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Travels with Tapatai
Baby Dolphin!!
05/13/2013, Somewhere off the entrance to Mag Bay at 0 dark 30

I forgot to write about an amazing experience we had in San Jose del Cabo. At the marina there is the Dolphin Discovery operation next door that gets people in the water with trained dolphins. We walked over to check it out and found out that they had an area roped off for a pregnant dolphin that was due to give birth any time. There were trainers that were on watch 24/7 and we got to know them and learned a little about dolphins. The gestation time is one year and the babies are born tail first and generally weight about 15 to 25 pounds. One of the trainers predicted that the baby would be born on Mother's Day which was May 10. Sure enough it was born at 3AM on Mother's day and is the cutest little thing swimming around with its mom. The mother never strays from the baby and steers it and makes it dive etc. Penny gave the trainers a bottle of Pina Colada to celebrate with and they thanked her for it. I have some pictures that I will post when we get to San Diego and I rest up and get some Wi-Fi so check back.

Bash Part 2
05/13/2013, Somewhere off the entrance to Mag Bay at 0 dark 30

Today was more like the calm of last night. Hardly any wind and no seas. We just cruised along at 7 knots after some tacking in the night. The sea state calmed way down and we were able to head straight to Turtle Bay at 7 knots and the GPS shows our arrival at 11:00 Tuesday which is tomorrow. Just finished a great Spriggs dinner of pork chop, mashed potatoes, grilled onions and peas. Fletcher opened a bottle of red which he proclaims as being OK and tasty. So all is well aboard Tapatai and I even get to sleep in my bunk up forward rather than on the couch in the salon. Best of all we are dry. Once in Turtle we will get fuel and an update on the weather for the last portion of the trip which is 337 miles to San Diego. San Jose to Turtle is 407 so we will be better than half way home. The grib files show some wind kicking up Thursday and we might be able to get almost home before it hits us. So the big question is after fuel and the weather report do we leave and go out through the Keller Canal in the dark or wait until first light and use the day to go up the West side of Cedros. Hopefully Commander's will give us some good info.

05/14/2013 | Sarah and Darrell/ El Tiburon
Fantastic! And well earned after the Last Bash.
Bash Part 1
05/12/2013, Somewhere off the entrance to Mag Bay at 0 dark 30

After dropping off Penny at 0530 and Darlene at 1130 Bob and I went to the propane station and filled a tank and then to Soriano's to buy fresh produce, bread and other food items we needed. Back to the airport to pick up Fletcher and then to Mega so Fletch could pick up a few bottles of "honest reds" and then to the boat for final departure prep. A final dinner at the Container and we shoved off at 6pm and had a nice smooth ride to the cape where that all ended. Once at the cape the wind picked up and the seas picked up and, of course, they were coming from where we wanted to go. So a lumpy and wet night and day and finally it calmed down as we approached the entrance to Mag Bay. We had been tacking to keep the boat from pounding into the waves and about 9pm it finally laid down with little or no wind and we are on a rhumb line course to Turtle Bay doing 6.5 knots. A lot nicer and easier on the boat and the body. Bob was fixing a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas dinner but due to sea conditions beyond his control we had turkey and bean burritos. Actually that was quite good and all I really wanted. We will save a nice sit down dinner for another night. The turkey was a packaged thigh and leg not the whole bird. Looks like the GPS says that we should arrive Turtle Bay on Tuesday around 3pm. Hopefully we can get fuel and turn around and get out but may stay the night and leave at first light in order to have daylight going through the channel and up along Cedros Island. All for now.

Los Frailes and Puerto Los Cabos
05/07/2013, Puerto Los Cabos Marina, San Jose del Cabo

We arrived in Los Frailes about 7 hours later and dropped the anchor. There were only 2 other boats there, one of which was in Muertos with us. It was nice and calm so we jumped into the water and took a nice refreshing swim. Penny and Darlene wanted to go ashore so we put the motor on the dinghy and I took them over. As there was a swell running there was some shore break on the beach and the trick was to find a place with the least amount. That happened to be in front of about 8 people sitting on the beach but I looked back and waited until I saw a lull and headed in. I just about got there but the engine hit bottom and stopped and we went in broadside. Due to my nimbleness I was able to hop to the high side and avert a capsize. When I started the engine it would stall and make a grinding sound when I tried to put it in gear. We brought it up on the beach for inspection and I was sure that I had broken the gear box; however, Penny spotted a rock wedged between the prop and the strut that prevented if from turning. I had to take the oar out of the boat and hit the rock until it came out. I checked the gears and all seemed well so we launched me and I got the engine started and it went in gear and I roared over the incoming wave just in time. I went back to the boat where Bob and I were going to relax with a book and maybe fall asleep. Penny wanted an hour and a half to explore so we were in good shape. About an hour later I saw them walking back and they wanted to come back to the boat so I hopped in the dinghy and roared in. I was going to tell them to swim out past the surf line and they must have thought of that too as they stashed glasses hats and other stuff in Darlene's back pack and started wading out. Darlene was hanging on the side and couldn't get in so I grabbed her and pulled her in. Same for Penny and she fell in too and off we went to the boat. They both headed for a shower and we commenced relaxing. That evening I BBQed 2 nice rib eyes and Penny baked some potatoes and steamed some veggies. We had a delightful dinner under the stars and all was well. The night sky was beautiful with the Milky Way overhead. It is really nice when you get away from city lights and see all the stars. Penny has some favorites and we checked them all out with our Star Walk apps on our iPads. The next morning we were underway at 0730 for a 28 mile run to Puerto Los Cabos, our last port on our cruise before Bob, Fletcher and I point the boat North for San Diego Sunday. Nice downwind and down swell run doing 8 knots for awhile but not enough to sail. We arrived in Los Cabos and went to the fuel dock where we filled the main tank with 65 gallons and 4 50 liter panga jugs for a total of 117 gallons of fuel at about $4.00 per gallon. My calculations showed that we only burned 1.29 gallons per hour since leaving La Paz and going to Puerto Escondido and to Cabo a total of about 340 miles. We got in our slip at R-8 where we have been before and I checked in with the marina and then we washed the boat top to bottom and Penny detailed the interior. Then off to the showers for a hot one and up to the Container Restaurant for a cold lemon aide and some Ceviche and Quesadillas. Our plan is to rent a car so we can take our laundry in and we will take a drive up the East Cape to show the girls some of the places we saw 2 years ago. Thursday is the Art Walk in San Jose which we will do and then have dinner at Band Thai which Penny and I have tried before and found it to be very good. We take the girls to the airport on Sunday and pick up Fletcher at the same time and will hit the grocery store for fresh goods and top off our provisions and try to leave around midnight. So far the weather looks like it will be favorable for us but stay tuned. We are on the final leg home. Kind of sad but I am also looking forward to getting home as we have a lot of projects to get done this summer.

