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Sherry, Sunny, & Hot 92f
April 4, 2012, North Palm Beach Fl.

We spent the last two days anchored in a bay at north Palm Beach Fl. Along with 25-30 other boats, both sail and power. We went to west marine and picked up a new throttle cable to replace the one that broke twice in different places. It's now fixed and Todd said it is better then ever. We then provisioned and had dinner at Duffy's bar and grill. We pulled anchor today to head to Peak lake at Hobe Sound a small anchorage that we love to stop at. Upon arriving we noticed that the anchorage was full and there was a sailboat that had sunk and all's you could see is the side and the stanchions out of the water at this point the captain decides it's time to leave and go elsewhere but where? Looking at our charts we decide we will head closer to our final destination and through the St. Lucie entrance the current is so strong and with the shoaling we ran aground hard (ouch) once off then we had to drop anchor in the middle of the channel and shut the engine off as our sea strainer was plugged and motor was going to over heat. Once fixed and on our way now I'm frazzled there is no mooring balls left and not really any place to anchor so we have to take a slip at a marina, Loggerhead Yacht Club & Marina must be good they named it after beer. So we take a slip have power, water, Internet, Cable TV. Life is good.

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Like coming home
April 3, 2012, Lantana Fl.

April 01, 2012

We made it to Lantana one of our favorite anchor spots except this time it was not like the last. First in the way there going through one of the bridges after we arranged for a bridge opening we lost power again so I radio the bridge master advise him of what just happened and we idle through the bridge. Once past the bridge I take over the helm and Todd goes down below to the engine room and checks the throttle cable, you got it but it was just a hose clamp that came loose so with a quick fix and back underway with full power we make it to Lantana anchor and have a sun downer we then get ready, and look around at our surroundings only to notice that the bridge is under construction and they have added a few items to the bar so off we go to the bar to check it out. There was a great band (2 guys) playing called DNA so we stayed had some finger foods and a few drinks then went back to the boat to listen to the band from the cockpit of the boat and relax.

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Storm chaser
April 3, 2012, Lettuce Lake

Saturday March 31, 2012

We have hoisted anchor and are on our way to our next anchorage Lake Sylvie in Fort Lauderdale once out Government cut past the real lumpy STUFF (that you can get at inlets) we made our way in choppy seas to Ft. Lauderdale and into that lumpy inlet and on into Lake Sylvie as we were arriving at lake Sylvie it started to pour rain (go figure) so here I am in the rain trying to anchor (wait I'm not made of sugar) in a already packed anchorage and not good holding after the 4th try,and now that the rain has stopped we gave up and continued to head north to our next anchorage spot Boca Raton about half way there it started to rain again only this time worse then before just then the throttle cable gave out again and we have no power only idle speed so no power and it is pouring just then an emergency broadcast comes over the VHF radio with a weather warning yep you got it a tornado so as the captain quickly checks his charts he sees there is a place we can anchor in a mile ahead of us called Lettuce Lake, so as we try to beat this storm /tornado that is chasing us and we are only doing 3 knots at 1000 rpm and were loosing so we get to the anchorage and only have one chance as we do not have enough power to make our way through the wind that has accompanied the rain, now we can't see the bow of the boat and you got it I have to go out and get wet again. I'm not outside 15 seconds and I'm drenched and I can't even see the bow of the boat as I'm walking towards it and the thunder and lightening is so intense. I find the windlass and get the anchor dropped hoping everything goes as planned as we have no power to set the anchor and have to depend on the wind to pull us back and set it, and it did now soaked, cold and can't see I find my way back to the boat and stand in the cockpit feeling sorry for myself but happy that the anchor has set and I don't have to go back out in the rain. The rain lasted for another couple minutes and stopped the sun came out I had a drink and the captain found the break in the throttle cable and used his McGuyver skills and used a dowel (wood) and two hose clamps and put it back together. We then sat in the cockpit and enjoyed our surroundings and realized that everything happens for a reason. This is still the life. We reflected on what it would have been like if we had stayed in lake Sylvie with poor holding, a crowded anchorage and strong storm winds; it would have been like bumper cars.

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Star Island
April 3, 2012, Miami

March 27, 2012

Pulled anchor at 08:00hrs to get to our anchorage by Star Island in Miami before the winds picked up to 20 knots as forecast. The water is shallow all the way to Miami so there can be tense moments getting here. At 10:00 hrs I dropped anchor in front of Star Island just as Todd put the engine in reverse and went to give it more power to pull back on the anchor chain and set the anchor the throttle cable disconnected and we no longer had power so we shut the engine down and Todd proceeded to fix it and I started on polishing the stainless steel stanchions, Todd finished sometime before me so he made pasta for dinner. I had a micro break and a beer and then finished up. We ate dinner that evening in the cockpit and watched the sunset and the Miami lights come to life all around. We will spend a few days anchored here to catch up on some boat stuff and rest and then we will continue heading north. See pics.

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No Name Harbour
April 3, 2012, Key Biscayne

Monday March 26, 2012

Got up at 05:30hrs to get a head start on the day so we could get to No Name harbor anchorage at Key Biscayne which is 10 NM south of Miami. Winds were 10-15 knots gusting to 20. We had our main sail up and that was plenty for me as we were still healed 20-25 degrees. As the day went on the winds died down and were almost right on the nose but we still managed to get 7.1 knots with the help of the engine. Todd trying to pass three other sailboats in case they were going to No Name Harbor we passed all but one and it turns out that he was not going to No Name harbor after all. The day was Beautiful. Coming into the Florida Bay we were in 17' of water and you could see bottom watching the star fish etc. as we sailed. We dropped anchor and by 15:30 hrs we were having sun downers in the cockpit watching boats & people come and go. We had another great dinner of BBQ Ribs & all the fixing it was tasty. We then watched the sun set and had a few more cocktails. How wonderful it was to get back into familiar territory. See pics.

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