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31 December 2017 | Russell Pass - Near Everglades City, FL
17 December 2017 | Roosevelt Channel
09 December 2017 | Pelican Bay, FL
23 November 2017 | Punta Gorda, FL
10 November 2017 | Indianapolis, IN
06 September 2017 | J & R Marine Services
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17 March 2017 | Captiva Island, Florida
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28 February 2017 | Boca Grande, FL
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11 February 2017 | Three Rooker Island

NYE - Are we really here?

31 December 2017 | Russell Pass - Near Everglades City, FL
Beautiful - Sunset and near Full Moon Rise at same time
A few weeks ago we thought about where to spend NYE. Get as far away as possible might be our best learning opportunity. Everglades City area seemed a good choice.

Well the weather cooperated and we needed a good place to hide for a cold front early January.

This found us entering the channel to Everglades City today about 4pm and this was our view looking back as we entered the Indian Key Pass today.

Looking forward...

Indian Key

There are five anchorages on Active Captain and we looked at them all knowing there was to be 30mph gusts in 2 days from the north. We chose this location...can move.

Looking West

Looking East - Full Moon tomorrow

Can't believe we're here...!!!!


17 December 2017 | Roosevelt Channel
78h, 65l
So on the way back to the TARDIS in Roosevelt Channel just outside G21 and past Tween Waters Marina between Captiva Island and Buck Island, Eileen says we're going HOME.

Hadn't really thought about TARDIS as HOME.

TARDIS is our home now...rewarding. We worked hard to get here and now we are living here. TARDIS is our home! This is what we see every time we go below.


They really built boats in 1979 and this is our home. Unbelievable!

Here's where the Queen sleeps


and the King sleeps here

What's most interesting about the berths is how at the same moment in time each hears something totally different. No matter what the conditions are during the night we each know what is going on. Comparing notes in the morning as to what we hear during the night is always interesting. Did you hear the shrimp last night?

Inside the home there are many perches and you never know where you will find one of us

Since the last post we've seen some interesting boats. As we cruised down to the south end of Pine Island we came up to JE IRELAND. She was cris crossing the channel under motor. We had just the full jib out downwind. We never passed her.

JE Ireland

After we anchored at the entrance to St. James City just east of York Island we enjoyed another awesome sunset

St James City

Wind was predicted in the 20's from the west so we stayed aboard for a day then we went ashore the next day after the wind died down.

The owner was working on the 1964 English built sailboat. We stopped at the end of the channel at this bar

Love the name...

Here we saw an Alberg 30 we think. Sister boat to our friends boats.

Alberg 30

There's always projects. This week is new stair treads on the stern ladder

And getting the heat exchanger under the solar panel to work. Success! After talking to Tom @CustomeMarine.com and looking at the system it was determined that there may have been an air lock in the heat exchanger. Not sure that was it but after messing around and tilting the panel more to the sun, we have 107 degree water now.

Since it's the holiday's we're finding lots of decorations

Even on the beach...Mucky Duck @ Captiva Beach

As always, we kayak allot. We're estimating 10 to 20 miles a week depending on where we are.

The Great Clausa Blueway Paddling Trail runs through the area. We landed here at Captiva

Along the way we passed Doc Ford's stilt house

after we landed we went to the beach

When we left it was close to sunset. Looking to the east is just as awesome

as looking to the west

The next day we did explored again and found a few more interesting boats.

Steel Ketch?

And this boat that was anchored near us last spring is now in a cove...soon to sink?

Heading back to TARDIS after a long ride

Untangle the anchor line, haul out & candle light dinner

Awakening to Enchilada Eggs, Potato Pancakes and Jalapeno Cornbread...YUM. Eileen is a great chef and creates the most fantastic dishes. Charlie is learning.

