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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 11 - Niuatoputapu and Samoa
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A couple of work boats!
The Papapapai-tai water fall isn
The Baha
This shows where the eight Baha
The Fiafia show at the Aggie Grey hotel started with the traditional sounding of the conch.
The women were beautiful and very subdued in their dancing.  Many of their moves looked "geisha" inspired.
OOh, la, la! The men in the show were a lot more lively with their dancing.  It
This is Aggie Grey, Jr.!  She is the granddaughter of the original and very much a part of running the hotel.  She came up and danced the last "act" of the show.
Aggie Grey
The grounds of Aggie Grey
The Catholic Cathedral is a major landmark along the Apia waterfront.
We arrived in Samoa just a couple of weeks after they switched which lane they drive in - they used to import most of their cars from the US, so drove on the right side, now they get most from NZ, so are driving on the left!  The police were out constantly directing traffic and restaurants and bars had to quit selling liquor at 10 instead of 12 PM!
Our first view of Apia from just outside the harbor.  We were surprised to see how big and modern it looked!
Uh, oh!  This can
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