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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 5 - Rarotonga - Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
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Just another beautiful hibiscus!
We rode our scooter up yet another really steep hill to get to the Cook Island Cutural Center.  Unfortuantely, it was closed, but the view was breathtaking!
A fertility tiki guarding the entrance to the CI Cultural Center!
Some of the lush greenery looking inland.
Glen in tree jail!  These trees send out long roots from way up high that find their way to the ground and eventually take hold.  They were so interesting to check out.  The roots are covered with little spikey things, so Glen had to be careful when holding them!
Another shot of the inland hillsides!  The little roof structure in the forefront is a covering for a crypt that is in this yard.
I had mentionsed on one of our blog entries that we find it interesting that most houses have their own little cemetary in their yard.  I didn
Glen going from the quay to our boat.  Doesn
Some dancers at a show during the Constitution Week market (like a small swap meet).  I hate to tell our fellows, but these girls look a lot prettier in their coconut bras!
The Rarotonga Sailing Club - kids in little sabots were racing in this dazzlingly blue lagoon.  The lagoon is called Muri and its on the east side of the island.  We stopped and had a toddy at Sails restaurant while watching the race.
We find it so interesting that the churches here all have graveyards around them.  We assume because of the water table, they put the caskets in cement vaults that are partially above ground.  The "newest" looking crype was from 1950.  All the writing was completely gone from these older looking ones, but they looked REALLY old!!!
A field of taro.  Taro is a root crop (or tuber) similar to a potatoe.  Our tattoo artist on Huahine had given us some to cook and they were yummy as home fries!
A beautiful strech of beach on the west side of the island.   The sand is so white and the water so blue!
A view from the Rarotonga Hospital!  The lagoon is so turquoise compared to the deep blue of the outside water!  We rode our scooter up a very steeeeeeep hill.  It was a little scary coming back down!
Some of the lush vegetation growing on the island.  We loved these big "elephant ear" looking plants!  (By Wigmore
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