05/10/2013 | El Tiburon
Fair Winds! Your blog reminds us of so many great memories. Hope to catch up soon - on land or sea.
Keep On Truckin!

05/12/2013 | Chip
Let me know how the trip goes and the accuracy of Commanders please - we round the tip the 2nd week of July! Smooth sailing my friend - we will see you on Catalina in Sept.
On our way to Los Frailes
05/07/2013, Bahia de los Muertos.

Yep, Bob hit the water and I followed. Nice and warm and today when in Los Frailes will be the last of the swimming in nice warm water. Back to the cold Pacific even if it gets up to 72. Had a peaceful night in Muertos after going ashore and depositing our trash in a can and walking down to the Gran Sueno resort. There may have been one guest there and 5 people off of boats and us. Still a nice resort but the maintenance is starting to slip. Had 2 beers and a Sprite in the restaurant while Penny poached a shower using the beach shower to do her hair. The beers and Sprite cost $4.00 US which is what you would expect to pay in the US except for the Sprite. We checked out the 1535 restaurant on the opposite end of the beach for dinner and it was expensive too. $170 pesos for a fish filet which we would pay $110 in La Paz. It is getting more expensive as we get closer to Cabo. Sticker shock tomorrow in San Jose del Cabo I'm sure. Penny made a nice Enchilada pie for dinner last night at minimal cost and it was better than any food we would have had ashore. Also we have left overs to mix with eggs for breakfast this morning. We weighed anchor at 0810 which Penny said was 10 minutes late for push off (those airline employees always on time) and we are on course for Los Frailes 45 miles away. This will be our last anchorage in the Sea of Cortez and hopefully our last until we get to San Diego and Bob drops anchor in La Playa for the Memorial Day weekend. We are hoping for a good weather window for the trip home with only a quick stop in Turtle Bay for fuel. I plan on using Annabelle's this time as they have a buoy you can tie up to.

05/07/2013 | Bob Kenniston

Safe travels when you start your way back north! Be careful. Although, you've only done it a hundred times!

My love,

05/07/2013 | Kyle Clark
Hi guys.....Wayne Terry and I....and a couple of girls are flying down to Cabo on Saturday the 11th, where we will be staying until the 16th. Will you be anywhere nearby for a quick hello?
Puerto Escondido and Beyond
05/04/2013, Isla San Francisco

We had a nice run up to Puerto Escondido with stops at Isla San Francisco, Puerto Escondido, Los Gatos, and Agua Verde our favorite. We spent two nights at Agua Verde and had a cocktail beach party with all the b oats anchored there. The party was on the beach in the NW anchorage dubbed the AVYC. It was fun and we got to meet a bunch of new people. Then we headed up to Los Candelaros where the new Villa Palmar hotel is located with free Wi-Fi and pool and 2 x 1 Happy Hour starting at 4 PM. Again there were about 10 other boats there and we had a great afternoon pool party, caught up on all the email and news, and they at 4 the drinks started coming. Great time had by all. Next morning we left for Puerto Escondido, 7 miles away, and arrived and dropped anchor and checked in with the harbor master. We paid for 2 nights mooring and then went to Pedro's restaurant for a really good cheeseburger. Rivals SDYC's world famous burger. Of course there was no fuel and probably wouldn't be any even though there would be about 100 boats arriving for Loreto Fest. Poor planning but if you are in bankruptcy sometimes there is no choice. However there was toilet paper and soap in the heads but no hot water. Small progress but progress at least. The next day our rent a car arrived and we drove to the airport to pick up our friends Bob and Darlene Spriggs who would cruise down to San Jose del Cabo with us and Bob will help me Bash back home. We went into town to walk around and get an ice cream and then do some provisioning. Back to the boat for cocktail hour and then to Pedro's for dinner. Had a really good dinner of fish and scallops, but the guacamole and chips api (that's appetizer in Canadian) was out of this world. Pedro told us his secret but I will only say that it includes avocado oil and cilantro ground into a pesto. Best we have had. Left Escondido and went to Candelaros for another pool day. Then south to Agua Verde for a night and we had a really rolly one that finally calmed down around 10PM. Left there for San Telmo for some beach combing but with the Northerly and the swells it would have been a rough dinghy landing so we opted out and went to Isla San Francisco where we are now. Very quiet evening spent playing the continuation of our Shanghai Rummy game. About midnight it started to blow and this morning there is a good 10 - 15 knots out of the south, right where we want to go. So we will wait and see.

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