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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 11 - Niuatoputapu and Samoa
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We found it interesting that the vehicles driven by some of the islanders were far better than their houses!
The poles are leaning on the roof of the house to hold it down during high winds!

This house is much more modern and well-built, but has the roof chained down for the high winds!

***We think this one would have survived - it was set back further from the water.
Dinnertime for the porkers, too!  They love coconuts.
So much depends on the old wooden canoe!  You can see the fishing net that gets used daily.
Looking out at the anchorage on Niuatoputapu.
Every child we passed on the road wanted their picture taken so they could see it on the screen.
Another couple of cuties we passed on the road.  This was the cutest puppy we had seen in a long, long time!
The local rugby/soccer field.  They used really tall trees to mark the goal.  The field is shared by tons of pigs!
A beautiful view while walking to Hihifo.
The extinct volcano makes the island of Tafahi.
The "I-5" of Niuatoputapu!  A two mile walk down this road takes you from the wharf to Hihifo, the capitol village.
The NZ military dynamited this little pass through the reef to make it possible for the fishermen from Vaipoa, the middle village, to get their boats out from their own village.
We love the way the Tongans adorn their loved ones graves - this quilt was beautiful!
Pigs on the beach!!!
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