Tails from the Tempest

The saga of sailing vessel Tempest and her valiant seadogs.

07 July 2007 | Slidell, Louisiana

Our lucky voyage begins

07 July 2007 | Slidell, Louisiana
Today we began the adventure of our lives. Cast off from our home at Oak Harbor and eased out into the Rigolets. Join us for the next few years as we sail around the world at a walking pace.

Tempest :Sailing around the world so you don't have to.
Vessel Name: Tempest
Vessel Make/Model: Amel Mango
Hailing Port: Baton Rouge
Crew: Captain Bob, Admiral Annette, and Paco
About: Capt Bob is a retired Neonatologist, novice sailor and amateur weatherman Admiral Annette is a retired Respiratory Therapist and long time sailor Paco is a Long haired Chihuahua, a noble breed of Inca legend, and the Wonder Weather Dog, in charge of boat security
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/tempest/
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Intrepid Whaleshark Hunter
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Chris, Spike and Farah on Stingray, our neighbors
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Our Marina
Naval Academy of Mexico

Meet the Crew

Who: Captain Bob, Admiral Annette, and Paco
Port: Baton Rouge

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