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The Tattersfields at Sea

18 June 2016
07 May 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
16 April 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
12 July 2015 | New Bedford approaches
04 July 2015 | Quissett
20 June 2015 | Penikese Is
06 June 2015 | Gooseberry Neck
25 April 2015 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
12 October 2014 | Portsmouth, RI
01 September 2014 | Buzzards Bay
24 August 2014 | Vinyard Haven. 45NM
23 August 2014 | 20 Beach Street Extension Vineyard Haven, MA
16 August 2014 | 31NM

Size does not matter regatta

26 June 2016
This is our kinda race. Had a lot of fun. Ross and Erin came along and made it special.

Any race instruction that says things like "if you are over early, shame on you. Don't bother to restart we don't care. Remember this is for fun." is our kinda race.

Had a great race around the bay. We were stunningly fast - which was a big problem because we didn't know where we were going. Niki had to ask the other boats as we went by! (Wow can she trim a sail now - she was way more into it than me, though its great to be able to sail a well trimmed sail by its tell-tales)

And we met everyone at the sail-loft afterward. Sadly a couple of accidents on other boats. One wrist broken (it did get windy) and someone else had to go to the ER. Other sailors came in and we made some new friends and got some great shirts.


Sail to Padenarum 2016

18 June 2016
Niki and I motor sailed to Padenarum in record time.

New RIB - North Atlantic Inflatables

17 June 2016
So the Inflatable wouldn't inflate after a winter in the shed. The patches had patches and I couldn't even find the hole.

So the boss gave me approval to buy a new boat so I bought what I should probably have bought originally. A 10' RIB from NAI sold by Jamestown Distributors. Nice to buy something thats made in ME. They have the Al hulls made in China and then finish them to order.

As daughter-in-law had pranged the only car we have with a hook we hired a pickup from Enterprise (and had 150% customer service - that guy was amazing) to drive it 5 miles to the boat. Henry came and helped us load/unload.

Love it when a plan comes together.

Painting the bottom in the rain

07 May 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
Grey. Overcast. NE 3. Raining at times.
We've spent 3 weekends now working on the bottom of the boat. After disappointment with the Micro Ultra anti-fouling for the last few seasons we switched to E Paint ZO. Color is a bright blue which is the good news.

The bad news is that as we put it on the base coat of the existing paint started to fail and the paint peeled off in big patches leaving a very uneven surface!

Eventually we got two coats on but suspect that next year we will have to get it sandblasted smooth and repainted.

Only things left now are to buff the side of the boat to get the oxidation off the gel coat and have the yard fit the bottom boot seal for the saildrive which has fallen off.

Cut the cover off!

16 April 2016 | Brewers Sakonnet Marina
Sunny. 25 knots NNE.
First Spring like day, but very windy.
Niki and I went down to Portsmouth & cut the shrink wrap off the boat.

Back to Portsmouth for the winter - under sail

12 October 2015
Last sail of the season. Niki and I sailed the boat back. 15 knots. SSW. Sunny and cool.
Perfect sail but ended as an adventure.
As we were coming up the Sakonnet we started the engine so we could make the marina before Calum clocked off at 3. But there was a bang and suddenly no forward drive.
Ended up sailing into the slip just as the sun set at 6pm.
No easy task. Very glad that Cal and Yole came back and caught us.
Vessel Name: Azurro
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 34
Hailing Port: Portsmouth RI
Crew: Rick, Niki, Regan, Calum, Henry, Helena
About: + Andrew, Ross, Tom & Jeremy
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HMS Alacrity
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