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Ships Log
The Tattersfields at Sea
Note to self: belay the spin furler before hoisting.
E 10 knots. Building.

Niki drove and I was an incompetent crew.

Gale warning for Sunday so we has a ( relatively) early start Saturday. Sunny to start. Had expected to spend the day swabbing water out of the bilge but she was completely dry!

Battery was charged too.

So went for a sail over ledge shoal. Plan was to fly the spin back but I found a new way to rig it wrong.

Ships Log
Cuttyhunk and then around the Bay
SE 15-17 Knots. Sunny to start became overcast later as the predicted storm arrived.
06/20/2015, Penikese Is

Niki and I had a plan to go to Cutty for lunch, but had the tides all wrong. A falling tide meant that we would have to stay in the harbor until the change of the tide.

So we sailed up the bay towards the Weepeckets. Passed Dave and Joan in NextDimension with the BYC cruisers also heading for Cuttyhunk for the weekend.

Came back via West Island & the middle ledge passage. Laser racing outside the breakwater.

Lots of wind. Not much sea state and averaged over 6 knots. About 27 miles all told. Perfect sailing.

New battery seems to be doing the job. Voltage had only dropped 0.2V by the end of the day.

The roller furler played up again. Seems that some of the duct tape on it jammed it up and stopped it rotating.

Ships Log
New House Battery & then a quick sail around the Bay with Calum & Yole.
Sunny 10-15
06/13/2015, Summer Mooring

The house batteries had died by the time we reached the mooring last week. So something had to be done.

Bought a Group 4D Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery, 12V, 198 Amp Hours, 380 Res. Min., 1110 CCA, 1420 MCA, 10 1/8"H x 20 3/4"L x 8 1/2"W, 131 lb. from West Marine.

It was heavy!. Thankfully Calum and Yole had come for a sail so with Calum doing the heavy lifting we brought Azurro into the fuel dock and man-handled it into the space the original Bosch battery had filled. West Marine took the old core back for a credit. Left the other house battery unconnected for now. Want to see how this one works on its own.

Inaugural lunch at the Sail Locker & nice sunny sail around Apponagansett Bay.

Ships Log
First sail of the season - round to Padenarum
06/06/2015, Gooseberry Neck

Time to take the boat round to Padenarum at last.

Fueled at the Dock. Put 1 Gall of Gas in before I relaized it was the wrong color and switched to Diesel. Calum is working at Brewers for the summer. Seems to be settled in.

Of course the wind was unfavorable. North, North East. 15+ Knots. Lots of sea state down the bay. At least it was not raining. 37 miles.

Complicated car logistics thought through by Niki meant we were home in time for a BBQ.

Ships Log
The Joys of Bottom Painting
Sunny, Cool
04/25/2015, Brewers Sakonnet Marina

Dr. Who sent help.

Ships Log
Back to Portsmouth for the Winter
Perfect Fall day. Sunny NE 4-10
10/12/2014, Portsmouth, RI

Niki and I motor sailed back to Brewers for the winter.

Ships Log

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