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Wandering in Tehani
Home waters - Moorhead City & Adams Creek
05/26/2010, Adams Creek

On the edge of a low pressure depression, so another very wet day, 25 knot NE winds with gusts to 30 knots. Slipped off the dock at 8:00am to work our way up Bouge Sound in the rain. The rain let up a little in the Moorhead City turning basin, but then we got behind a tug pushing a double barge load up Adams Creek, so a little slow.

Dropped anchor in Cedar Creek at the top of Adams Creek to let the winds settle a little on Pamlico Sound & the Neuse River.

Fish for dinner - the 2 Spanish Mackerel caught while offshore coming into Cape Fear.

Up through Camp Lejeune to Swansboro
05/25/2010, Swansboro

An overcast day, 25 knot NE winds with gusts to 33 knots. Slipped off the dock at 6:45am to get an on-demand opening before the Wrightsville Beach bridge closed for rush-hour. A long 54 mile run today, but the tide was with us, even if the wind was not, so we made good time - thank goodness.

The Navy closed the waterway behind us for 4 hours for live-fire practice, otherwise we would still be anchored in the waterway south of Camp Lejeune with a number of other boats - got very lucky.

Tied up to the outside of Casper's Marina in Swansboro in the wind & rain, which of course stopped half an hour later - if only I had known that's all it took. But it did start raining again not long after. We'll walk the town for dinner tonight.

A wet run to Wrightsville
05/24/2010, Wrightsville

A wet & rainy morning, with a cold NE wind at 25 knots. Fought the current up the Cape Fear River before turning up the sounds to Wrightsville. Decided to take a slip rather than anchoring out in the rain & high winds, & managed to dock, fuel, & pump-out between rain squalls. Parked just below the Wrightsville Beach bridge, & right outside the restaurant - Blue Water Grill. Can almost have them pass the beer to the boat - almost. Spot has been rather laid back since Charleston, but got excited when he found out that we were back in NC waters.

A fun evening with Sarah Underwood after she finished classes at 10:00pm. Oh, another late night. Spot sure knows a good looking women when he sees one.

A very long run tomorrow to Swansboro, so up & away to catch the 7:00am bridge opening.

Into NC, twice, to Southport
05/23/2010, Southport

Sunday May 23:
An early start for the remainder of the "Rock Pile" & up to NC. A great ride with the tide, only to get to the old wooden Sunset Beach swing bridge & be told it was aground, & could not open for 3 hours or more. So back to SC, & out the Little River Inlet for a run offshore to Cape Fear. Sails up, but almost into the wind, so we motor-sailed at a fast pace to try to outrun the thunderstorms - mostly successful, and only got a little rain. A pretty ocean with long swells. And we got 3 fish - 2 Spanish Mackerel (in the freezer) & a Blue (which was thrown back). Skirted the Cape Fear shoals & came up the Cape Fear River Inlet to Southport (between Oak Island & Bald Head Island), where we took a slip in the newly renovated city marina. After a boat wash, self wash, & laundry, we dined at a local shrimp shack, where you paid for your beer at the end of the night based on how many bottle caps you had in your pocket. Great shrimp! The local alligator swam by to see if there were any free-bees, but then went back to the boats in the marina - reminder "do not roll off the boat & into the water tonight".

Waccama River to Myrtle Beach
05/22/2010, Myrtle Beach

An early start for a long run upstream in the Waccama River. Beautiful, facinating, interesting, & lots of photos of Cypress trees & Osprey.

And then into the beginnings of "The Rock Pile", the 'ditch' through Myrtle Beach. We stopped at the Grande Dunes Marina & Resort in North Myrtle Beach for the evening to let the thunderstorms pass.

Alligator alley – to Georgetown
05/22/2010, Georgetown SC

Friday May 21:
A good run up the many creeks that cris-cross the Santee swamp & river, where we saw 13 alligators, several eagles, turkey vultures, & assorted other birds.

A quick run up the top end of Winyah Bay to the Sampit River, & to Georgetown.
Took a slip at Hazzard Marine & walked into town. A very quaint old town, layed back, but fun. A number of restaurants, & a neat waterfront. Met Callie & Scott Underwood for dinner in town. A good time, & great to be with old friends.

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