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True Colours Voyage 2008 - 2010
True Colours's Photos - Montserrat
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The anchorage at Little Bay, Montserrat
Fi and Angela Know It, Love It and Show It
A photo of how Plymouth, the capital, used to be with airport etc
This is how cashew nuts grow.  The little green pod contains the nut which is roasted
Angela and Henk on the beach formed by the volcano in Montserrat
Just the top of this house is still visible, as are many others
The "slurry" from the volcanic erruption
The whole of the southern end of Montserrat is out of bounds
Monsterrat from afar.  The people of this town just carried on their life as normal as the volcano errupted time and time again in the distance...
Charles and Camilla have obviously been visiting lately....
Now I
The active volcano, Montserrat
The active volcano at Montserrat
The volcano, Montserrat
True Colours
Who: Dave Dog and Fi
Port: Gosport
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