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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 4 - Toau - Bora Bora
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We were given the choice to tour archeological sites after lunch, or go swimming again.  We chose to see the sites and were really impressed.  This is one of the petroglyphs (pictures carved into rock) that we got to see.  Our guide was really informative about the history of the island and its people.
A marae - ancient ceremonial platform used by chiefs and priests.  We have seen several of these on all the islands.  They are considered sacred ground and are not disturbed.
Life on the Hard!!!  I know this is a bad lighting picture, but can you pick out which boat is The Dorothy Marie?  A hint... it has a mast!!  This is where we lived for a week.  Glen had the whisker pole rigged to raise and lower the dinghy from the bow - which stuck out over the water!  The problem was... we would have to scramble up and down rocks to get to the dinghy once it was in the water!
The rudder right before being removed.  You can see the cracks in the top right edge above where it connects.  (The scrpaes on the bottom part are from Captain Glen running us aground in sand and coral!!  OOPS!!!)
A close up of the cracked area of the rudder.  We were so lucky the cracks had not started leaking water inside - when they cut it all open, the foam core was completely dry.  They had to reweld the entire length of the crack inside where there is a metal plate - all of the spot welds had completely broken loose!
Goodbye for now Moorea - we can
Glen enjoyed the Ferry ride back to Pape
Dawn and Tom with their 1st place trophy!  They would have rather had the second place award of a night in a hotel - oh well!!!
We were called to come join Tom and Dawn since we were crew (really just guests!) aboard Warm Rain when they took first place in the Tahiti  / Moorea Rally!
A quick shot after a lot of dancing fun!!!
Glen did a great job moving his legs just like the native guys!  (If you go back to the Marquesas school pictures, you
A native "hottie!"
The band!  They were wonderful!
After all the other festivities, we were treated to a wonderful traditional dance and music program.
The girls were all so beautiful - and boy can they shake their grass!
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