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The Beguine
"Wherever we want to go, we'll go. That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. That's what a ship needs. But what a ship is, what it really is, is freedom."
04/24/2011, Port McNeill

We left Owen Bay thinking we'd anchor in Otter Cove or Port Harvey, but it was a rare day on Johnston Strait - light winds, blue sky, and lots of sunshine - so we kept going. Ended up in Sointula after a 12 hour run. Now we're in Port McNeill waiting for our insurance to kick in so we can head above the 51st parallel. Happy Easter!

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Owen Bay
04/19/2011, Owen Bay

Arrived in Owen Bay at 11:30 AM PDT. We went through the rapids at Beazley Passage during an ebb about about 1 hour before slack. Quite a ride at 12 knots!

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La Bella Luna
04/18/2011, Heriot Bay, BC

No aurora borealis yet, but what a moon we had last night here in Heriot Bay.

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Heriot Bay, BC
04/15/2011, Heriot Bay, BC

After several days of solid 25-35 knot winds, rain, and hail we finally have a sunny day. Yahooooo! We're in beautiful Heriot Bay on Quadra Island. No cell phone service, so email us.

Our stay:
We stayed at Taku Marina. As it's still off season for them, we had the place almost to ourselves. At low tide we walked the beach to the Heriot Bay Marine Park. A nice walk, but you have to watch your footing as you're stepping on/over millions of oysters. Also, right before we got to the campground we came across what smelled liked sewage flowing from a place in the bluff, so we got back on the road for the rest of our walk. This is a beautiful park with well kept trails. Next time we'll get the bikes out as it would have been a great ride.

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Campbell River

In Campbell River to provision before our next leg to Ketchikan. Storm blowing thru today, 35 kts and rainy.

Our stay:
We moored at Discovery Harbour Marina. Very convenient for provisioning and refueling. They also turned on the dock water, so we finally got to wash our boat on a sunny day. We've been washing her on rainy days because most marinas have their dock water shut off for the winter. We give her a scrub with a "little" boat soap, then let the rain wash it all off. While it was sunny, it hailed on us the entire time we were washing. Crazy weather.

We purchased our groceries from the Real Canadian Super Store and our wine from the Rip Tide Liquor Store, then rolled our shopping cart right down the dock to our boat. Thrifty Foods also said they'd deliver to the dock, but the store was a much farther walk from the marina where we stayed. Ocean Pacific Marine Supply offered a good selection of marine goods and a very helpful staff. There's also a Home Depot close by (10 min walk). We utilized the Starbucks at the top of the ramp to check email, etc. We don't eat out much, too expensive, but we did eat once at Moxies and the food was good.

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Gorge Harbour, BC
04/04/2011, Gorge Harbour

We're in Gorge Harbour for a few days waiting for the weather to improve. Paul's making popcorn and it feels like a double-feature night. There's no cell phone service here, but we do have internet. So, send an email if you need to contact us. More photos soon.

Our stay:
We stayed at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort. The cleanest and best kept marina we've stayed at so far. They have a small grocery store with the basics, plus some unexpected, but nice organic, gluten free, etc. options.

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