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The Beguine
"Wherever we want to go, we'll go. That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. That's what a ship needs. But what a ship is, what it really is, is freedom."
Campbell River

In Campbell River to provision before our next leg to Ketchikan. Storm blowing thru today, 35 kts and rainy.

Our stay:
We moored at Discovery Harbour Marina. Very convenient for provisioning and refueling. They also turned on the dock water, so we finally got to wash our boat on a sunny day. We've been washing her on rainy days because most marinas have their dock water shut off for the winter. We give her a scrub with a "little" boat soap, then let the rain wash it all off. While it was sunny, it hailed on us the entire time we were washing. Crazy weather.

We purchased our groceries from the Real Canadian Super Store and our wine from the Rip Tide Liquor Store, then rolled our shopping cart right down the dock to our boat. Thrifty Foods also said they'd deliver to the dock, but the store was a much farther walk from the marina where we stayed. Ocean Pacific Marine Supply offered a good selection of marine goods and a very helpful staff. There's also a Home Depot close by (10 min walk). We utilized the Starbucks at the top of the ramp to check email, etc. We don't eat out much, too expensive, but we did eat once at Moxies and the food was good.

California to Alaska
Gorge Harbour, BC
04/04/2011, Gorge Harbour

We're in Gorge Harbour for a few days waiting for the weather to improve. Paul's making popcorn and it feels like a double-feature night. There's no cell phone service here, but we do have internet. So, send an email if you need to contact us. More photos soon.

Our stay:
We stayed at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort. The cleanest and best kept marina we've stayed at so far. They have a small grocery store with the basics, plus some unexpected, but nice organic, gluten free, etc. options.

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Grace Harbour
03/30/2011, Grace Harbour

We spent last night in Lund and are now in Grace Harbour, which is in Desolation Sound Park. It's lovely here, and we're the only ones in the anchorage. Of course that's been the case almost our entire trip since it's still off-season. A special hello to Adam, Christine, and Levin. We hope you're doing well and thank you so much for all the help! I still think it's amazing that I can type this message on my computer, send it out over the radio, and have it appear on our website :-) They're calling for a sunny day tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.

Our stay:
Lund has a small store where you can get some basics and an ATM that didn't take our cards. We ate at the Boardwalk Restaurant, which was good and they have board/card games at each table to keep you occupied.

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At Chatterbox Falls
03/27/2011, Chatterbox Falls

Arrived at Chatterbox Falls at 3:15 PDT. It was a five hour trip for us, which was much shorter than we'd estimated due to a nice push from the flood tide. We hiked around, took some photos of the waterfall, watched and listened as several small avalanches rolled down the mountain peaks, and as Paul says...gave it the Clark Griswold's Grand Canyon nod. We plan to head out tomorrow morning and, based on the weather and how we feel, we'll anchor somewhere between here and Powell River.

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Egmont - Gateway to Princesses Louisa Sound
03/26/2011, Egmont

Starting today, we are in a no phone, no internet area for the next 3-4 days. We'll still be able to get email using our SSB/Pactor. We plan to head to Chatterbox Falls tomorrow morning.

In the morning we learned something new... otters like cat poop! I use those little black bags they give you for scooping up dog poop for cat litter sometimes. I'd left two in the cockpit and during the night the otters had ripped them open and thrown the contents all over the cockpit. It looked like they had a good time, but what a mess to clean up.

Our stay in Egmont:
We stayed at Backeddy Marina. Very friendly staff and good food.

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Our marine railway haul-out
03/24/2011, Pender Harbour, BC

We needed to replace a thru-hull value and were looking into using a tidal grid, but a friend recommended using the marine railway haul-out just across the way. It was a bit unsettling a first, having never experienced a railway, but all went smoothly thanks to the very knowledgeable professionals that run it. For those of you like us who have never been hauled out this way, you basically pull up to the railway at high tide and float onto the cradle. Once your vessel is secured, a cable attached to the cradle then pulls the whole thing forward along tracks, and up a fairly steep incline. When the tide goes out, you have dry access to your hull. We draw 6 ft, so there were only a few days this month that would allow us to float into the cradle in the morning, then back out that evening. We got all our work done and were back in the water by 7:30pm PDT. See our Photo Gallery for more pics.

California to Alaska

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