19 Days thus far - Livin' On a Boat Winter 1718

09 December 2017 | Pelican Bay, FL
Northerner Passing Through - 20+
Been waiting on a bad weather day to update the blog. It's the morning of December 9th, a Saturday. Weather has calmed some for the moment, maybe 15mph from the north now. Predicted to be NW @ 20, a northern front came through a little early. We were talking this morning and determined that last night was the scariest night to date on TARDIS. Charlie is working on the wind instrument so no accurate boat readings available but we're guessing over 20 with gusts in the low 30's overnight. A steady stream of storms arrived hourly all night long beginning at 11pm. Lot's of noise aboard, it was DARK and sleep barely existed! Thankfully, we're in a great anchorage in Pelican Bay off Punta Blanca Island with protection from all directions but south. That's were the wind started from. Trawlers are anchored on each side so it was easy to see that our anchor was held during the night. Charlie put up an anchor sail yesterday (he found it in his basement - a Lonesome Dove original). Overall the sail did it's job. TARDIS didn't sail at anchor like she did last year. More later on sailing while @anchor but let us take you along on our journey first beginning with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Eileen fixed a great dinner with all the fixin's less Turkey. Charlie did the Oyster dressing. We scored heavily on launch day with a great bottle of wine from the Buck's. It rained all day Thanksgiving, during the night and into the next day. TARDIS developed a few leaks and both of us had wet beds! We didn't remember her leaking last spring but then we it did NOT rain last year, lucky us (last year). Anyway, Thursday & Friday was spent on board off Gilcrest Park in Punta Gorda.

We spent the weekend anchored there and went to shore daily Saturday thru Monday, shopping, going to dinner and having the MOST fun hanging with cousins Don & Gail.

There's beach on the east end of Gilcrest Park and that's where we landed and locked up our tender. It worked perfect, about 1/2 mile from TARDIS.

Gilcrest Park - Dinghy Landing Site

There also is a dinghy dock at Punta Gorda Boat Club and PG Sailing Club building. The dock served for water runs.

Leaving the Boat Club Channel - TARDIS is to the right of the marker

We're using 7 to 8 gallons of water daily. The tanks on TARDIS hold 60g and we carry another 22g in containers. That's 10-11 days and/or 4 trips to the spigot when empty for Charlie, day or night.

And a water run at sunset is the best

19 days out we've made two trips to this anchorage. Eileen's phone puked a couple days out so we came back to visit the Verizon store that's within walking distance of the dinghy landing. Of course that meant more dinners and more fun with the Buck's. On our second trip to Punta Gorda, Don and Gail took us to Fish Vill Seafood Market for dinner. Awesome meal. The local Smelts (Great Lakes Version) were great as was the local Gulf Shrimp. It's always' fun with them.

Fisherman's village was all lit up and had some unusual decorations
What's missing?

The girls couldn't help themselves - thought the display was missing something fun...

Lashley Marina and the city of Punta Gorda offer FREE pump outs on Mondays and Thursdays. This photo was taken on pumpout day. Nice service and as we understand it part of the Clean Water Act with a Federal Grant.

TARDIS anchored off Punta Gorda between the trees

We happened upon Chief Punta Gorda hidden in palm trees on a walk to town. The statue is 20' tall at least and the photo doesn't do it justice.

Chief bigger than Charlie's head

We hear there is a story behind the hidden location. It's an inspiring piece of art.

Chief Punta Gorda

After Punta Gorda TARDIS headed to Pelican Bay and Cayo Costa State Park. We did this on both sides of the cell phone replacement trip and are here now for the protection of the anchorage in a big blow.

Having been to Cayo Costo many times we always wanted to explore the trails by bike and this time we did that.

We rode to the beaches, a bay with salt water crocs and Boca Grande Pass.

Salt Water Crocs Sunning on the Beach

Boca Grande Pass

Shell Hunting

Irma Damage

Clowning around

We also kayaked to several beaches around Pelican Bay, watched HUGE white Pelicans (they are everywhere this year on migration) and relaxed on the boat.

Punta Blanco Island - south end

Sand Bar at Entry to Pelican Bay

A fellow sailor who gave us freshly cleaned Mullet the night before taught Charlie how to fish with a net on the this beach. After an hour of practice and a trip to West Marine, he now owns an 8' Casting Net. Pictures to follow of all the fish he will net!

In between the trips to Pelican Bay the weather was going to be great to anchor on the north end of Pine Island so off we went.

On the way to Bokeelia, FL

Here we anchored just outside Pine Harbor and the city of Bokeelia. It's felt like we were anchored in the middle of Charlotte Harbor.


Here we kayaked the mangroves and canals. Bought Mullet and Shrimp at Jug Creek Marina - Fish Market, and went on a BeerRun to the Lost Flamingo.



