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24 March 2017 | J & R Marine Services
20 March 2017 | Punta Gorda Isles
19 March 2017 | Punta Gorda Isles
17 March 2017 | Captiva Island, Florida
13 March 2017 | Captiva Island, Florida
11 March 2017 | Matlacha, FL
07 March 2017 | Useppa Island
03 March 2017 | Pelican Bay, FL
28 February 2017 | Boca Grande, FL
22 February 2017 | Gulfport, FL
17 February 2017 | Mideira Beach, FL
16 February 2017 | Dunedin, FL
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24 March 2017 | J & R Marine Services
Summer Layup
All good things come to an end. We spent the week after Charlie's family visit unloading the boat. Our U-Haul was available a day early giving us plenty of time to unload and pack up. We used Charlie's cousins dock and parking lot for this.

Thursday was moving day. First Charlie's Tahoe with U-haul was taken to J & R Marine Services storage lot. An Uber was hired and we got back to TARDIS early afternoon for the last ride and anchor. It was a beautiful afternoon for the 2 hour trip to the anchorage in Tippacanoe Bay on Myakka River near Hog Island. The wind was expected to blow in the upper 20's that evening. It didn't disappoint us and was right on time.

Eileen Battening down the hatches...note the white caps.

It rained for only the 3rd time in 6 weeks and we had another awesome dinner while we rode out the wind. Sometime early in the morning the wind quit and when it was daylight we took off for the lock to the haul out. We had an appointment for the travel lift at 9am so we had to get going early on the 90 minute run in the canals to the lift.

This photo was taken just before we entered the outer channel and just before we ran aground. We put some 250 miles under our keel, anchored in a dozen places and navigated allot of narrow channels and never touched the bottom. NOT TODAY!!

About 3 hours later the tide started coming back in and we bounced our way to the lock. Let's just say we were nervous, white caps were starting to form and the wind was on our port stern quarter. To help pass the time, we had time to remove the dodger and bimini and Eileen made breakfast. Finally we arrived at the self operated lock.



The other side

Whew...that wasn't much fun but we did it.

Now on for the 90 minute ride.

The marina staff at Charlotte Harbour Boat Storage was waiting on us and it didn't take long to haul TARDIS, pressure wash and put her on a hydraulic trailer for the 2 mile drive with the mast up to the storage lot. Time went fast!

See the truck cab...that's where Charlie hid for the ride to his Tahoe

View from the cab going down the highway.

We took the mainsail off and our overnight gear. Eileen cleaned the entire inside of the boat with vinegar and this is where we left her to sleep for the summer.

Maybe later in the summer after the HOP's are picked Charlie will make a trip to Florida and work on the few things needing fixed. Refrigeration, auto helm and fuel leak on the diesel. Plus it will be fun? to sleep on the boat and hang out with all the other boaters.

Friday we headed back to Indiana after stopping at the Traubs to see family and exchange a few things we borrowed for things we left. It took us two days to drive home with the trailer but it was fun and we had NCAA basketball games to listen too

Charlie welcomed us when we got home.

Family Visit

20 March 2017 | Punta Gorda Isles
Today was an exciting day for us. Charlie's family paid us a visit and we went sailing! They also delivered Charlie's truck after charging a dead battery and buying gas! Plus they brought needed supplies - BEER

Kelley's - Cassie, Brad and Elmer (4)

Traub's - Carly, Matt and Charlie (2)

The day turned out to be perfect. After the hour motor boat ride to Charlotte Harbor we hoisted sails in light and variable winds. We didn't care - we were together.

But the wind built to a steady 8-10 - absolutely perfect for their first sail with Charlie's grandsons on TARDIS

We sailed 20nm in perfect waters of Charlotte Harbor

Elmer and Charlie had a great time. Elmer played cars and ate so he could take his life jacket off below.

Elmer never naps but Charlie does and zonked out. Perfect.

Elmer also is interested in the electronics and watched them closely

He also is in NINJA training so walking about a moving TARDIS is a piece of cake.

Everyone took their turn at the helm and did great. It's allot different than a tiller. When I get photos of other's steering they will be added but here is Brad at the helm.

While others steered Eileen and Charlie got to enjoy the day.

Here's a couple more happy couple pics

When we got back to the dock we went to Harpoon Harry's on Fisherman's Wharf for dinner and games (Elmer beat Charlie at air hockey!) Tired and hungry...

Captiva Island - Punta Gorda Isles

19 March 2017 | Punta Gorda Isles
Before we left for Punta Gorda (our final destination) we had a few days to enjoy Captiva. We kayaked to Blind Pass at the south end of Roosevelt Channel. We also got to eat lunch at the Green Flash Restaurant with our friend Mike Huffer.

Dredger working the Blind Pass Channel.

We left Roosevelt Channel early on Sunday morning just after sunrise for a 40nm journey. 8 hours. The first third found us motoring directly into the wind. We had been through this part so there was nothing new that we were concerned about. Traveling on Sunday was crowded. Some were considerate and others not as they passed. We like the considerate people!!

