make landfall in Vancouver?
07/03/2013 | Brenda
Paul - could be Port Hardy, Victoria or Vancouver, i've gotta wait & see.
Cruising Hawaii
06/18/2013, Honolua Bay, Maui

We ended up spending 2 weeks in Hilo, a nice laid back place to hang out after a long passage. The first week was spent cleaning up, doing repairs, ferrying crew to the airport, & a bit of sightseeing. Then we checked the weather & the winds were building, so we decided to stay put a little longer. We went to a couple of different snorkeling sites, with lots of amazing reef fish & BIGGG sea turtles! Took a drive to the Kona side of the island one day- it is the leeward side, hot & dry, but wouldn't you know it, the rain followed us from Hilo that day. And we attended the King Kamehameha Day celebrations, with amazing hula dancers- everyone from little kids to grannies & grampas!

Got under way again June 15 with an overnight passage to Honolua bay on the NW tip of Maui. It was a gnarly passage ( honestly, I know what that word means now) but we're rewarded with a lovely secluded anchorage worth great snorkeling:)

06/18/2013 | Joe Rademacher
Congrats on landfall. Sounds like you are having a great time in Hawaii. Miss you all terribly. We are in the Tuamotus now and will head to Tahiti sometime within the next 2 weeks. Love you - Heidi and Joe
06/19/2013 | Judy & Mike
Great news that you had some time to relax and enjoy in Hilo! Bummer about the gnarly passage but you are on to better places now. Enjoy your passage and we send warm wishes to you both!
Judy & Mike
06/02/2013, Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii

Tahnoo arrived in Hilo harbour last night, June 1 ~7pm and Sea Reach followed ~90 min. later. Total travel time from Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico 24.5 days.

i was not able to greet them at the dock because of security at the harbour - i'm not allowed in, & until they clear US customs, they're not allowed out. So i watched from the beach, & once they were tied up Bill rowed over to meet me. I went aboard for a champagne toast, then the guys all had long hot showers & went to bed.

Today they will call customs & hopefully get cleared in. I'm at the hotel with a load of fresh pineapple, bananas & papayas, waiting to hear when they can come ashore for a feast!

06/06/2013 | Que Sera
Whoo Whoo and well done.

We have been following your progress and were excited for you when you made landfall. Have a great time in Hawaii and keep those adventures coming.

Rick and Mary

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