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"Talysa's" Journeys
Ft. Lauderdale is a Magnet!
Warm & Sunny
10 January 2012 | Ft. Lauderdale, Sylvan Lake
Hopefully all have had a wonderful holiday season! We sure did with a series of great family events. We returned to Ft. Pierce last Wednesday and resumed our journey south on Friday. The first day saw us make Lake Worth (Palm Beach) and we were so impressed by the homes and boats. Saturday we went offshore for 57 miles to Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale. Many boats out, and upon entering the harbor, saw 7 cruise ships..all getting ready to depart. Pretty wild with all the mega yachts, large sport fishermen and day trippers. On Sunday we departed south towards Miami and saw another 7 cruise ships..then we burst an oil line, very rapidly anchored and got towed back. Had a messy day cleaning 7 qts of oil out the bilge. On Monday we got all repaired, cleaned (more oil..yuck) then departed this morning for Miami inside to see the "Condo Canyon". Anyway we timed/waited for a number of bridges (frustrating) and got within site of downtown Miami..and then there was the Tuttle fixed bridge at 57'..Ug we need 59' we turned around , through all the bridges and now back to Sylvan Lake, Ft. Lauderdale were we where Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a charm and we will make Key Biscayne...
Gary and Linda
10 January 2012 23:39:43Z
Hi guys! Wow, was getting a little worried about you! Glad to hear everything is ok. Bummer about the oil line (what do you think caused that?) and the fixed bridge - you'll have to explain that one! Anyway, glad everything is going well now. I've been extremely busy with work - getting new accounts every week. Guess it's time to say enough is enough! Got all of the guides and Capt Bob's stuff and have been studying it carefully. Anxious to see you guys in the spring. Take care and keep in touch. Be safe. Gary and Linda
11 January 2012 01:35:49Z
A teaspoon of oil makes a mess.... can't imagine 7qts! I've heard that the definition of cruising is "repairing your boat in exotic places". Guess that is quite apropos. Glad that all is well now.
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