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14 September 2015 | Edmonton Alberta
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Oh the Pain, How it hurts

14 September 2015 | Edmonton Alberta
Oh how it hurts to be land locked. After many months of being home in our new house and working we still have an empty heart with the sale of our beloved sailboat Thar Be Dragons, even though it is a decision that we had to make at the time it is still not sitting very well with us.
We have been keeping very busy with work and trying to redecorate a new house and of coarse we did manage to take a few weeks out and go on holidays to Nicaragua with my Daughter, son inlaw and granddaughter. We had an amazing time and took lots of pics. We rented a beach house in a very small village called Pochimal which is on the Pacific side and south west of Managua. We spent most days just lazing around the pool and eating all the amazing food our Chef (thats right we had a chef) Lucy made for us. We rented a car for the time we were there and drove into Granada, and did some site seeing and of coarse ate some ice cream as it was 38 celsius (100.4f) and for us that's way to hot, so we bought a few items then made a mad dash to the car for some much needed AC.
The weather here is already starting to turn chilly it is a balmy 11 celsius (51.8f) and the leaves have started changing colour, it is a beautiful time of year but for us Albertans / Canadians we know what is to come next (the dreaded "S" word). Kitty is still hanging in there and is a real trooper, she has been through so much with our sailing adventures that she has welcomed her new home and loves it.
In the passed few weeks I have been busy doing the hunter gatherer for the winter, I have been busy canning, making jams, pickled carrots, pickled jalapeños, pestos, Chimichurri, zucchini relish, and spicy peach preserve for on top of Brie cheese etc along with all the other Wifey duties.
Todd has been busy keeping the yard work up and making it look like we have a gardner on staff 24 hours a day. He has also been building me my pantry door spice racks that I hounded him about for months (he's a busy man). He also managed to take me out camping for a few days so we could burn some firewood and relax with no cellphones, iPads, pinterest and Facebook it was actually quite nice.
Before I close this post I would like to say how much we miss all our cruising friends and hope that one day we will see you all again as well as make some new ones.

A very sad day

08 May 2015 | Edmonton Alberta
Well we've known for sometime now but it is final, Thar Be Dragons had sold. They say the happiest days are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it well the buying part was right but not the selling part. We are so sad to close this chapter in our but you never know what is around the corner. To all our blog friends thank you for following us through all our adventures . Like I said you never know what the new chapter will bring.


20 July 2014 | Edmonton
Well I'm finished school for now (electrical) and I start back to work tomorrow. Todd has been back to work for a couple months now (lucky him). We are both working on the same site up in the dreaded fort Mac. Area where all the dirty oil comes from yeah yeah I know but we all love to drive cars and trucks around as well as sail/motor when there's no wind so need is say more.
The boat is still for sale not sure if it's a good idea to sell or not, already getting the itch to head out again. Our house is still being built and move in date is not set until October sometime. I will update the blog on and off. Here's a picture of the inside of thar be dragons after she was all cleaned up.

For Sale

16 April 2014
We have spent this sailing season deciding where we wanted to go from here. We have decided to sell our beloved boat. This was not an easy decision to make, I can only speak for myself but I have shed many tears over our decision and I know Todd has not found it to be an easy one either. If anyone is interested in our boat you can contact our broker Joe at Advantage Yachts at 772.349.1025 She is a 1983 42' Vagabond

Back to Florida

26 March 2014 | Lake Worth
Sunday March 23, 2014
The plan was to head back to Florida at 03:00 hrs but the winds were to strong the day before and we knew that the seas would not be settled yet, so we decided to stay and check things out in the morning when we got up. We took a walk down to the beach after checking two weather sites looked at the seas they looked good and we decided to go for it. We got back to the boat got ready said goodbye to our Lucaya family untied the dock lines and by 10:00 hrs we were pulling away from the dock and making our way out to Bell Channel. The first 8 hrs went by fast the seas were great and the weather was amazing. Just minutes after the sunset and before it got dark the seas started to pick up and our speed dropped from 6.8 knots to 4.9 knots, we were in the dreaded Gulf Stream for the first few hours the seas weren't bad then we started to get into some bigger rollers right on our stern, Not comfortable at all, well the last few hours in the lumpy seas seemed like it took forever, then finally about 4-5 miles off shore the seas calmed down our speed picked up to 6.7 knots and we were on the home stretch.
When we arrived at the Inlet just inside the jetties Customs & Immigration boarded us and checked our paperwork out and our passports. All was good within a half hour they were off the boat and we made our way into the anchorage found the best spot we could at that time of the night in the dark and dropped the hook. We each had a stiff drink and went to bed with the plan of getting into customs at 08:00 hrs. We got up at 06:00 hrs got ready and Todd dropped the dinghy and we put the dinghy motor on, with paperwork and passports in hand I climb into the dinghy, it won't stay running, Todd pulls, it starts, then it stops, he starts it again, it stops this goes for at least four more tries won't run, I get out of the dinghy and Todd takes the carb.apart cleans it puts it back together we get back in the dinghy with tools and paperwork in hand and yippy off we go, it runs like a charm. We spend 3 hours in customs waiting to get in, once it was our turn we find out we had to pre check in, so we do 45 minutes later we give the customs officer our pre check in number along with our valid cruising permit, passport and boat registration, he comes back says the boat registration is a photo copy ( it was original) and he wasn't going to give us a cruising permit after telling him numerous times that the registration was original and then saying that we didn't need a cruising permit as our was still valid we just needed to check in he looks at us and says oh I can do that. Now we leave, get outside and it's pouring rain so I thought hmm umbrella pull it out of my back pack open it up it's broken so off we go in the rain walk around 6 blocks to the dinghy make our way back to the boat ( dinghy still running great) hoping we don't run out of fuel get back to the boat only to find out the hatches were left opened, so I go below deck close the hatches clean up the water on the floor soak up most of the water on both settees and then figure out how I'm going to dry my P.J's out and the bed before night time. Todd comes below decks from tying up the dinghy and tries to dry out.
We hoist anchor or at least try the switch is not working on the windlass, now I'm soaked again, Todd goes into the v-berth fixes the switch I try again, I get 10' up it stops again Todd goes back below deck the switch on the windlass starts to work again I get the anchor up and off we go to lake worth (soaked again). It stops raining, we get to Lake Worth as soon as I go out to drop anchor it starts to rain again hoping it works the first time incase the switch for the windlass doesn't want to work, were in first attempt, whoop whoop. We dry off and have a sundowner. Now we feel like we're on the home stretch.
Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]
Thar be Dragons's Photos - The Bahamas
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Nav. Station with our computer charts
Bimini Bahamas
North Rock @ Bimini. This is a rock with a light on it and at night this is how you know your at Bimini. Bimini is to the left of this Rock
Sunset at Chub Cay(key) on the way back to Florida
Sunset Chub Cay
Halfway  between Nassau and Chub Cay.
This is a mail boat in Nassau. It actually transports the mail to and from parts of the Bahamas.
Dinghy dock at Nassau where we were anchored.
Cruise ships at Nassau
A street in Nassau Nice but a little run down
A street we walk to the market on
This one is for you Nicole (RBC)
Paradise Island @ Nassau
Mine and Barbs drinks onboard S/V Rasi
Two case of good Rum Todd & Graham each 6 bottles and John bought a full case. only $7.00 a bottle.
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Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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