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Sherry 30 degress & Hot
February 12, 2012, Cozumel

The time has almost come for dad to head home to the frozen north, he will fly home on Thursday the 16th. We sailed over to Cozumel where we rented a Polaris Razor and took dad around the island stopping at a reggae bar and having a beer and a margarita we then carried on and went on a Tequila Tour where we taste tested lots of Tequila, I think dad enjoyed that as he did buy a bottle of Tequila. We then spent the next day just lazing around and enjoying scenery and watching the 5 cruise ships come and go (good thing we stayed on the boat) I can just imagine all the people on the streets.
The next morning I woke to a strong blow (wind) that wasn't suppose to come until the next day but as usual it came early so we got up and did the anchor watch, once 08:00 hrs came we called the port captain and got permission to leave to head back to Puerto Aventuras (permission granted) we hoisted anchor and sail and headed out. Thinking seas were going to be rough as they can be in this area. We got out there and actually had a very comfortable sail back. Have added pictures for your enjoyment.

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Home again in Puerto Aventuras
Sherry, Breezy and cool but nice
February 3, 2012

The days are lazy and the mornings are cool around 27 degrees (it is so nice) but by the late morning the overcast skies are pretty much gone and it is hot once again (better than snow drifts I guess) I just got word last night the my youngest daughter Nicole and her Husband Tyler are expecting there 1st baby (a baby boy) she is 5 months. Still no internet on the boat, we have a Wirie (internet booster) but in order to program it you need internet and so we are at a catch 22, That's an excuse for me to go have a beer or Margarita. The decision has been made that we are bringing the boat back to the States, so we have to go through that dreaded passage between Cozumel and Cuba let's hope the passage is better then the one on the way here. Dad still seems to be enjoying himself and does not seem to find it hot at 82-85 degrees he say's it's just right.
It is so nice to be back here it's like being in your living room (how nice) so for the next little bit we will be just relaxing. Saturday nmight we are taking dad to a live Jazz band hopefully he will enjoy it I will keep you all posted. I have added more pictures hope you enjoy. Im going to try to add a couple videos just click on the link on the right hand side (my videos)

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Made it to Mexico
Sherry, Warm & Sunny
January 31, 2012

Sorry for the delay in the blog post but we have been unable t connect with internet. We were unable to leave Placencia to head to Tobacco Cay as the rain and high winds are still upon us. We are getting very anxious and have the need to proceed.
We went into town today to pick up some fresh fruit, veggies, and meats for our next leg of travel. It would appear that the weather is changing. The temperatures are still 29 C, or 84 F that never seems to change much. There has been on the average of 15-18 boats anchored here in Placencia Belize waiting for better weather most if not all are heading to Roatan Honduras, over the past few days some boats have left only to return a few hours later due to rough sea's. With news from back home regarding the US ambassador to Guatemala and his 6 year old son being shot & killed it appears we just might have got out of there in time, as I'm sure this will cause a few issues. We finally Managed to find dad his Canadian Rye (Crown Royal) so he is very happy.
January 18,
We filled our water tanks and prepared ourselves to finally leave Placencia and start heading north, we anchored the first night at Sapoadillo lagoon it was very tranquil. We then made our way to Tobacco Cay, on route I finally managed to catch a fish ( Yellow-tail Snapper) I cooked it up for a snack after we anchored, it was delicious. January 20,
We made our way to Belize City (sugar berth A & b) this is where the cruise ships anchor, after a rough day at sea it was nice to anchor and have a sun-downer in the cockpit while watching a cruise ship go by us. It has been raining on and off the last few days, although it pretty much goes away as fast as it comes on it is still a pain opening and closing the cockpit enclosure many times a day. Hopefully this will stop soon.
January 21,
We made our way to San Pedro Belize and was it rough, dad said we will sleep good tonight (If we don't have nightmares lol) We are safe and sound behind the Reef.
The wind grew to around 20-25 knots out of the east and the seas were around 4 meters some of them 5-6 meters.January 28,
We have made our way to Cozumel Mexico which is just outside Cancun. The weather was not good so we had to wait for a good weather window and that never came until yesterday the 27th. The seas were a bit lumpy to start, but by 15:00 hrs they calmed down to what the forecast was suppose to be and we had a good sail. We left San Pedro at 08:00 and arrived at Cozumel at 10:30 we did 6-6.8 knots and the following morning we were doing 7.6 knots. Todd is checking us in as we speak with the Port Captain and then we will wait the arrival of the Navy to board and go through the boat and do there stuff. Turns out that we were not able to finish our check- in until tomorrow as the Port Captain only works until 13:00 hrs on the weekend, so Sunday we will finish the check-in and then sail to Puerto Aventuras but unfortunately they were on Island time so 08:00 is more like 09:30 hrs. Have added some pictures when I have better internet I will add the rest.

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Made it to Belize
Sherry, Warm & Windy
January 15, 2012

We left the Rio Dulce on January 09 and headed to Punta Gorda Belize where we checked in with Customs and Immigration and got our cruising permit for 1 month. We had a very rough night at anchor with no protection. We then proceeded to west Snake Cay where we bathed in the sandy beaches. The next day we headed to east Snake Cay where we anchored and spent the afternoon snorkeling the beautiful reefs and collected some unique sea shells. The next morning we woke up to plenty of wind and sailed close hauled to Placencia Belize. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday was for 15 & 25 knots of wind and as the anchor holding in the outer Cays is often poor we decided to stay in Placencia. Placencia since we were here in March has changed dramatically, all kinds of new shops, commerce and activity, we hardly knew the place. On January 10th we celebrated dads 88 birthday we managed to have fresh snapper and spiced rum cake. The weather over all has been quite warm,around 28 Celsius in the shade and 32-42 in the sun just a little to hot for me. When we were at East Snake key the temperature actually hit 45 Celsius in the sun. All the sun we have been getting is instant suntan for us Todd and I are like roasted coffee beans and dad is well on his way. If weather is good tomorrow we will be heading to Tobacco Cay spend a day and then head to sugar berth A & B near Belize City anchor for the night then do a short outside passage to San Pedro Belize where we will spend a day or two. This afternoon we will join other cruisers ashore for a Sunday BBQ and beers and I will take advantage of there internet and post this blog and new pictures.

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Finaly untied the dock lines
Sherry warm & humid, 32 degrees
January 7, 2012, Frontares Guatemala

We have finally untied the dock lines, all fueled up , watered up and ready to head to Texan Bay ( 15 Miles away) after we get a few provisions. The canvas work we had done on the boat is finally finished and it looks great, I will add pictures in a day or two Over the past week it has been raining and today was the first nice day we have had since January 2. Today the temperatures reached 43 degress Celcius in the sun and 32 in the shade. Anchored outside of Brunos Marina using there internet in the town of Frontares. We had bbq for supper tonight and there is a gentle tropical breeze blowing tonight wilh a full moon (above picture) all is right.

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