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The Big Blue

For 5-years, I have led a local rock band in Anchorage called Last Train. It has been many things to me - a creative outlet, venue for stress relief and camaraderie of friends. We've toured around Alaska, recorded original CD's, and gotten some critical acclaim and local/international radio play. In short, it's been a BLAST.
As acclaimed movie and TV producer John X. Kim wrote of our first CD on Amazon, "There is a wine-making term called "terroir," roughly translated as "a sense of place," which is used to describe how many fine wines, especially artisanal wines, evince the place whence they came from..." It dawns on me now, especially now, that my wife and I are about to leave the very place where I came from, move our worldly belongings aboard a very small floating home and embark on a journey over great expanses of water, to exotic countries. My sense of place, my terroir, is going to rapidly change - and keep changing for the next 2 years.
In my early fifties, I live in my hometown; have grown children and a steady job, so the prospect of uprooting and floating away is somewhat different than I had once imagined it when I was 18. It's downright daunting. Sure I've wanted to do this all my life, but I've found it surprisingly wrenching to do things like give our landlord notice, hit send on my resignation email, sell prized possessions on eBay, etc. This Saturday will mark the end of my bands career, or at least my near-term involvement. We'll play our last show and release our second full length CD. It will be the culmination of very hard work, a celebration and a farewell - to more than my band mates. It will symbolize to me - the end of the life I've known, and the beginning of a new one yet to discover. Oh man, here we go!

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Remote Post from Boat
04/01/2012, Seward Smaill Boat Harbor

Testing a remote post from onboard s/v Radiance via SSB radio. Mark

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Bimini in Alaska?
03/26/2012, Seward, AK

It is late March. We are still frozen into the ice in our slip, busily completing projects from the list. We were finally able to test-fit our new Bimini in the bright Sunday sunshine. Hard to believe we'll ever need it as you just can't hardly get enough sunshine around Alaskan waters. But I'm sure we'll be happy and it will be a welcome respit from the tropical sun at some point. Until then, it will likely be stowed away.

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"new" engine
03/23/2012, Anchorage

After months of puttering away, ordering parts and replacing/rebuilding key components, she is ready to re-intall. And she looks new!
Once we get her sitting on her mounts and re-attached, then will come the moment of truth.
We'll be crossing our fingers and hoping for another 20 years service..... or at least a few.

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The Sun!
02/06/2012, Seward, AK

The sun shone on Saturday with no wind and moderate temperatures. Once we got the boat unburied and the heater started, it was a perfect time to send my sweetie up the mast for some more rig measurements (and a photo.) A good weekend for a few small projects and re-grouping on some of the bigger projects yet to complete. We had a nice visit with Paul Ruple, going over charts of South Pacific islands and also Japan, then also visited some Austrian friends over-wintering aboard with their 2 small children. There is hope for spring!

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03/14/2012 | Jack and Barbra Donachy
We are inches away from purchasing a sailboat in Seward to start our next adventure. I was happy to find your blog. Do you find sailblogs to be useful for you? I love the winter pictures you posted of the harbors.
Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.
ok enough already
01/27/2012, Seward, AK

Radiance has been sleeping hard under a heavy blanket of snow since November. In early January a friend shovelled her off for us because we have not been down since before Christmas. This is all new accumulation. We've had frigid temperatures, more ice in the harbor than I ever remember and twice the normal amount of snowfall thus far. The guilt of neglect has finally caught up with us and we're heading down with snow shovels. Starting to feel like Alaska knows we're headed for for warmer climes....

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01/27/2012 | Dave
86 degrees and sunny in Chacala, Mx. :)

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