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Travel with Taransay Mhor
In 2015 we have cruised slowly from North Brittany down to South Brittany and beyond.
Anchored in the Gulfe de Morbihan

A quiet night at anchor

After the bustle of Vannes, the Tour de France and Fetes Historique we headed off to the Inland sea that is the Morbihan. First picking up a buoy in Anse de Pencastel (€15 or free on the Passport Escales as Port Navalo/Arzon mouillages) Then on to anchor between Ile Longue and Ile Gavrinis which was well sheltered from the forecast west winds.

Fete Historique, Vannes

Part of the cortage during the Fete

What an amazing fete, Processions twice a day, Fireworks and street entertainers all on the theme of Jean the 4th Duke of Bretagne. Known as the moyen age.

Christian our friend from Binic also came to visit for two days before we left.

Vannes, Morbihan, Brittany
13/07/2015, Vannes, Gulfe de Morbihan Brittany

Tour de France time trial in Vannes on Sunday

Vannes had been our intended destination for the fete national on the 13th/14th July. Reports of the swing bridge being closed on the 12th and of a Rally of 30 boats encouraged us to arrive a few days early. As it transpired there were plenty of spaces available.

Taransay was moored next to the floating passerelle on the side next to the Tourist info Office. On our first night we were disturbed by a young man walking on deck, thank goodness for those noisy genoa cars, Colin leapt up and shouted while banging on the washboards, which frightened him off. Not sure if it was the lack of jim jams or the noise that worked! I found the intrusion rather disturbing even though we always lock our washboards in place at night.

Later next day we were given a finger berth in the more secure part of the marina and found out that the boat behind us had had the same problem that night.

To our delight we also discovered that a stage of the famous Tour de France was in town

ile aux Moines, Morbihan
13/07/2015, Ile aux moines, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany

This is another popular holiday island with lots of cottages let to holiday makers

At the north end of Ile aux Moines there is a small yacht Haven consisting of two mid-water pontoons that have water and electric and a few bouys out in deeper water. The capitanerie runs a free water taxi service to shore where there are good showers and loos. The charge for this luxury was €36. Or for us free as we have bought a Latitude Pass that gives access to 17 marinas. You can stay for 2 nights without charge as many times as you like. But must leave after the second night or pay the usual charges.

ile d'Arz, Gulfe de Morbihan
13/07/2015, Ile d'Arz, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany

Easy to get around here

Only two of he 42 islands in the Morbihan are accessable to the public. This is one of them. A night anchored off the sandy beach and a quick walk ashore had to do this time. Hopefully we can return after our visit to Vannes.

Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany
13/07/2015, Anse de Pencastel

Strong tides entering the Gulfe

Twice the size of Poole Harbour with a 1km wide entrance for the tide to flow in and out twice a day. All that water compressed through the narrow entrance makes for some exciting currents, Almost 10 knots at times.

Taransay slid through and skidded sideways off to moor on a bouy in Anse de Pencastel next to Tonic, it was lovely to meet up with them again.

Early in the morning a rib came round collecting €15 per bouy but we were not up and did not get disturbed. Our friends on Tonic gave us this information later.

La Roche Bernard
05/07/2015, La Roche Bernard, Villaine River, Brittany

Taransay moored on the visitor's pontoon in La Roche Bernard Marina

A pleasant 4 miles upriver La Roche Bernard (LRB) is set in fields and woodland, a good alternative to our more usual seascape.

On our way to La Rochelle many of the boats and crews we have met berth in the Villaine and more specifically in LRB. In the Arzal lock we met fellow OCC members who also berth in LRB and later joined them aboard their lovely boat for a nightcap in very enjoyable company. Interestingly they had owned a Westerly Conway a few years back

Arzal Lock on the River Villaine
04/07/2015, River Villaine, Brittany, France

Colin and the jamboree that is the lock into the canalised River Villaine

The lock at Arzal is a busy place, the dockmaster has absolute control on where you moor and even how, sometimes.

We came to the River Villaine to check out Taransay's winter mooring and if all is well she could be here a while. There are so many areas to explore more fully within easy reach of a berth on The Villaine.

The River Penerf
04/07/2015, Penerf River

This little river close to The Villane river intrigued us, one look at its deep but narrow entrance (at LWS) and we ended up moored on one of two visitors moorings for lunch. At a later date an overnight stay will be scheduled.

The oysters from the beach café have been recommended to us.

Piriac-Sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique
03/07/2015, Piric Sur Mer, Loire Atlantique, France

Another pretty port

There are so many attractive Towns and Villages to visit that there could be no end to our time in this region. We are looking forward to discovering them all with no hurry.

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