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Thar Be Dragons
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New Desination
Sherry 31 degrees, Breezy
February 23, 2012, Isla Mujeres Mexico

We made it from Cozumel to Isla Mujeres. The weather forecast was for 7-9 knots of wind out of the ESE and 0.9-1.2 meter seas, well we had 17-23 knots of wind and 5 meter seas which made for a very rough and lumpy sail, the advantage we had we were able to average 8.4 knots and even had it at one point 9.1 knots so we made it there in great time (6.5 hrs). We have satellite television, wifi, infinity swimming pool, laundry, bar, Restaurant, power, water, tied to a dock and all for $200.00 a week now this may sounds pricey, but when you haven't had television for 2 months it's worth it. I have added a few new pictures.

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On the Move
Sherry & 35 degrees
February 20, 2012

The time has come to start moving forward. Our fuel tanks & water tanks are full and we are in good standings at P.A. Marina. We will leave Tuesday morning and make our way to Cozumel where we will anchor and spend the balance of the day touring the town and maybe do a little shopping. We will then hoist anchor early in the morning (Wednesday) and make our way to Isla Mujeras (which is 8 miles off shore from Cancun) where we will spend some time and wait for a weather window to cross to the Dry Tortuga s or Key West Fl. Depends on the weather as to our first destination back in the states. We apparently have WiFi at the marina in Isla Mujeras so once there we will take some pics and update the blog again.
This picture is the Puerto Aventuras marina entrance that we will say good bye to tomorrow.

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Grrrrreat Time
Hot and sunny
February 16, 2012, Playa Del Carmen

So Today was dads last day with us, so we rented a car and off we went to show dad a few more places. We went to Playa Del Carmen and rented dad a Taxi ( guy on a bicycle) and showed him what they call 5th avenue, he said he had a great time but it was a little hot I have added some pictures of the day

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Sherry 30 degress & Hot
February 12, 2012, Cozumel

The time has almost come for dad to head home to the frozen north, he will fly home on Thursday the 16th. We sailed over to Cozumel where we rented a Polaris Razor and took dad around the island stopping at a reggae bar and having a beer and a margarita we then carried on and went on a Tequila Tour where we taste tested lots of Tequila, I think dad enjoyed that as he did buy a bottle of Tequila. We then spent the next day just lazing around and enjoying scenery and watching the 5 cruise ships come and go (good thing we stayed on the boat) I can just imagine all the people on the streets.
The next morning I woke to a strong blow (wind) that wasn't suppose to come until the next day but as usual it came early so we got up and did the anchor watch, once 08:00 hrs came we called the port captain and got permission to leave to head back to Puerto Aventuras (permission granted) we hoisted anchor and sail and headed out. Thinking seas were going to be rough as they can be in this area. We got out there and actually had a very comfortable sail back. Have added pictures for your enjoyment.

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Home again in Puerto Aventuras
Sherry, Breezy and cool but nice
February 3, 2012

The days are lazy and the mornings are cool around 27 degrees (it is so nice) but by the late morning the overcast skies are pretty much gone and it is hot once again (better than snow drifts I guess) I just got word last night the my youngest daughter Nicole and her Husband Tyler are expecting there 1st baby (a baby boy) she is 5 months. Still no internet on the boat, we have a Wirie (internet booster) but in order to program it you need internet and so we are at a catch 22, That's an excuse for me to go have a beer or Margarita. The decision has been made that we are bringing the boat back to the States, so we have to go through that dreaded passage between Cozumel and Cuba let's hope the passage is better then the one on the way here. Dad still seems to be enjoying himself and does not seem to find it hot at 82-85 degrees he say's it's just right.
It is so nice to be back here it's like being in your living room (how nice) so for the next little bit we will be just relaxing. Saturday nmight we are taking dad to a live Jazz band hopefully he will enjoy it I will keep you all posted. I have added more pictures hope you enjoy. Im going to try to add a couple videos just click on the link on the right hand side (my videos)

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