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Travel with Taransay Mhor
In 2015 we plan to be cruising slowly from North Brittany to South Brittany.
Fete de la Morue
19/05/2015, Binic, North Brittany, France

Another snap from the cod festival, no fish in sight

Back in Binic
18/05/2015, North Brittany

Parade of Sail for La fete de la Morue

We arrived back on Taransay just in time for the 4 day cod festival, lots of music and on the quayside many of the old fishing boats of Brittany.

On Friday they made an impressive sight sailing in the bay.

Our plans are to head round to South Brittany for the summer.
See you there

Plans for the Summer, 2015
09/04/2015, Lanzarote

View from our balcony

Don't panic we have not suddenly sailed down here! We caught an easy jet flight, much quicker.

Lanzarote is our base for a few weeks but we will be back with the boat in France by mid May. Our plan for this summer is to head round to South Brittany. My sister and a good friend will be joining us in June for a few days, we are so looking forwards to showing them around. Other than that there are no big adventures planned.

As usual there will be regular updates posted, fingers crossed for a good year.
Fair winds to you all

Merry Christmas Everyone
24/12/2014, UK

Wishing all our friends a very merry festive season, we hope your year was as good as ours.

A note about our budget, as ever life has intervened and we are busy renovating Hillside Cottage our holiday rental and winter home, hence no posts recently.

What I can tell you is that we cruised comfortably on 300 euros a week between May and November. There are no annual insurance costs in this amount just our weekly living expenses for moorings, food, diesel, gas and eating out. Transport, postcards home and the odd coffee are also included. Moorings took 30-50% of the money, the wind was fair so diesel costs were minimal we used about 200 litres. And a total of 4 camping gaz bottles in the year, do keep in mind that we use an electric hob when in the marinas ( you can see it under the pot of jam in the last post). I remember buying a linen shirt because it was hot! We do buy the odd item for the boat, plywood for shelving for instance, or that contributes to the comfort of living aboard.

We managed to find places to anchor more often, it was easy in Brittany to tuck into a sheltered river for a few days. The most sheltered we found was The Rance near St Malo. Once we had found the info on water levels and lock opening times online.

Next year we are in South Brittany, fingers crossed for another year of fair winds and sunshine.

Enjoy the Holidays and see you then

“That’s all Folks!” for 2014
27/09/2014, Paimpol, Brittany, France

Sandi made this Blackberry jam after we went foraging today

The end of the cruising summer is here for us. Sometime soon this fantastic weather will turn wet or cold or both and it is time to think about catching up on boat jobs. Sorting through the galley lockers looking for food that has a eat by date expiring soon we found a bottle of cider from the cider farm at Grandcamp Maisy. There's no bottle of cider now though we drank it with our lunch of prawns and French bread sitting in the sunshine.

In November our holiday let Hillside Cottage in Somerset will be closing to guests. This winter there are a number of improvements to be done, we are both looking forward to enjoying walking (to the pub) and chilling in front of the woodburner after a days work, the permanent Wifi (Sandi) and a pint of Otter (Colin) at The Lamb.

Soon I will post updates on our Budget and how life aboard has worked out for us.

Ashore on the Ile de Brehat
20/09/2014, Brittany, France

The back of Le Bourg on Ile de Brehat

Foggy day on the Ile de Brehat
20/09/2014, Brittany, France

La Corderie from the shore, Taransay is in the far left of the picture

The first day we stayed aboard enjoying the sunshine, on the second day after a bright sunny morning the sunlight faded and within half an hour a damp fog had crept overhead. Time to go ashore and explore. Brehat is a lot bigger than the Iles Chausey and closer to the mainland, consequently there are more people and a surprising number of shops and cafes. We had a lovely walk and stopped for a coffee before rowing back down La Corderie to Taransay.

Ile de Brehat
19/09/2014, Brittany, France

Taransay moored in La Corderie, Ile de Brehat

Taking advantage of the neap tides and the small range (difference between high and low water heights) we moved just 2 miles to the seaward end of the river Trieux. Here the Ile de brehat surrounded by rocks, rocks and more rocks was another 'must see' destination for this year.

Taransay carefully threaded her way through the spectacular heaps of granite to the anchorage known as La Corderie. Here it is mostly too shallow for her at Low Water, especially at Spring tides. But at neaps it was possible for her to stay afloat just outside the entrance to La Corderie. We picked up one of two visitors moorings that were in deepish water but out of the streaming tide that ran past just 10 meters away.

15/09/2014, Brittany, France

Taransay Mhor moored in Lezardrieux Marina

This morning we left St Malo heading for Erquy about 20 miles distant. All the sails were set and we were sailing soon after leaving. Two hours later as we rounded Cap Frehul we were still sailing well and so decided to keep going. Lazardrieux was another 25 miles across the Baie de St Brieux.

About 20.30 we were sailing gently past the Ile de Brehat and into the Trieux river. Choosing a free mooring tucked under the river bank for a quiet night.
For two days we sat in the river, tide trickling against the hull, sunbathing and generally chilling aware that the end of our cruising year is fast approaching.

Walking the Walls of St Malo
09/09/2014, Ile et Villaine, North France

Looking out from the ramparts

You can walk all the way around the old town of St Malo on top of the ramparts. We took a stroll around stopping for a crepe on the way.

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