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Taya's Sailing Adventures
"Commodores" Seven Seas Cruising Association
In Marina Fonatur - Mazatlan
11/05/2011, Mazatlan

We arrived in Mazatlan at 09:30 today, following an uneventful 27 hour, 192 nautical mile passage from Bahia de Los Muertos.

We were both spent with only a few hours of sleep on this overnight passage. Lynne checked us in Marina Fonatur, where we elected to sign up for three months, to benefit from their best rate. It means that we will be leaving Mazatlan for La Cruz on February 5th 2012, 3 weeks later than originally planned.

The order of the day tomorrow will be to clean the boat and then rest for a few days.

Half Way Between Bahia de Los Muertos & Mazatlan
11/04/2011, Sea of Cortez

There was only one other boat in the bay all night. Slept well in this well protected anchorage. We left our anchorage at 06:30 this morning with light winds and moderate seas. Had a beautiful day at sea. Saw a turtle but no dolphins so far.

We have a half moon so the night is fairly bright with good visibility in all directions. The sky is full of stars and we see no clouds. We have a beautiful sunset and I managed to get a good picture of it.

We have slowed down the boat so as to arrive in Mazatlan mid morning.

We Have Left La Paz at 11:45
11/02/2011, Bahia Balandra

We finally left Marina Palmira in La Paz just before lunch, and headed for Bahia Balandra, a beautiful anchorage located 11.5 n.m. from La Paz.

We motor sailed in light winds with 1 foot waves comfortably. It took 1:30 hour for the trip and are now anchored in this beautiful bay for the night, with two other boats.

Our plans for this afternoon is swimming in the turquoise water surrounding us and catch fish for dinner.

We are protected from south west winds which is what we have.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Ensenada de Los Muertos, which is 45 nautical miles to the south of us. We should reach our anchorage 7:30 hours later.

Pacha Visits Local Vet for Minor Surgery
10/28/2011, La Paz

We had noticed a while ago, that Pacha had a lump on his upper right leg, a few inches from his spine. Lately it seemed to be getting bigger.

It had started to bother him, because two days ago, we noticed it was bleeding from either licking or biting it. We decided to take him to the vet, eventhought he hates it.

We took the marina shuttle at 09:00 and we were dropped off at the doctor's office in downtown La Paz, a short drive from the marina.

Following examination, the vet who did not speak a word of English, said it was a wart and he could remove it without problem. But we had to leave Pacha with him for 2 hours. Reluctantly we did, and to keep our minds busy, decided to walk several blocks to Lopez Marine, to buy a few items. On the way we stopped at one of our favorite place for some arrachera. (marinated beef)

Two hours later, we were back at the vet's office and Pacha was really mad at the vet, showing his displeasure with weird sounds etc. He was still groggy when we took him out of the clinic and made no sounds while we were walking to the taxi stand for the ride back to our boat.

Back on Taya, Pacha was walking back and forth, frequently falling like a drunken man. It took 5 hours before the drugs wore off.

The vet put a silver colored antibiotic on his wound, which necessitated two stitches.

The cost was 400 pesos compared to several hundreds in Vancouver, for the same operation. VIVA MEXICO

Relaxing Afternoon Pool Side at the Marina Hotel
10/21/2011, Marina Palmira

We spent the entire afternoon pool side, cooling off in the water and playing "Mexican Train" with our friends, Eva and Rene of s/v Babeeze.

The setting was great, the margueritas sweet and tasty and the company terrific.

We killed five hours in no time.

Before heading out to the pool, Hector Escalante of the New Image Upholstery Shop, came by to take the measurements to redo our Shadetree covers, which have proven to be unsatisfactory to us. The wands and straps they provide are too weak and need constant replacement. Unless you will use your Shadetree awnings in winds of less than 12 to 15 knots, do not use them.

The new setup will be simpler, will withstand 20 to 25 knots without breaking to pieces and will be easier to install and remove. Fortunately we can use the material provided by Shadetree which is excellent.

Hector Refrigeration in La Paz Fixed our Problem
10/21/2011, Marina Palmira

This very professionnal man, Hector Garciglia, knocked on our boat at 09:00 sharp. He had called at the end of yesterday, to reschedule his appointment to this morning, due to an emergency job that came up in mid afternoon.

He checked the electrical and other components of our refrigeration system and all checked out OK. He quickly replaced the two cellunoid valves I had previously ordered from the States and restarted the system which runs like new.