Once we got to marker 74 at Pelican Bay we turned towards Punta Gorda. The wind was up and on our port beam. Under one reef and 50% of the jib we moved along nicely at 6 knots. About half way we turned to a close port beat and dropped the centerboard. The boat performed well but we still had to tack TWICE (we think it's the only time we tacked the boat yet!) to make the mark into Ponce Inlet at Punta Gorda

By the time we got to Punta Gorda it was "Breezy", Florida's word for howling! We never negotiated the entrance to PGI before. The waves (slight chop! no) were 3-4' and foam streaks on the water. Meaning 20+ in Indiana. Life jackets on weather to go forward. All went well and we made through the pass safely and the hour run to the Buck's dock where we waited Charlie's family.

Here we are at Buck's dock. While we are here the Buck's are in the Bahamas at Bimini! Thank you Don and Gail for the use of the dock.

There was a strong crosswind at the slip, the neighbors came out and helped us dock thankfully as this was only the 2nd time we pulled in a slip in SIX weeks.

Captiva Island - Roosevelt Channel

17 March 2017 | Captiva Island, Florida
Great anchorage for a northern blow. Only a few boats here and water remains relatively smooth. Saw 29 knots in one gust but mostly in the twenties.

Looking south towards Sanibel Island

Since we feel comfortable leaving the boat anchored here we've already left the boat a couple times. The first to explore Captiva.

First stop, Doc Ford's - Randy Wayne White is our favorite author. Too bad we're not here two weeks from now as his newest book is being introduced here on the 31st.

Had lunch then went to the beach. Rip Tide Currents - hazardous. People swimming though.

We walked to The Mucky Duck and had a couple beers and just enjoyed looking at the beach. I told the bartender about the people swimming...oh he said, "They are from Germany"

Next we had more food and a margarita at a Mexican place and stopped to look at the Bubble Room. This is where Eileen found the 'FUN POLICE'

Yesterday (Thursday) we went on an early kayak trip just next to our anchorage to Buck Island. This is part of the Ding Darling Bird Sanctuary where we found another 'love channel' in the mangroves.

Back to the boat early to listen to the Butler Game on Tune-In radio. They won - GO BULLDOGS!

Another short kayak ride before sunset to get diesel fuel at 'Tween Waters Marina and an awesome dinner aboard.

Today is St. Patty's day. Maybe we go back to the Mucky Duck or kayak to Sanibel? hmmm decisions on TARDIS

Matlache to Captiva, Island

13 March 2017 | Captiva Island, Florida
We stayed in Matlacha for the weekend leaving for an anchorage in the Roosevelt Channel at Captiva, Island. A northerly was on it's way and we wanted to have a protected anchorage. A place where we could explore during the breezy conditions would be great too. Captiva Island fit the bill.

But before we left we got to explore Matlacha and go to the Mullet Toss. The men's competition was done, darn.

This is how it's done.

We also made an ice run after eating mullet at the "Blue Dog Bar and Grill" and Key Lime Pie with beer. Yummy.

Sunday Mike picked us up on his 17' flats boat. Going 40+ mph in a foot of water was interesting getting through the pass to his house. Joan loaned us her car to make a grocery run.

Thanks Joan for the use of your '95 Jag!

Joan also made a great lunch. Ham and allot of root vegetables. Eileen was in heaven! We filled our water jugs and was back on the boat just in time for sunset.

Early Monday morning we took off for the 25nm trip. Luckily the wind was in our favor most of the way and we sailed. With the anchorage completed by mid afternoon it was time to try a little fishing.

At Pelican Bay Eileen found a Welk shell with the little animal inside. We kept him alive for several days but he eventually passed. We cooked him but decided not to try eating.

Out he came...

Became bait. This is a lure from Joe's friend, Larry, who gave it to me. It's about 40 years old and made in Panama. Larry guaranteed to catch fish.

And I did...two saltwater flathead catfish. This was the biggest. Lucky guy...I don't clean catfish.

Baby Brother

The winds came, a northerly. Our 2nd of the trip. Let's just say upper 40's at night is cold on a boat. But we have the oven to make food and the motor to run to warm up the inside of the boat. It works and so does the smoke alarm!

Fun in Matlache - Mullet Toss

11 March 2017 | Matlacha, FL
Yesterday we moved the boat to a new anchorage. Matlacha! What a fun little town. We're here for the MULLET TOSS. Charlie figures his bowling background may be the winner. It's a two day festival and in the community park next to the anchorage. $5 per toss - looking for backers.

We're anchored just south of the draw bridge in 11' of water maybe 100' from the shore.

There is only one other sailboat here and the owner stopped yesterday on his dinghy while on the way to the store to see if we needed anything. Friendly place.

The first spot we picked didn't work out. WEEDS! The anchor would not hold. In the middle of crab pots, getting it back up was not fun. Eileen worked hard with our manual windlass and conquered!

After calling a couple kayak rental places we found a great landing space for our tender and met Mike and Joan at Bert's for food and live music. Both good. Kayaking back to the boat in the dark was interesting. It was a full moon and short ride thankfully.

We sailed on the trip here. It took us just 5 hours to go the 19nm including weighing anchor and setting again (twice). The boat sails great!

Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
Home Page: http://www.funrunnersinc.com/
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