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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 11 - Niuatoputapu and Samoa
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This one is taken from the back side of the church - it was up to 2 meters thick as it flowed through the doors and windows.
One of the many colorful buses of Samoa!  Notice the woven baskets of coconuts in the back!
Glen taking a nice dip in the pool at the Afu Aau waterfall!  It was really pretty!
Getting a closer look!  Afu Aau Falls is down a very bumpy dirt and rock road.  As is the custom in Samoa, we first had to stop and pay the village people a few tala to enter their land.
Alofaaga blowholes!  There are several lava chasms in the area that blow seawater tens of meters into the air.  There was a man there trying to make money by throwing coconuts into the holes so visitors could see them get shot back out!
Our little rental car!  To be able to see much of Savai
A typical home on Savai
Yikes!  Many boats were thrown up on shore - luckily in Samoa, no cruising boats were damaged.  In American Samoa, however, several were destroyed and all of the 15 in the Pagopago anchorage were damaged.
These photos were taken by Nick and Tory who were crewing on Kalalau.
It was a nice new SUV!
The devastation has been amazing - these poor people.
The buses in Samoa are all painted with bright colors and fun designs.  They are also almost always crowded!
Part of the vegetable market in Apia.  The Samoans LOVE their taro!
A beautiful banyan tree along our walk from the marina to the main part of town!
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