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"Talysa's" Journeys
We made It!!
It's 5 Oclock Here All the Time
14 January 2012 | Boot Key Harbor, Marathon Fl
Sails are like wings, they carry you to achieve life's goals. Our "Talysa" safely brought us 1370nm to a place Becky and I have always wanted to see by water after coming here as children! We are now in a floating community of ~ 300 boats with a different, exciting culture. More on that as we experience it over the next month. We finally got out of Ft Lauderdale, it was a rough, wet ride to Miami. We anchored in Venetian Isles with a fantastic view of the city and for you northeners don't read this..I dove under the boat and cleaned the prop..amazing swimming on January 10! The next 2 days down the Keys...reef off to port, islands on starboard and ever increasing color, clarity and sea life in the water. Just staring at the sea, seeing the bottom pass by is amazing! Now we need to adapt here to life on a mooring, tough ...will go to beach, snorkel and eat fresh seafood...Anyway we traveled 31 days, averaged 6.3 nm/hr and burned about 300 gallons of diesel.. Thanks to all of you for the great comments...take care and God Bless!
14 January 2012 16:17:14Z
Congratulations on arriving at Marathon. Wow.... its beautiful. Also, congrats on the Master's Captains License. Quite an accomplishment.
Gary and Linda
14 January 2012 18:33:20Z
Hi guys and Congratulations on your arrival! Looks like you're on the hook. Did you get a mooring yet? Have fun!
John & Mary
15 January 2012 18:55:35Z
Dale, No one deserves this more than the both of you. Enjoy your stay in paradise and let me know when you will be back in town so we can do lunch.
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