We are pleased to highly recommend this gentleman, who speaks prefect english, who has high business ethics, who is a highly qualified technician, who works fast and who is reasonably priced.

Hurrah once again, for Mexican know how and worksmanship.

Marina Palmira
10/20/2011, La Paz

We arrived in Marina Palmira in La Paz as planned. We first tied up to the fuel dock and took 250 liters of diesel, while Lynne was checking us in. By the time she got back to the boat, it was blowing 14 knots in the marina. Having done that and been there before, we wisely decided to stay at the fuel dock until the winds died down a little. Two hours later they were at 8.0 knots and so we quickly got to our slip with plenty of help waiting to help us secure the boat to the dock. We retired early and had a good night sleep.

We have spent the morning cleaning the outside of the boat, which again was very salty from a more or less 200 mile passage from Santa Rosalia.

We have already met several couples whom we had met before. John & Suzanne from s/v Sea Raven, Eva & Rene from s/v Babeeze, Jaye & Art from s/v Arione, Jim from s/v Adirondack and new friends.

Dinner in town was organized and Jay & Art wisely took us to a wonderful Italian restaurant called Il Rustico. We were in the garden in a beautiful environment. These guys know the good places. The food and service were excellent and we all really enjoyed our evening together. Unfortunately Jay and Art were leaving the next morning for a 6 week sail up the Sea of Cortez, planning to return to La Paz in time for the Christmas festivities. We hope to see them again soon.

Earlier in the day, we met with Hector Garciglia, an authorized technician for Grunert Refrigeration, who has traced our problem to a faulty cellunoid valve. He will be here tomorrow morning to install our two new valves and check out our entire system to make sure every thing else is OK.

That should solve our refrigeration problem for good. Hector was referred to us by our friends on Arione and by the Southern California dealer of Grunert, that have provided the two new valves.

It has been very hot in La Paz, with 98 F today with over 50% humidity. We are not complaining. This evening is comfortable with a fresh breeze. We will sleep well tonight.

Anchored in San Evaristo
10/18/2011, San Evaristo (Small Fishing Village)

We left Santa Rosalia last Saturday, bound for La Paz. The first night we anchored in Bahia Santa Ines, near Punta Chivato, the second night in Caleta Santa Juanito, the third in Aqua Verde, tonight we are in San Evaristo. We expect to arrive in La Paz tomorrow afternoon after a 45 n.m. run.

The entire passage has been uneventful. We have had light winds from all directions and have only been able to sail a few hours, motoring the rest of the time. We were hoping to use our gennaker, but the conditions did not allow.

Our fridge died the night before we left and so have hurried to get to La Paz to get it repaired.

All is well.

Anchored in Bahia Santa Ines
10/17/2011, Punta Chivato

We spent the night in this very beautiful bay, behind Punta Mezquitito, in front of the very beautiful Hotel Posada de los Flores. This area is visited by small aircrafts that use the landing strip located just beyond the beach. Nowadays, it can be reached by car. A number of homes (Gringos) has sprung up on the beach and the fishermen supply the locals with their catch of the day. That is why there is a small dock seen in one of the pictures in our "Photo Gallery"

This area is also known for the abondance of shells which can be a foot thick in some places. We dinghied over to the playa Santa Ines to see for ourselves and Lynne had a good time collecting shells. We have never seen so many and most are in very good conditions.

This beach is constantly pounded by a good surf, and we experienced our first surf landing. It was an experience and we will leave it at that for now!

Asta Luego Santa Rosalia
10/14/2011, B.C.S., Mexico

The unusual winds and high waves we have been experiencing in our part of the world are now over. The weather is back to its regular Fall patterns with winds blowing from the WNW less than 15 knots. Waves should be less than 4 feet.

We have checked out with the marina authorities here in Santa Rosalia this morning and have our "Dispatchio" We are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning at about 08:00 for Bahia Conception and more particularly Playa Sandispac. From there we will head for Caleta San Juanito followed by stops at Isla Coronado, Puerto Ballandra on Isla Carmen, Honey Moon Cove on Isla Danzante, Bahia Agua Verde, Puerto Los Gatos, Isla San Francisco, and finally La Paz, where we intend to spend a week before undertaking the southern crossing to Mazatlan.

We will post frequently during the passage to La Paz via our SSB radio.

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