Tail of Two Cats

A big cat can be dangerous, a little pussy never hurt anyone.

02 June 2013 | Turks & Caicos Islands, Dominican Republic
25 May 2013 | Conception Island to Provo
24 May 2013
16 May 2013 | Exuma Sound
11 May 2013 | Staniel Cay
09 May 2013 | The Great Bahama Bank & Nassau
06 May 2013 | North Cat Cay
02 May 2013 | Miami, FL to South Bimini, Bahamas
30 April 2013 | Dinner Key Marina
22 April 2013 | Miami/Corpus Christi
22 April 2013 | Biscayne Bay, FL
15 April 2013 | Padre Island, TX & Miami, FL
09 April 2013 | Dinner Key Marina, Elliot Key
01 April 2013
27 March 2013 | Miami, FL
25 March 2013 | Dinner Cay Marina

Going Fishing

22 April 2013 | Biscayne Bay, FL
While cruising the high seas on the Fille I figured I should take up fishing. I have cast out a few lines over the years, but with very little success and no knowledge of how to correct my misfortune. Since I currently have both time and a boat at my disposal, my fish slaying fantasies seem plausible. So I headed over to our preferred marine store, Crook and Crook, where a super knowledgeable associate helped me rig up a good beginner’s setup. I ended up with a spinner, a conventional, a gaff, a pair of pole holders and an assortment of lures. It appears to be an adequate start for my modest angling abilities.

Our first couple of trips out proved to be pretty uneventful, on the fishing front. I lost one of my dolphin lures to what I am presuming was a barracuda bite. I consoled myself in the fact that even though I didn’t land a fish on the boat, at least one was paying attention to my lures below the surface. The experience did, however, illuminate the fact that I was going to have to get proficient in rigging some tackle.

Fortunately for me, our marina, like most, is full of interesting characters. Our good friend Dave had just introduced me to a fishing captain buddy of his by the name of Sig. He turns out to be an ex-NHL player from Indiana turned sport fisherman, who is now running a charter outfit off of Pier 7. He told me he’d teach me how to rig up some lures in exchange for a 6-pack of bud light. It seemed like a fair trade. Now this guy has an ego bigger than most, which is not my usual cup of tea, but was willing to share enough insight to justify spending an afternoon gleaning some info out of him. He taught me my namesake knot, the nail knot, for attaching hooks and the miracle loop for attaching my lures to the steel leaders rigged on my line. All in all I learned quite a bit about fishing and also how not to behave.

Because we were approaching the weekend and work on the boat was coming to a momentary halt, we decided to head south for a couple of days. That’s when I landed my first two fish of the trip. We were trolling at about 6-7 knots with roughly 150-200ft of line out and a spoon lure on the end. Both fish I got appeared to be small jacks, not worth keeping unless starving to death, but nonetheless good for my morale. I guess you got to crawl be fore you can ball! I look forward to the blog post I write when I start landing some fish worth eating.
Vessel Name: Fille de Joie
Vessel Make/Model: 41' catamaran
Hailing Port: Dinner Cay Marina, Miami, FL
Crew: Isabel Harley, Deb, Tom, Liz & Clavo
About: A family of 5, we're crazy Coloradans with a Maryland and NW twist. Two couples, madly in love with unique, similar situations. Partners, family, lovers who brought in a beautiful cat to help sail this cat from Miami to the Virgin Islands.
Extra: Mother, daughter, Step Father, yahoo son in law and the CATS... Isabel Harley and the Fille de Joie. To complete the set, Jacque Wallace, the bangarang sister, will be here for a week, though we wish she was a permanent crew member.
Fille de Joie's Photos - Main
Another picturesque island in the Exumas. We spent Mothers' Day here, had a wonderful dinner at the Ocean Cabin and celebrated Clavo's first catch fishing.
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Created 16 May 2013
Clavo's been trying for over a month to catch a fish. Well guess what...he finally did! Not only did he catch one, he caught two, mahi mahi. Yum yum!
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Created 16 May 2013
We moored near Thunder Gotto for two nights, just off Staniel Cay. The island was incredible! So sleepy and beautiful with amazing scenery and people.
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Created 16 May 2013
Headquarters for the Exuma Land and Sea Park and home to Boo Boo Hill, we had a wonderful time on Warderick Wells Cay.
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Created 16 May 2013
A nice float surrounded by gorgeous beaches in the Exumas
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Created 16 May 2013
These islands in the Bahamas Exumas are a collection of three islands, Allen's Cay, Leaf Cay and South Allen's Cay. It was our first anchorage in the Exumas and we absolutely loved it!
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Created 14 May 2013
Just a taste of our 2 days in the big city.
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Created 11 May 2013
While crossing the "aquatic desert" as Clavo likes to call it, there was plenty of time to snap some photos.
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Created 11 May 2013
After crossing the Gulf Stream, our new friends Katie & Jessie caught a black fin tuna for our celebration feast.
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Created 2 May 2013
While outfitting the boat, Jacque (daughter/sister of the crew) came to visit. Good times were had by all!
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Created 15 April 2013
As it turns out, there's an incredible art district in Miami. Here's a glimpse of the street art we encountered.
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Created 15 April 2013
First sail with the crew, it was a gorgeous day that only got better when we were greeted at the dock with champaign and gifts to christen the boat.
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Created 30 March 2013

4 crazy humans + 2 incredible cats = awesome

Who: Isabel Harley, Deb, Tom, Liz & Clavo
Port: Dinner Cay Marina, Miami, FL