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The Tattersfields at Sea

07 May 2017
07 May 2017
30 April 2017
07 October 2016 | South Warf Yard, Padenarum
04 September 2016
28 August 2016 | NextDim Mooring (or thereabouts)
13 August 2016 | South Dartmouth
07 August 2016 | New Bedford
16 July 2016 | Padenarum
07 July 2016 | Vineyard Haven Breakwater
18 June 2016
07 May 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
16 April 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
07 December 2015


07 May 2017
Added a boomkicker and removed the topping lift.

New Bottom

07 May 2017
Brewers sandblasted the whole bottom off and Epoxied the bottom with Petit paint.
The bottom looked very clean. No sign of Osmosis.

New Seacocks

30 April 2017
The seacocks had frozen. Brewers replaced them

Back to Portsmouth for the winter

08 October 2016
No wind. Hard to believe that down south is a Category 4 Hurricane. But we had barely ripples on the water.
With she hull cleaned of barnacles Azurro chugged home against the currents at 6 knots at 2,000 rpm. We left the breakwater at 8 am and where pumping out the tank at the south yard by 2pm.
Didn't get much sailing in this season as the growth on the bottom showed.

Blistering Barnacles!

07 October 2016 | South Warf Yard, Padenarum
Hauled Azurro to see why she had no speed. Expected to find the folding prop jammed. Instead she was an amazing undersea wildlife exhibit! Its only been a few weeks since the diver went down and cleaned the prop - but now its was one big barnacle!

Along the way we made new useful contacts. An excellent guy from Concordia (the local Volvo Rep) came out and confirmed there was nothing wrong with the saildrive. Changed the fan belt while he was at it.

And Jay and Brian and the crew at South Warf were very fast and professional.

Hurricane Hermine

04 September 2016
Having caused chaos in Florida, TS Hermine is forecast to cause strong winds and a storm surge at the same time as highest astronomical tides. So we went down and prepared the boat as best we could.
Vessel Name: Azurro
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 34
Hailing Port: Portsmouth RI
Crew: Rick, Niki, Regan, Calum, Henry, Helena, Andrew, Yole
About: + Ross, Erin, Tom & Jeremy + Andy Thwaite
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