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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 11 - Niuatoputapu and Samoa
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Glen had a great time playing with Afa, a wonderful singer and guitar player.  He ended up playing at the Wildfire Restaurant several times and he and Afa had an incredible chemistry.
Glen with Colin, the owner of the Wildfire, and Afa.  Colin was very generous with the beer and wine while Glen played and gave us a couple of bottles to take with us!
Our new friend Tammy and her cute cousin, Jordan.  We had fun with Tammy and she was a big help with local information.
This shows how many of the homes in Samoa are very open.  There is usually just this one big room which holds everything from refrigerators and TVs to sleeping mats or beds.  They do not lock and only have coconut frond mats to cover the windows in case of heavy rain.  When asked about theft, we are told there isn
Robert Louis Stevenson
This is where the Stevenson family did most of their bathing and laundry!
The Stevenson tomb is at the top of a steep hill overlooking Apia.
The view of Apia harbor from up top of Mt. Vaea - by the Stevenson tomb.
Apia Harbor looking from the city side out.  The marina is in the little corner by the main wharf!
Glen swimming in the fresh water pool at Fatumea Caves.  The pool leads into a cave and then you swim underwater through a tunnel into a second cave.  Glen was the only one from our group to do it!
Fagaloa Bay on the northeast side of the island.  There were reports that the waves hit here as well.
This ivy covered palm tree reminded me of something out of Fantasia!  The Disney illustrators must be well traveled! :)
Glen and his shipmate from the USS Hamner, George Hill!
This is the Sea Breeze Resort.  The water in its lagoon was crystal clear.  Unfortunately, this was one of the areas hit the hardest and we have been told there is nothing left.
The white blob on top of this little island is a tomb for the chiefs of this part of Samoa.  It is right by the Sea Breeze resort and we are happy to hear it was not harmed.
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