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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 4 - Toau - Bora Bora
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Glen didn
As part of the festivities for the Tahiti / Morrea Rally, we got to take part in an outrigger canoe race.  This was right before the race as they were announcing our canoe!
And we
Our outrigger canoe team - we were so proud (and thankful!) we didn
Who said dinghies are just for the water!  This flying dinghy was fun to watch both in and out of the water!
This dinghy is easy to beach - just fly it up on the sand!
The beautiful mountain on Moorea right where the ferry comes in.  There is a key hole near the top.  We thought it looks like an eel head coming up from the bottom of the sea!!
The ferry harbor on Moorea.
Our welcoming committee!  We crewed on "Warm Rain" and they came in first place!

Tahiti / Moorea Rally
Another "welcomer" to the first place boat!!!
Moorea is about 10 miles from Tahiti Nui
The city of Pape
If I were going to really be on my own in an outrigger, this is the type I would want - no tipping!!!
This will be our new home when we get hauled out!  You can see the lift that will be hauling us up and out.
Quite the contrast - lots of outrigger canoes taking part in a very serious race and the giant ferry coming out of the harbor - you would have thought they could have planned it a little better!
Part of the Tahiti / Moorea Rally
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