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Ships Log
The Tattersfields at Sea
Back to Portsmouth for the winter - under sail

Last sail of the season. Niki and I sailed the boat back. 15 knots. SSW. Sunny and cool.
Perfect sail but ended as an adventure.
As we were coming up the Sakonnet we started the engine so we could make the marina before Calum clocked off at 3. But there was a bang and suddenly no forward drive.
Ended up sailing into the slip just as the sun set at 6pm.
No easy task. Very glad that Cal and Yole came back and caught us.

Ships Log
Anniversary Gift: Round the Bay

Beautiful Buzzards bay weekend.
Went down to the boat on Saturday.
Sunday was picture perfect 10-15 SSW. So flew Spin up the Bay, hoping for dinner at the Chartroom. Harbor was booked solid . Niki snagged us a mooring in Marion. A fast beat across the bay for 30 th anniversary Dinner at what used to be the wave.
Monday was partly work and then a slog into 20+ knot wind on the nose back home. Niki drove almost all the way. Heavy sledding.

Ships Log
Round and round the regatta.
Perfect. 15 kts. Sunny. Wind from the Se over the Elizabeth Is. No sea state.
07/12/2015, New Bedford approaches

We had planned to go over to Cutty, but as we left we found the NBJR going on (200+ boats) so we basically sailed around the 420 action and enjoyed the show. They seriously had a start line of 100 boats!

At which point we'd missed the tide window for Cutty and went home for an excellent BBQ on the boat and a pleasant night on the mooring. Lots of stars. It is a very pretty river.

The next day we did the same thing in the morning and then explored New Bedford harbor. Tried a bar called Fathoms on Popes Landing that claimed to have a dock. Made it through the fence eventually but the pub wasn't worth it. Ok but not worth it.

The (yellow) town moorings work though so we may explore Fairhaven or the Whale museum.

Came home sunburnt, tired and happy. Fabulous sailing. We went no-where really fast.

NextDim was competing at the Vinyard (without us) and came 4th.

Boat is in good shape. Despite all the rain last week she was dry bilged. Battery fine. Roller furler gave us some issues, but keeping the spin sheets away seems to help. Niki found a pulpit screw that's rotating. Need to find a way of rerunning the topping lift. Niki has a workaround but there must be a better way.

Ships Log
Started off 5kn NE rose as day went on to 30kn
07/04/2015, Quissett

Typical buzzards bay day. Sunny. No wind at the mooring. Wind built all day from the NE.

Sailed over to Quissett with wind with tide together. Niki in a bikini and smooth as can be. Wind and tide together. Wind built to 20+ knots but the sea state was smooth so it just got us there faster.

Picked up an open mooring in the harbor. Quissett is a beautiful gunk hole. Beautiful. But no pub. So lunch was ramen noodles and beer.

As we sat on the borrowed mooring we noticed everyone coming in in foulies and life jackets.

Wind had not really changed, but the tide had. Buzzards Bay....

Wind was now against the tide and we beat back to Padenarum into 20-30k and a steep buzzards bay chop.

Niki made a classic comment: why is it that everyone else is always hugging the land when we are always miles off shore on our own?


Wonderful day.

We will be going back there.

Ships Log
Note to self: secure the spin furler before hoisting.
E 10 knots. Building.

Niki drove and I was an incompetent crew.

Gale warning for Sunday so we had a ( relatively) early start Saturday.

Had expected to spend the day swabbing water out of the bilge but she was completely dry!

Battery was charged too.

So went for a sail over ledge shoal. Plan was to fly the spin back but I found a new way to rig it wrong. By the time I had it figured out it was gusting 20 knots and we were right off 'A'. Ho hum.

Ships Log
Cuttyhunk and then around the Bay
SE 15-17 Knots. Sunny to start became overcast later as the predicted storm arrived.
06/20/2015, Penikese Is

Niki and I had a plan to go to Cutty for lunch, but had the tides all wrong. A falling tide meant that we would have to stay in the harbor until the change of the tide.

So we sailed up the bay towards the Weepeckets. Passed Dave and Joan in NextDimension with the BYC cruisers also heading for Cuttyhunk for the weekend.

Came back via West Island & the middle ledge passage. Laser racing outside the breakwater.

Lots of wind. Not much sea state and averaged over 6 knots. About 27 miles all told. Perfect sailing.

New battery seems to be doing the job. Voltage had only dropped 0.2V by the end of the day.

The roller furler played up again. Seems that some of the duct tape on it jammed it up and stopped it rotating.

Ships Log

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