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Thar Be Dragons
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Thar be Dragons's Photos - The Bahamas
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Nav. Station with our computer charts
Bimini Bahamas
North Rock @ Bimini. This is a rock with a light on it and at night this is how you know your at Bimini. Bimini is to the left of this Rock
Sunset at Chub Cay(key) on the way back to Florida
Sunset Chub Cay
Halfway  between Nassau and Chub Cay.
This is a mail boat in Nassau. It actually transports the mail to and from parts of the Bahamas.
Dinghy dock at Nassau where we were anchored.
Cruise ships at Nassau
A street in Nassau Nice but a little run down
A street we walk to the market on
This one is for you Nicole (RBC)
Paradise Island @ Nassau
Mine and Barbs drinks onboard S/V Rasi
Two case of good Rum Todd & Graham each 6 bottles and John bought a full case. only $7.00 a bottle.
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