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01 January 2014 | Portsmouth, Dominica
01 January 2014 | Portsmouth, Dominica
01 January 2014 | Deshaies & Les Saintes, Guadeloupe
01 January 2014 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
18 December 2013 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
08 December 2013 | Basse Terre, St. Kitts
12 November 2013 | Brewer's Bay, St. Thomas, USVI
14 August 2013 | Salinas,Puerto Rico
13 August 2013 | Salinas, Puerto Rico
15 December 2012 | Salinas, Puerto Rico
01 March 2012 | Irving, Texas (temporarily)
18 February 2010 | St. Thomas, USVI
07 November 2009 | Salinas, Puerto Rico
01 August 2009 | Luperon AND Atlanta
30 July 2009 | Luperon, DR
26 July 2009 | Luperon, Dominican Republic
20 July 2009 | Luperon, Dominican Republic
20 July 2009 | Luperon, Dominican Republix
16 July 2009 | Luperon, Dominican Republic

Survivor Luperon

30 July 2009 | Luperon, DR
Connie Rosenthal
Cleaning the growth off the dinghy

There are tribes, challenges and rewards, so it must be Survivor! In the cruising life there are the usual challenges, but add in the location of Luperon and it's GAME ON! There are currently 3 or 4 tribes or teams; Team Te Oigo, Team Selkie, Team Wanderlust, and Team Sandy Annie. The challenges are varied. One is getting diesel or gas which entails loading the dinghies with jerry jugs, traveling to the muelle (dock), shlepping the jugs either by walking (usually) about a mile or two to the gas station and then getting a motoconcho or gua-gua back...or walking back. Occassionally a team will get really lucky and get picked up by a kind soul. We feel that is like having immunity. Another challenge is cleaning the dinghies. First we offload as much as possible from the dinghy, then we grab our bucket of cleaning paraphenalia and drive the dinghies to the beach. The engine has to be removed, the dinghy turned upside down and the scraping begins. Barnacles and other assorted sea critters are rigorously removed. Care must be taken in our case especially, since we have a soft-bottom dinghy. We must ensure that the blades stay flat so as not to puncture the dinghy (major points off!). Then the scrub brushes come out and the appropriate chemicals are applied to get the green algae off. Dinghies are uprighted, engines reattached and we're done. So far, no one has been voted off and we're pretty close in points. We're still waiting for Jeff Probst to show up and give us some rewards!
Vessel Name: Gitanos
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan 41 OI
Hailing Port: Currently Brewer's Bay, USVI
Crew: Bruce & Connie Rosenthal
Happily married since 1991, parents of two great daughters - Micah and Sloane (and her hubby Michael and our new grandson, Mikey). Bought the orignal boat in 2005, moved aboard in 2006, fulltime cruising since March 2009. Bought new boat Gitanos in May 2012, currently in Salinas, PR. [...]
Extra: We'd like to give kudos to our morale officer, our kitty Misa, who may faithfully be relied upon to give unconditional love and support.
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