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R/V Tender Spirit: Now Land Cruising
Join us as we discover new cruising grounds with our "boat" the RV Tender Spirit. Swallowing the Anchor doesn't mean giving up cruising!
Arrival at Suva
10/13/2011, Suva

We just dropped the anchor in Suva Harbor. We had a great passage. The wind was perfect, the seas flat, and a full moon all night to travel by! We did the 121 mile passage in 24 hours!

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
10/14/2011 | Raylin Martin
I always loved sailing at night under a bright moon! Glad you had a good passage. My best to all three of you. :)
Leaving Savusavu
10/12/2011, Savusavu, Fiji

Well, we are ready to go to Suva. We took on the last of the provisions, and we have cleared customs in Savusavu. It looks like we've run out of excuses. All we need to do is hoist the dinghy, give it a good scrub and we're on our way. We decided to go directly to Suva because there is a blow arriving on the 17th. We want to be tucked in before it arrives. Our passage to Suva is approximately 121 miles. It should take us about 27 hours or less to get there. We have to finish up our paperwork with the Suva for veterinarian in preparation to entering New Zealand. We are planning to have the boat ready to go to New Zealand by the first of November.

The part that we ordered for the wind generator solved our problems. Now we have wind power again. We are still having troubles with our batteries, but we should be okay as long as we have alternative sources of power. We will replace our batteries when we get to New Zealand, again!

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
Never Say Never
10/08/2011, Savusavu

I vividly recall saying that I never wanted to do the passage to New Zealand again. I think we were hove to, about 500 miles between Fiji and New Zealand. Well, we have made up our minds about where to spend South Pacific cyclone season. You guessed it. We will be sailing back to New Zealand. This decision was a difficult one for several reasons. The passage is no picnic, the Kiwi dollar has strengthened even more since we were last there, and the quarantine paperwork and expenses for the dog are challenging. With that said, we really loved New Zealand and we both regret not being able to spend more time touring the country. We hope that this year we will be able to better balance a trip to South Island with boat projects.
Chuck is back from Alaska. He had a great time visiting family, but a sad time after five funerals. He admits that he is ready to warm up.
We are busy now preparing the boat. We will be heading for Suva this week, depending on the weather. We need to get some paperwork signed by the government veterinarian. After that, we will be preparing for the New Zealand passage.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
10/09/2011 | Marcia
Hey You salty dogs (all 3 of you!) Maybe we'll pass you on the way to NZ & see if you could pass the Gray's Poupon! For us this will be our 7th passage to & from! WOW! Miss you! M & J on S/V Tracen J
Hindu Cobra Temple
10/07/2011, Labasa

These are photos we had permission to take of a lovely temple near. Labasa.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
Cobra Temple
10/06/2011, Labasa

Temple Photo.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
Cobra Temple
10/06/2011, Labasa

Devotees state that the cobra rock is growing. They have added an addition to the roof to accommodate this phenomena.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
Cobra Temple
10/06/2011, Labasa

Temple Photo. The priest with his bells.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II
Cobra Temple
10/06/2011, Labasa

Photo inside the temple.

2011 Back to Fiji...Part II

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