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"Talysa's" Journeys
Transiting the Georgia Sounds
Cool, calm and tranquil
08 November 2011 | St. Simons Island
Since the last post we enjoyed 2 days in Charleston: eating, shopping and experiencing a cultural jewel. The entire time there was stormy, windy and rough seas, even in the Marina. Since then we have been transiting a series of rivers, sounds and cuts between the serpentine curves of the rivers. Each of these are a thrill ride either due to the tide, water depth (always very thin) usually both at the same time. This area is full of wildlife and dolphins greet us everyday. The good news is that after today (we went through "Hells Gate", the "Florida Cut" and the dreaded "Little Mud River") we believe we have passed the most challenging navigational points prior to Florida. Current plan is to make St Augustine in 4 more days, moor "Talysa" and drive home for Thanksgiving. For statistics, we have traveled 814 nm so far over 28 days. Great fun and adventure!