Jug Creek Marina


The manager of the Lost Flamingo smokes things. He was nice and gave us samples of his smoked fish spread and pork tenderloin after we commented on how good the smoked salmon was. Nice...we didn't need to make dinner that night!

Lost Flamingo

While living aboard we cook. 2 meals a day is the standard fare. Here is a few gulf shrimp with breakfast and enchiladas for dinner.

Gulf Shrimp


Plus friends provide libations...

Cuban Rum - thanks Barb & Joe

Living on a Boat means there are repairs to be made, improvements installed and general maintenance. We have a list and try to check off an item or two every day (you don't want to work too hard you know!)

Here is the next step in our solar project. Solar HOT water! Adding insulation helps. Water is not as hot as what the motor provides but it works and it's FREE!

Solar Hot Water

The 2nd day out the bilge pump quit working. Now you can't cruise using your shower that drains to the bilge without a bilge pump. Charlie rebuilt the pump and installed new check valve and hose that he had on board to do anyway. A trip to West Marine and there's a new pump to put on when needed.

Bilge Pump Rebuild

Last year our Bluetooth wind instrument fell off the mast. Parts were ordered and Charlie procrastinated all summer and never put them in. Then the big blow is coming and yesterday found Charlie installing the parts. Bad idea.

Sailtimer.com wind vane

Now Eileen on the other did her summer jobs and TARDIS is much improved. We broke the grate that we stand on behind the wheel last year. A summer in Indiana and lots of West Epoxy and it's good as new (and not fixed on board!)

Grate Restoration & Repair

When is a good time to test the Anchor Sail? Answer not when it's blowing 25! Here's yesterdays project - figure out how to put up the anchor sail in a blow and then wonder if it will work.

Anchor Sail

Attached to topping lift with spare halyard

The verdict is out whether this is the best install method. It does stop our swing by 50% or more. The problem is when the sail luffs...it shakes the rig. Planning to leave it up because there's no way Charlie is taking it back down in 30+ winds. Hopefully, it will hold together for try two in less wind.


We use a Hobie Kayak with Mirage Drive (Inflatable i-14 tanden). We found another user...an Outback lashed to the stern.

Hobie Tender Aboard

Eileen challenges herself daily. Crosswords during the day and Scrabble by night. So far we're 2-2 on Scrabble and Charlie can give her a correct crossword answer about 1 in a 100

Brain Tease

We're assuming that's an Irma victim along the shore. Any salvager's out there? The white specs along the shore line are the white Pelican's. Fun birds to watch. There are 100's of them hear migrating.

Salvage Anyone?

Yes they are spraying here too, why?


Sail On!!!!! We love the TARDIS...can't believe we're doing this. Will be gone 30 days tomorrow...living the life and loving it.

TARDIS under way & sailing

Commissioning November 2017

23 November 2017 | Punta Gorda, FL
It's 11.11 and time to leave on our winter adventure. That's one happy couple in the photo. Preparing two houses and related articles of property is no easy chore. It's specially hard for Eileen as her house floods.

The few weeks leading up to departure found Eileen with plumbers, electricians and HVAC people in the basement installing a new furnace, water heater and water softener. All mounted high in the basement to be out of a potential for 4' of water inside.

For Charlie it's about the same but only no flood. Properties last mowing and tractors to winterize and put away is the primary issue.

But off we went to our AirBnB in Englewood, FL. Just 10 minutes from J&R Marine in Placida, FL.

The Cottage was great
Cottage - Englewood, FL

A place to sleep, cook & sew while the TARDIS is readied.

We had time to wax and buff the boat (again), service the Yanmar, and provision the boat.

We also brought down new boat cushions that Charlie's friend made. Patty Hole did an outstanding job for her first time at cushions. But then again, she can do most anything.

Joe stopped by (just a short 3 hour drive from New Port Richey) to help rig. We put on the sails and canvas then went to a good dinner with Charlie's cousins, the Buck's.

Registering the boat in FL after taking over 18 months getting new documentation from the Coast Guard turned out to be a breeze. All we can say is plan for a long time if you are documenting. Now the TARDIS is a documented boat again and legal. We have the sticker to prove it!

Quitting time every day of boat work was by 4pm. Then we went to a beach. We went to 4 in all. Each sunset was spectacular.

