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"Talysa's" Journeys
Space & Treasure Coasts, Leg 2
Tropical downpour
10 December 2011 | Ft. Pierce, Harbor Town Marina
Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful time back in Delaware and returned to St. Augustine ready to go on the next leg. It took us 4 days to travel the 250 miles to Ft. Pierce (basically the length of the Chesapeake). Exciting to see dolphins, manatees and birds. 3 dolphins swan alongside for over 30 minutes...going under Talysa numerous times...truly an incredible experience. This Marina is a jumping off spot for the Bahamas, so plenty of activity going on. We are learning so much and will place Bahamas on a future destination list. Will be here until Thursday, then travel (by car) to west coast (Clearwater) for Christmas with our family. Goal is to return here early in the new year, then head for the Florida Keys!
We wish you all a very peaceful and joyous Merry Christmas!