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saltwater cowboy
Transmissions and Whiz Kid
18 March 2010 | San Blas Mexico
S O-new at this blog thing and didn't realize you could extend the 3 minute deadline for finishing the story.Not to mention I'm not the fastest typer in the world. I had great goodbye to San Blas but got cut off in the middle of the part to the Boren family.OH WELL-will finish that later..Meanwhile,back at the ranch--We blew forward gear in the transmission going out the estuary.Hurth transmissions are great.They just don't do well without fluid.The difference between full and not enough is a cupfull.Radio to Raul at the Singlar Marina and he sent out a panga to tow us back in up the channel ,against the current. Awesome. 12 bolts later and we've got the transmission siting on the chart table.Then the WHIZ KID starts doing his magic.He gets on his laptop--the same one I'm two fingered typing the story on by the hunt and peck method-finds a breakdown of the transmission with probable cause.-This is where the Cowboy takes over for awhile.I tear down the transmission with the help of a manual off of SMOKE-N-BLUES and we find the forward clutch packs smoked and blue.The WHIZ KID gets back on his computer and finds us parts in Seattle,then while trying to find a way to get them to us via JOE from OMEN (Joe just finished a 2 week stint in Florida working at the Florida Boat Show)He's flying back to Mazatlan to his sailboat OMEN tomorrow. KRIS finds the same parts in Florida.He then works more magic-gets on his computer SKYPE phone-calls the parts place,has the parts waiting on the counter He then SKYPEs Joe,sends him to the parts place with directions on his GPS--All this is amazing to the Cowboy(yours truly).I'm used to sending smoke signals and don't even own a cell phone.THEN-get this it gets better-The WHIZ KID whips out his Handy Dandy don't leave home without it,credit card and pays the $280 bucks for the parts!!Cowboys aren't noted for having modern conveniences like credit cards and this one is no exception.I'm now thinking"This is all great but an 8 hour return bus trip to Mazatlan sounds like an ordeal.That's old Cowboy thinking.WHIZ KID thinking says--Dan-I can grab my backpack,whip up to Mazatlan on the bus,party all night with Ken and Joe and be back tomorrow with the parts.THIS KID IS A GODSEND really.SO-I'm kicking back in the Singular Marina,flirting with the girls,teaching them english and practicing my spanish.Nowhere to go and all day to get there.--LIFE IS GOOD--WHIZ KID should be back tomorrow.