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Travel with Taransay Mhor
Following the wind to Northern France in 2014. In 2013 we took Taransay Mhor to her namesake in the Outer Hebrides and cruised The Orkney Islands.
Time to Check Out & go Sailing
28/03/2014, London, UK

The island of Taransay in the Outer Hebrides. A highlight of last years cruise

Our good intentions of working for a while have evaporated in to the crisp Spring air. This is as much of a surprise to you as it has been for me, a very good surprise that is.

The lock out of St Kats is booked and we have a list of the usual boat jobs to complete before we can set off. First stop will be Chatham Marina for a lift out.

After much consideration we have decided to replace our anchoring set up. There is no shortage of information available to help with the decision, but it has taken time to decide what was best for us. There was no rush until now!

Something that won't be rushed this year is our cruising, we are heading for France with the intention of going nowhere fast.

Happy New Year
08/01/2014, London

New Years Eve fireworks, we watched from near Blackfriars Bridge

Now that we are not out cruising there is less to share with you that is boat and sailing orientated. Of course there is plenty to do in London and we have been enjoying the company of several cruisers overwintering here at St Katherine's Marina.

Christmas Day a group of us visited The Captain Kidd pub for a seasonal drink and everyone managed to see the New Years Eve fireworks one way or another.

As soon as the cruising starts again it will be here, online, but for now our sailing adventures are on hold while we work on that cruising kitty.
We wish everyone a very happy 2014.

St Katherine's Marina
07/10/2013, London, UK

The centre Basin of St Katherine's Marina

Colin and I are enjoying being in a busy city with lots going on, markets and museums every where we turn. The job is going well for Colin he is loving it, back on a large project with an even bigger one on the horizon.

Taransay is getting a clean up, today it is the saloon seat covers. We have dried and packed some of the sails and rearranged our stuff inside more conveniently now that we are not healing over on the open sea on a regular basis.

Of course you can't 'live aboard' in St Katherine's so we will be spending time back home too.

Borough Market
16/09/2013, London Bridge

I love walking round here

Exploring London has been fun, lots of places to go, bars and museums to visit. Most of all I like walking round this market held Thursday to Saturday close to London Bridge Station.

Always busy, busy with delicious smells wafting about from the hot food stalls and plenty of tasters on offer, especially the cheeses..

South Dock Marina
16/09/2013, London

Safely moored in South Dock Marina

The marina is lovely with lots of liveaboard boats around us, a shame we are only here for a short time.

Up The Thames
08/09/2013, United Kingdom

Penguin steers us under QE 11 Bridge at Dartford

Out of the lock at Chatham Marina at 7am and set off for the 8 hours voyage up river. At short notice our friends Becky & Pete came to join us. The weather was kind, not too much wind on the nose, but not so kind that it allowed us to sail. Warm and at times sunny too.

We passed from East to West over the Greenwich Meridian, cruised past the dome eventually arriving in the choppy waters outside the lock at South Dock Marina near high water.

The lock is narrow the water was slapping about in the lock entrance and the walls were very solid looking rock, however we came inside safely and found the smallest pontoon to tie up to...all 4 meters of it...some what imaginatively.

Now we are settling into to London life

01/09/2013, Kent

Looking towards Upnor Castle on the River Medway from Chatham Marina

Last weekend we had a fantastic downwind sail from North Fambridge in Essex to Chatham on the River Medway. We are working our way closer to London using places where Colin can commute to work by train. Our plan is to head up The Thames next week.

Life aboard has been enhanced by the wonderful sunny weather, hanging out the washing usually starts a conversation with whoever is passing and its really pleasant to be able to leave the hatches open.

The journey up the Thames will take around 8 hours and stretches for 40 miles. After that we will be in central London for the winter.

Shiant Islands bird video
21/08/2013, Outer Hebrides, West Scotland

Guillimots, Puffins and Razorbills float around Taransay Mhor

A bit wobbly as the tide sends a swell in here all the time, even on a quiet evening like this one.

16/08/2013, River Blackwater

Yet another glowing sunset, Pyefleet Creek

An update on the work front.

Colin has found a job and is indecently pleased. So much so that he starts on Monday. Our cruising has been curtailed! First stop Fambridge on the River Blackwater for a couple of weeks while he commutes into London. Later we have a string of marinas lined up, all with good rail links, and then it is in to St Katherine's Dock for the winter.

Pyefleet Creek
14/08/2013, River Colne

Colin scrubs off the bottom and finishes with a coat of polish on the hull

From the River Orwell we visited Harwich, meeting the entertaining Pier Master who invited us round to the local sailing club for a drink. Harwich & Dovercourt SC have an old WWII landing craft canteen as a club house. Sorry there is no photo, it was fascinating, the club is very friendly and worth searching out. On the way there we passed the Trinity House yard where they magnetise all the buoys before placing them close to nautical dangers at sea.

After a night in the River Stour it was time to head to the Walton Backwaters, the entrance at Stone Point is narrow and bendy. Think Bembridge on steroids all you Solent sailors.

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