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Travel with Taransay Mhor
In 2015 we have cruised slowly from North Brittany down to South Brittany and beyond.
La Roche Bernard
05/07/2015, La Roche Bernard, Villaine River, Brittany

Taransay moored on the visitor's pontoon in La Roche Bernard Marina

A pleasant 4 miles upriver La Roche Bernard (LRB) is set in fields and woodland, a good alternative to our more usual seascape.

On our way to La Rochelle many of the boats and crews we have met berth in the Villaine and more specifically in LRB. In the Arzal lock we met fellow OCC members who also berth in LRB and later joined them aboard their lovely boat for a nightcap in very enjoyable company. Interestingly they had owned a Westerly Conway a few years back

Arzal Lock on the River Villaine
04/07/2015, River Villaine, Brittany, France

Colin and the jamboree that is the lock into the canalised River Villaine

The lock at Arzal is a busy place, the dockmaster has absolute control on where you moor and even how, sometimes.

We came to the River Villaine to check out Taransay's winter mooring and if all is well she could be here a while. There are so many areas to explore more fully within easy reach of a berth on The Villaine.

The River Penerf
04/07/2015, Penerf River

This little river close to The Villane river intrigued us, one look at its deep but narrow entrance (at LWS) and we ended up moored on one of two visitors moorings for lunch. At a later date an overnight stay will be scheduled.

The oysters from the beach café have been recommended to us.

Piriac-Sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique
03/07/2015, Piric Sur Mer, Loire Atlantique, France

Another pretty port

There are so many attractive Towns and Villages to visit that there could be no end to our time in this region. We are looking forward to discovering them all with no hurry.

l'Herbaudiere, ile de Noirmoutier, Vendee

Another island we will return to

From Les Sables a brief overnight stop in Port Joinville on ile de Yeu saw us on our way early to here. We are heading to The Villaine River to arrange the details of Taransay's winter mooring before moving on to the Gulf de Morbihan.

Noirmoutier looked an ideal place to cycle as it is completely flat and has some interesting places to visit. A return visit is certain, but preferably out side of high season prices.

After the first of July some places mooring costs almost double. On ile de Yeu our berth cost €21.50 on the 30th June but would have been charged €34.80 if we had stayed the 1st July..quite an increase.

Les Sables d'Olonne, Quai Garnier
03/07/2015, Les Sables d'Olonne, Quai Garnier

An interesting view of the quay opposite our marina where fishing boats are repaired

On the way to La Rochelle we moored for one night in Port Olona at Les Sables and after taking the long, long walk to the old town decided to try and get a berth on Quai Garnier during our trip back North. Quai Garnier marina is right next to the town and old centre and also the beaches.

The marina does get some wash from the fishing fleet and some noise but we slept right through it all.

The weather has been fantastic, all sunshine and hot hot hot. I was able to get lots of washing done using the free washing machine provided in the ladies shower area. Usually a wash is €5. Moules frites will be eaten sometime on the savings.

La Rochelle, Havre d'echouage
03/07/2015, La Rochelle, Charante Maritime, France

The visiters pontoon is a stones throw from the city walls and a very good patisserie

The Havre d'echouage in the old port is in the centre of town and provided an ideal setting for our last night with the girls.

You can moor on the pontoons in the visitor area subject to an 11 meter length restriction and a consideration to the depth of water you may require above the 1 metre at LAT.

Three girls on a boat
26/06/2015, La Rochelle

How did Colin survive 5 days with us

Dawn (my sister) and mutual good friend Shareene joined us in La Rochelle. A good beat to windward took us to St Martin on the beautiful ile de re.

The girls spoilt us with delicious food from the covered daily market and dining ashore in fabulous restaurants.

Sadly their time with us passed too quickly. Any longer and we would have been upping our budget having been kept in a manner that we cant become accustomed to!

Take a look in the gallery at 2015 St Martin en Re and La Rochelle

ile de Re
16/06/2015, St Martin de Re, Charente-Maritime, France

Postcard perfect

We had read about the attractive St Martin de Re in our pilot books and were not disappointed St Martin is a very picturesque old walled town. Around every corner a 'cinematic' view emerges of France as you imagine it will be, perhaps when you are at home on a winters day.

Here we also managed to meet up with friends and fellow sailbloggers on 'Tonic' We first encountered 'Tonic' as 'Sanderling' on our sail to Brittany in 2011, keeping in touch by blog and email.

After a few years of cruising different areas we managed to be in the same harbour at the same time. It has been a real pleasure to spend our time in St Martin with Taransay Mhor rafted alongside Tonic.

Les Sables d’Olonne to Ile de Re
15/06/2015, South Brittany, France

Downwind to our next port

A quick overnight stop and a refuel saw us on our way at 11am next morning. The wind was light and behind us. The cruising chute went up quickly enough, even though we had not used it last year we had remembered the important bits. Sailing the 20 miles to drop the chute and mizzen just outside the harbour wall at St Martin de Re.

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