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The Tattersfields at Sea

21 July 2017 | Buzzards Bay
17 July 2017 | Marion
15 July 2017 | Cuttyhunk
12 July 2017 | Padenarum
01 July 2017 | Vinyard Haven
24 June 2017 | Padenarum
10 June 2017 | Padenarum
04 June 2017
07 May 2017
07 May 2017
30 April 2017
07 October 2016 | South Warf Yard, Padenarum
04 September 2016
28 August 2016 | NextDim Mooring (or thereabouts)
13 August 2016 | South Dartmouth
07 August 2016 | New Bedford
16 July 2016 | Padenarum

To the Charthouse for Diner

21 July 2017 | Buzzards Bay
All Sorts
New England weather. Friday was 15+ knots. Quartering sea to the Red Brook harbor. Fast, fun but tiring. Used a new App called Dockwa to reserve a mooring. Worked a treat. Will be doing that again.
Dinner at the Chart House. 8 pm reservation and still a line out of the door.
Saturday was dead calm. Ran aground in the channel coming out of Cataumet!
Motored home until 2SE off West Island when the wind picked up enough for 4 hours of a tricky light wind beat home.
Set fire to some lamb chops on the BBQ for dinner. Expected Sunday to be calm too, but awoke to 20+ knots in the harbor. Its been a weird summer.

Marion and back

17 July 2017 | Marion
5-10 Knots. Built to maybe 12.
Perfect couple of days sailing. Flew the Spin up the bay to Marion and took Dave and Joan's mooring as they are travelling.

Diner at what used to be the Wave. Long way up the harbor but the Torqeedo made it there and back.

Beautiful sunny day on Sunday. A beat back into a SW 5-10 knots.

Lots of fun. With no Wind instruments Niki learnt how to sail off the telltales.

Cuttyhunk to meet Dave and Joan

15 July 2017 | Cuttyhunk
20 to 27 knot breeze. Over cast.
Wow that was wild.

So much for it being July. Near Gale force winds. Howling in the harbor. Made picking up the mooring in Cutty a challenge. Doubled up the mooring bridle.

Had a lovely dinner with Dave and Joan on NextDim and sailed back the next day.

Proved we could get into Cutty on a falling tide with 1 hour before slack, so thats worth knowing. Also now know to rig a bridle when picking up a mooring in there. First come first served.

New Blades back on

12 July 2017 | Padenarum
Many thanks to John Mills at Hansen Marine (Flexofold USA) for getting the replacement blades out from Denmark so quickly along with a couple of spare bolt kits and to Adam Smart, the Diver, who went down and got the remaining blade off so we could make sure we ordered the right thing (which was just as well, because it wasn't what I thought) and then went and put the new ones on.

An expensive lesson.

Nmea 2000 backbone got eaten

01 July 2017 | Vinyard Haven
Which is why the instruments all cut out on the way into the Haven. Luckily West Marine had a replacement. Re-running it was a joy :(

Hoped it would solve the wind instrument problem, but it didn't.

To the black dog for socks - and lost the prop on the way back.

30 June 2017 | Vineyard Haven
Southerly 15+ more. Small craft advisory.
Plan was a weekend sail to the Vineyard to buy socks for the kids, apparently.
Small craft advisory in place. Very boisterous and fun sail over. No one else out at sea.
As we arrived in the Haven, the NMEA 2000 gave up. Lost all the instruments!
Mooring field in the Haven was a nightmare. They gave us a mooring that was too shallow - and with no instruments we bumped the bottom. Eventually in 20 knots of wind we found a mooring that worked.
Off to west marine to get a new backbone cable. The old one looked like it had been chewed. Ran the replacement.
Dinner and breakfast at the black dog. Bought the socks.
Sailed back through woods hole.
Another boisterous 15+ knot beam reach back. Sunny day. Great sailing.
Arrived and started the motor to a great shudder. Assumed we had picked up a lobster pot.
Sailed onto the mooring and called Adam the Diver. Adam dove on the boat and gave us the bad news - one of the blades had fallen off.
Vessel Name: Azurro
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 34
Hailing Port: Portsmouth RI
Crew: Rick, Niki, Regan, Calum, Henry, Helena, Andrew, Yole
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