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05/16/2011, home

The boat is on the hard at Fort Pierce and we are now back at home, we hauled the boat at Riverside Marina and hopefully it will remain safe during the upcoming hurricane season- we have our fingers crossed. The boat will be strapped down to large cement blocks to stabilize it so that should be a big help. There are lots of other boats being stored here for the season with a large percentage of them being Canadian so we are in good company. Last fall we applied" Mar Pro Gold" bottom paint to the boat and as you can see from the picture it has stood up very well after six months of being in the water, we didn't have it pressure washed but just gave it a light wipe with a cloth, hopefully we will get another season or two out of it before repainting, the water in the Bahamas is very clean so I'm sure that helped.

Making plans

After a good nights rest we awoke to a breezy but pleasant day, we have decided to leave the boat here in Fort Pierce for the summer, some Canadian cruisers we met over the winter highly recommend Riverside marina so we will look into keeping the boat there, a dinghy ride confirmed that it was indeed a nice facility and the prices will be less than what we paid in Titusville, lots of Canadian boats are being stored there so it looks like a go.

Fort Pierce

The crossing was uneventful, the best crossing we have had to date, the wind picked up some going across the Gulf Stream but it was from a good direction, we only saw two ships during the night, one was a cruise ship the other was a freighter, we tracked them using our radar to ensure we weren't going to get close, distances can get confusing at night when all you really see are lights. We arrived at the entrance to Fort Pierce at 730 am to be greeted by a wall of dense fog and a cold breeze, again using radar and chart plotter we felt our way into the channel and to a anchorage just off of the town. By 9 am we had the anchor down again, we phoned Customs and they gave us clearance, we now have 24 hours to go to the airport and clear in with immigration. Lucky for us that when we dinghied to the marina, a kind hearted man living in his boat at the marina offered us a ride to the airport and back in his car, he explained that it was payback time for the number of times that he had been helped along the way while boating. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing on the boat, by 8 pm we were fast asleep for the night, it had been a long day.

03/25/2011 | annoymous
your lucky he was nice and not a crazy person...can never be too careful ;p
03/27/2011 | Howard Vokey
Your right of course, never accept ride's or candy from strangers, next time we'll do better, it was from too little sleep that led to this lack of proper judgement.
Little Bahama Bank

Lifted anchor at 10 am, most of the boats have already left but they will be anchoring on the Little Bahama Banks and spending most of the night there, we plan on going straight thru to Fort Pierce without stopping and leaving at this time will ensure we will arrive early in the morning when it is daylight. It's dead calm and we enjoyed a nice motor boat ride over the banks

Great Sale Cay

Lifted anchor at 7 am on route to Great Sale Cay, arrived at 2 pm to anchor in North West Harbour, another front is coming thru tonight with predicted 30 plus knot winds in the squalls, this location offers good protection from the Easterly winds, before dark we have 16 boats anchored here, all waiting for a good weather window to cross over to the States

03/25/2011 | annoymous
how were the sales??
03/27/2011 | Howard Vokey
The sales were good, peace and "quite" was on special, we brought lots.
Fox Town

Fox Town.

9 am and we are on our way to Fox Town on Little Abaco Island, arrived at 1030 am and walked around town some before returning to the boat, the town doesn't offer much. We spent a quite night anchored between the town and Hawksbill Cays

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