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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 2 - Mazatlan - Hiva Oa
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The road home from Atuona.  We walked up and down a steep hill over 2 miles each way!  Boy are we getting our exercise!
The Municipal Police Station in Atuona.
The Gaughin Art Museum.
Paul Gaughin
Some lovely flowers - they
Some bungalows up on the hill in Atuona - there aren
On the way from Fatu Hiva to Hiva Oa - a beautiful pre-sunset!
Just another beautiful sunset!  :)
The Tapa lady!  She
Fatu Hiva General Store!
The primary class at the Fatu Hiva School - the program was adorable!
Every child had been adorned by the local foliage - it was interesting to see how many ways they use their natural resources.
This little boy was so cute - part of the dance was for the boys to wiggle their knees together and boy did he do a good job!
No words needed - just a cutie!

(The girls had tapa cloth outfits under all the flowers!)
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