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Travel with Taransay Mhor
In 2014 join us exploring Normandy & Brittany. In 2013 we took Taransay Mhor to her namesake in the Outer Hebrides and cruised in The Orkney Islands.
Saint Brieuc
12/08/2014, Brittany, France

Sandi on the streets of Saint Brieuc

Don't worry things are not that tight financially, just sightseeing.

Fixing things in Le Legue
12/08/2014, Baie de Saint Brieuc, Brittany, France

Colin improvising a workshop out of the cockpit

A few items have been ticked off our to-do list.

If possible we will fix anything that breaks while out cruising rather than waiting to October when we hole up somewhere agreeable for the month waiting for our cottage to be free from its work as a holiday let. The outboard overheated recently, there was a bit of weed in the impeller housing and the water cooling had not been flowing fully all season, now fixed. Fitted a cooling fan in the saloon, traced more leaks in the air deck of the dinghy, we even repaired the broken handle of our most used saucepan.

Le Legue
12/08/2014, Baie de Saint Brieuc, Brittany, France

Le grand lejon in the port

Le Legue is only an hour from Binic. We had heard differing reports about its charm and decided it fitted the inconvenient tide/ petit port brief. Two miles of drying beach to negotiate, then a lock and a turning bridge, mooring alongside the quay and a gritty write up in our old Shell Pilot. Perfect.

As always approach near high tide and beaches are covered with water, locks are operating and a lovely lady asked us if we needed the bridge turning before we left the lock. The first stretch of quayside was packed with larger or liveaboard boats but up by the Jade green Pharmacy building we saw a Hi-Vis jacket through the torrential rain that started as we left the lock. The Harbour Master had turned out in the downpour to show us where to moor and pass over the code to the showers.

There are bars and restaurants in the port, a boulangerie, small supermarket and a well-stocked chandlers. Back towards the lock (1/2 mile) a Comptoir de Mer and opposite that a Fish & Chip Restaurant. We can walk uphill to Saint Brieuc or catch the No. 20 bus. The old quarter is cobbled streets and 17th C and 18th C buildings. At night the quay is silent. Taransay Mhor and another boat we met recently are the only visitors. We found the Port Office hidden at the far end of the stone 'Carre Rosengart' building under the viaduct on the opposite bank.

Marche, Binic
12/08/2014, Baie de saint brieuc, Brittany, France

The market on Thursday mornings in Binic is an interesting mix

Concerts at Binic
12/08/2014, Baie de Saint Brieuc, Brittany

French Lesson No. 1; Folks Blues = Rock and Guitar

We had a good time despite the music not being as expected.

12/08/2014, Baie de Saint Brieuc, Brittany, France

The visitors moorings at Binic viewed from the entrance

We called at Binic for a 3 day Folks Blues Festival expecting Breton country music and got guitar based rock with some singing and some hollering depending on how good the band was. A lively atmosphere in town made it all fun, we enjoyed our stay.

The summer Thursday market was fab, walking along the cliff path stunning and the sun shone yet again. The inconvenient tides included 3 days when the sill gate barely opened and possibly because of this it was not busy with visiting boats.

St Cast Le Guildo
12/08/2014, Cotes d'armour, North France

The big beach at St Cast

A northerly breeze gave a moderate swell and fast passage to St Cast. The seaside atmosphere of the town reached all the way around the edge of the bay to our berth in the large marina. St Cast was full we were told on entry however we could raft alongside another boat, not a problem for us and our neighbours were very friendly offering us drinks onboard before we had finished tying up.

In France 'Les vacances' is how the first two weeks of August are described with many french workers taking thier holidays. Our strategy thought out in advance was to find smaller ports with less convenient access and inconvenient tides. Usually this means a port with a lock, maybe a bridge to open thrown in for good measure and early morning or late evening access due to the time of High Water.

Our next destination was a typical example. Binic had a sill gate, a footbridge, and 7pm High Water and we were advised that our 1.83 meter draft would struggle to get over the beach that dries 4m over Chart Datum.

Beaches and more rocks
25/07/2014, Iles Chausey, Normandy, France

Colin finds more rocks and another beach

The islands have several beaches, a bar, a hotel and a small shop. Nowhere for yachtsmens rubbish which is a good thing as it all gets taken to the mainland anyway and one tap of Non potable water (by the lifesavers hut on the quay). The shop sells everything any self respecting holiday maker could want, Swimsuits to baguettes for the guests of the 20 gites that are here.

Chausey Sound
24/07/2014, Iles Chausey, Normandy, France

Many day visitors come to the islands each day either by modern ferry or on an old gaffer like this one

Rocks of Chausey
23/07/2014, Iles Chausey, Normandy, France

Looking out over Chausey Sound to the outlying rocks

It was a bit choppy in the sound at high water because the sea could come in over the sand bar to the north of us, which was ok. Unless a boat or two rafted alongside us, then the bouncing could be more of a concern. A maximum of three boats per trot were allowed but the local boats ignored this 'rule' and one night we saw a raft of 8 boats on one trot. Rafting did have its upside as we enjoyed the company of other boat crews alongside for a night or two and hopefully made some new friends.

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