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Ships Log
The Tattersfields at Sea
PHRF - 143 Spin, 157 Non Spin

PHRF Narraganset Bay have issued us a PHRF Handicap Number.
Base Handicap: 139.
With Spin: 143
Without Spin: 157

Ships Log
Commissioned the Inflatable & new Outboard
04/22/2012, Tauton, MA

A fun comedy of errors. We purchased the previous owners Mercury inflatable but had never opened it up to see if it was worth it or if the mice had eaten it.

It didn't come with an outboard so in a moment of madness I purchased one on-line from - wait for it - "Outboard on-line". Same exact 6HP engine that West Marine sell for $1700+ sold for $1100 but not badged Mercury. Free shipping and US warranty.

So the outboard turns up. I inflate the dinghy and it looks great. Way better than I would have bought. Regan, Henry and I take it and the outboard to a local lake for a test drive. Where the outboard starts, runs for a minute (or two) and then resolutely refused to restart. The deep, deep weed did not help. We were rescued by a passer-by and generally had a great time rowing about in circles and even got back in time to watch Helena score a goal at soccer. Left wondering if the outboard was a lemon though.

So on Sunday I take the aforementioned dinghy and outboard to the pond in Sharon (carefully de-weeded and having cleaned the engine in case it was bad fuel and drained and replaced all the oil) and sit in the pouring rain while it starts first time and runs like a dream. Sad Sack moment though.

So the comedy ends well and I'd buy from Outboards Online again. Though hopefully not for a very long time.

Ships Log
Planning the new Season!

Just filled in the form for the yard to put her back in the second week of April!

Ships Log
Last run of the season
Northerly. Started 15+, dropped to 6
11/05/2011, Portsmouth, RI

Ross and I took Azurro out for the last sail of the season. Left the dock at 11:00 in cool, breezy 15+ with white caps. Raced up to Bristol RI at 6+ knots and on up towards Providence. Made a completes dogs dinner of getting her off the dock. Getting back in wasnt much better. Other than that Fantastic day. Clear blue sky's. No sea state as the wind was off the land. Mighty cold. Nice reach back down the west side of Hogs island and beat back under bridge home.
20 miles in total in about 4 hours. Not a bad way to end the year. Niki, Calum and I came down the next day to unload the boat. Calums first time on the boat.

Ships Log
Fogland and back
SW 10-12 knots. Became NW.
10/22/2011, Portsmouth RI

We lazed about in the sun at the marina for a while then Helena, Niki and I went for a quick 12 mile sail down to fogland and back.
Beautiful sail where we ended up close hauled both ways! 7 knots of boat speed in 10-12 knots of wind. Funky tides going through the breakwater and under the bridge.

Ships Log
Gale Warning
SW 20, gusting 27
10/15/2011, Portsmouth RI

Ross and I had short blast around Mt Hope bay. 7.5 knots in 20 knot breeze ( gusting 27) under jib alone. Only ones out with sails up. Boat handled it with aplom. Then explored under the bridge down to Tiverton and Pirates cove and sat in sun with beers long enough for my head to fry. Docking was interesting. The wind took us so we went around twice. Just as well Ross was there, cos next boat up had double can openers on the front.
12 miles all told.
Fitted CO and fire monitors plus the all important grill. Fired up the galley stove. Has about 4 cut offs and lots of air in the line but lit eventually.

Ships Log

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