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Ships Log
The Tattersfields at Sea
Beam Reach down the Bay
Overcast 10-15.SSE
07/19/2014, Buzzards Bay

Thought the wind had failed again. There was talk in the club of cancelling races but in the event it was a great wind. 10-15. Not much sea state except when it was wind against tide. So we reached back down the bay at an average well above 6 knots despite the current being against us most of the way and where back on the mooring by 5pm.

Took the boat alongside the Davis & Tripp dock to use their electricity to vacuum out the bilge. Then dinner at the Sail loft and home. Back to work Monday :(

40 odd NM over 2 1/2 days.

Ships Log
The Chart Room
07/18/2014, Located on Red Brook Harbor in Cataumet, MA, inside Kingman Yacht Center

Had heard of this place for ages and for some reason thought it was very upmarket. It is certainly hard to get into.

Interesting back story:
The Chart Room first opened in 1966 in this building which is a New Jersey Central Railroad Barge built around or before the turn of the century. This covered cargo barge was surveyed out of the railroad fleet and towed along with five other barges to Red Brook Harbor in 1953 where this particular barge was used as a machine shop to aid in the production of vessels for the Army and Navy during the Korean War - 36 foot "J" Class blunt nose patrol boats for the Army and 28' and 40' personnel boats for Navy Carrier and Cruiser service.

Large lathes for turning propeller shafts, struts and shaft logs were located where the bar is now. The piano is in the diesel engine rebuilding area, while drill presses, shears and cutters occupied the rest of the building.

With the development of the Cataumet Marina, the visiting yachtsmen required dining facilities, and the idea of creating a restaurant in the barge was initiated. The sidewalls were replaced and a kitchen added. The roof remains the same with its massive beams and arched structure. The floor is original railroad planking.

Over to Red Brook
Sunny 0-5
07/18/2014, Pocasset & Cataumet MA, Cape Cod

Wind failed completely so we motored over to the Cape to Red Brook harbor.
Very interesting entrance around Bassets Island. Very narrow.
Picked up a mooring at Kingmans and watches someone else go aground 100 yards away.

Couldn't get into the famous Chart Room for Dinner, so crackers and cheese on the boat. Borrowed a cotter pin from the yard as the post lower life rail had come loose.

Lunch at the chart room the next day turned out to be interesting people watching.

Ships Log
The Inn on Shipyard Park
07/17/2014, Mattapoisett, MA

Great Tavern by the dock at Mattapoisett

Sunny 10-15
07/17/2014, Mattapoisett, MA

Very pleasant evening in Mattapoisett for the first time by sea. $35 for a mooring from the yard.

Very lively concert series going on under a tent on the green.

Went ashore in the morning for excellent lunch at the Tavern.

Great success.

Ships Log
20 knot fog
20 knot fog

Forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday is for big storms so we decided to shelve the idea of going to Nantucket for this year and go home for a couple of days. Great sail back. Despite having to wait for the currents through woods to abate we zoomed home at 6+ knots in a classic 20 knot fog.

At points the visibility was ~ hundred yards. The AIS was awesome. It decided we had been hit by the Woods hole ferry at least once, but without it, it could have come true.

Couple of other occasions when we said "there should be a mark around here - oh - there it is" when it loomed out of the fog 50 feet away.

Wild ride but with a single reef in, never out of control, and home a couple of hours quicker than I would have expected.

Ships Log

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