Launch day arrived bright and early on Monday, November 20th, 2017. We were scheduled to splash at 9am over 2 miles away. Randy and crew arrived when they said they would at 8am with the hydraulic trailer. The following photos tell the story well.

Hydraulic Trailer

Final instructions from Ronnie, yard owner

Pulling out of the winter berth on the hard

Trailering to the launch well in another boat yard

Transfer to Travel Lift



And at 9:15 the motor is running and we are ready to leave the dock. Who would have known 9am launch means 9am launch in Flauda!

Don and Gail Buck came with a Bon Voyage gift in hand and provided us with some comfort and TARDIS went through the launch process. They will be joining us soon on their boat "Island Tyme" to explore what the gulf coast of Florida has to offer.

Charlie, Don & Gail

By 10:30 splash day we were off through the canals of Placida. We anchored a couple of hours to let the tide roll in before negotiating the lock to the Myakka River and Hog Island. Sorry no pics of this process, let us just say it's stressfull. We made it through with no problems. Did not run aground this time going out the final channel.

Eileen Plots our Course

As Charlie drives through the mangroves

Breakfast at anchor Tuesday, 11/21/17 before heading to Punta Gorda, 10 miles away.

It was a perfect day to sail to Punta Gorda so we did taking turns at the helm.

At anchorage outside of Fisherman's Village now.

Today is THANKSGIVING and we have allot to be thankful for to make it this far and to be here today.

Thank you friends who helped and supported us along the way, our customers at the Sailboats, Inc. that provided the means to make it happen and specially to our family while we are away.

Summer 2017 Fun - Family, Boats, Trips, Weddings, Babies

10 November 2017 | Indianapolis, IN
The summer went fast for Eileen and Charlie. No wonder...just of few of the fun times while home enjoying Indiana.

Not long after we got back in early April FUN POLICE made a trip to Eagle Creek. Many day sails and laughs were had with friends all summer long.

The queen of the good ship Eileen!

End of a good day...rolling sails. J24's are just the best boats for Eagle Creek.

Rolling Sails

We thrive on classics, our main transportation in 2017 were our old cars. They live to provide much enjoyment everywhere we go!

Max - 1988 Volvo 240dl

1991 Miata

Year of the weddings was on Eileen's side of the family. First up was a trip to Pensacola, FL for grandson Austins & Taylor's wedding in a beautiful BIG house at the beach with beds for 28!

Austin & Taylor - May 5, 2017

Oldest Grandson of Eileen
Austin & Eileen

We took a couple kayaks and an SUP to share in the gulf
Buddy & Madison

Next up in Eileen's family is Madison. She and Jeff got married in Chicago in June.

Eileen and Maddy

We all stayed in a condo/house and had a great time with all the boys while the girls got ready. Breakfast with the guys.

Eileen, Charlie, Greg, Austin, Jordan & Hunter

On Charlie's side it was baby time. Cassie and Brad gave birth to WILBUR RAYMOND on September 29, 2017. The happy family

Brad, Cassie, Wilbur & Elmer

And did we say BABIES? Yes, I think so. Great Grand Baby Boy is coming in Eileen's family in January to Austin & Taylor. AND, grand baby boy to Charlie's in April to Carly and Matt. Boys...yes we have lot's of boys!

Indy is summer is 500 time. Yes we do that too. While we don't go to the INDY500 we do see the Gran Prix.

Practice day for the 500

We also go sailing allot. Here we are on Meredith's Catalina 25 on a glorious day

Meredith, Eileen & Charlie

There's lots of family time too
Charlie & Elmer - Indians Baseball Game

Sandbox Time

The Traubs, Carly/Matt/Charlie live on the Brehop Farm properties. Lot's of visits, meals and time to spend with grandson Charlie. Here is a visit by tractor.

And hanging out with Grandpa Charlie

And Family Birthday parties at the river resort
Zach's 17th!

or at a local restaurant

We have to earn our cruising kitty by working some. Here we are set up selling "stuff" at ECSC

Eagle Creek Sailing Club - ECSC Regatta & Beach Party

Then there's the annual NHT (nursing home tour) for the guys on Joe's Gozzard, "Interlude" to the north channel. 10 days of sailing, some 350 miles, 75% at least under sail. Where the wind blew we went. No destinations in mind. Big breakfasts thanks to Jimmy and Dan. Big dinners with all all contributing with some cocktails and beer thrown in for fun!

Interlude - 1988 Gozzard 36

The crew: Jimmy, Meredith, Joe & Dan
NHT 2017 - North Channel Lake Huron Canada

Eileen has a resort on White River in Indianapolis. The river is another of Indy's best kept secrets. It's a linear neighborhood where everybody almost knows everyone for 8 miles. And what's the main mode of transportation?

A 1965 Hydrodyne!!! "Radar Love"
Radar Love - 1965 Hydrodyne

And look who gets to drive!
Charlie at the wheel

And when speed boat is not in the water...there is FUN GUS - Hobie Outfitter for 2.
FUN GUS - 2012 Hobie Outfitter Tandem Kayak

or a Stand Up Paddle Board
SUP with Taylor aboard

Charlie doesn't live on the water. He lives on a farm with tractors!

This is the newest of the fleet. 1961 David Brown 995, 64hp beast.
1961 David Brown 995

Maintaining 30+ acres is allot of seat time. If it's not on BIG David it's on LITTLE David

1962 David Brown - Little David

or the best of them all...
1946 Farmall A

The summer of 2017 was a time to see something that doesn't happen much, a SOLAR ECLIPSE! Eileen and Charlie took a road trip to Cave In Rock, IL right on the Ohio River at the point of Totality.

Cave In Rock, IL

It's hard to describe the experience. Was it worth it? You betcha says Eileen!

As it got closer to time to leave we found time to run a regatta at ECSC with Meredith and Gordo. It was a windy and wild regatta but fun! Here's the RC crew

Florida Trip Summer '17

06 September 2017 | J & R Marine Services
Placida, FL
Charlie made a two week trip to the boat to do some work on TARDIS over Labor Day. It's great to be able to take your time without the pressure of a launch date.

2017 had pressure from a different source however. During the drive to FL hurricane Harvey bore down on TX. And right after that a new tropical depression was forming which later became hurricane Irma. It's a long painful process to be at the boat wondering what path the storm will take. As it turned out TARDIS was dead in line with all the projections for a "5". Lucky for TARDIS, not so lucky for others, Irma took a turn inland and none of the 290 boats in storage had damage. Charlie left on Wednesday, a few days before the storm arrived having prepped the boat as best as possible.

Top on the list was installing new refrigeration, a solar panel with hot water radiator, motor maintenance and a wax job. All got done except the motor work was incomplete.

Project 1: Refrigeration was purchased from CRUISE RO from California. We got new compressor with a cold plate. We met Rich Boren, the owner, at the Annapolis Boat Show and liked what they had to offer. Next up from Cruise RO is their water maker next summer.

The installation went without incident following their directions. Charlie never had to call for help either. Had a small issue with corrosion at the electrical panel that was easily corrected and had a cold beer out of the box the next morning!

Project 2: Solar Panel purchased from Custom Marine Products out of Michigan. Charlie was studying solar for the past year and happened upon their website. After a phone call and thinking about it, it seemed like the right people to do business with. The order was placed for a 160w Solar Panel with a Radiator and 12v water circulation pump for hot water. Tom Trimmer, the owner, was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly. What's interesting is that Tom is a member of Duncan Bay Boat Club in Cheboygan, MI where our friend's Gozzard is. Charlie saw the installation and didn't realize it at the time

The installation went as planned. Never had to call Tom either as their directions were straight forward. The plumbing was the most difficult part due to the location of the water heater.

The very next day Charlie had a COLD beer with his HOT cockpit shower thanks to Cruise RO and Custome Marine Products!

Project 3: Wax boat. Charlie didn't have to buy anything or call anyone for advice. So this project was free. A shoulder massage would have been nice but a COLD beer from the boat fridge worked just fine.
August 2017

A bunch of other little things were accomplished as well. It was tough work in 100 degree heat and sleeping on the boat. Fans help

Any trip to the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area of FL would not be complete without a visit with the BUCK family. Charlie got to spend the weekend at their condo. Unfortunately cousin Gail had a very scary health issue. It turned out OK for now and Charlie was glad he was there at the time.

TARDIS was left ready to defend for herself. This photo was taken the day Charlie headed north.

Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
Home Page: http://www.funrunnersinc.com/
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