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Living the Dream
We're Back!!!!
06/02/2010, Oceanside Harbor

Wow! What a home coming! We were totally awed to see so many familiar faces on the dock as we pulled in. Thank you all so much for coming out to greet us and for all the wonderful e-mails and comments - we feel so loved!

I had meant to get this out right away, but we feel like we have been on non-stop party mode since pulling into the harbor, and it doesn't look like its going to stop for a few days more! How lucky are we?!!! :) It does feel good to have a few minutes to read e-mails and catch up a bit this morning, although I am going to have to get off of island time and start moving a little faster if I hope to make a dent!

We are so looking forward to the big party on Saturday - sounds like we will get to give hugs to lots more! Hope to see you all there! (For more info, call Darlene at 760-753-0340!)

06/02/2010 | marcymoreno
Glen and Sally home safe and sound - check! So glad you are back and I can stop worrying about you two!
06/02/2010 | Jennifer
Welcome home S&G. So happy to hear you've arrived safe and sound after what sounds like a great crossing.
Wish I could be there for the party on Saturday - I'm sure it will be an awesome one!!!!! Have a great time and hope to see you sometime in the near future. I'll send my phone number on regular email.
06/02/2010 | Nathalie Houston
Welcome home. Wish we could be there for the party. We will miss the blog!!
06/02/2010 | Melissa & Cory SV Second Wind
Welcome Home! You two are amazing!!
06/04/2010 | Dionne Tremblay
Welcome home! I remember our welcome home on the dock as well. Such a great feeling pulling into the berth ,seeing all your friends and family!! enjoy the parties, wish we were there. Still a chance you may come up for the Cruiser REunion July 2-4? you know you are welcome on our boat!! we miss you!
Coming in This Evening!!!
05/30/2010, 42 Miles Away!

OMG!!! What a difference a few hours can make! Just a couple of hours after sending off yesterday's report, the wind starting softening (from 30'2 to 20's!), then a few hours after that, the ragged sea began to calm - woohoo!!! We were able to take fairly calm watches last night and get some much needed sleep. Early this morning, the wind practically died and the motor had to be started. As we motored past San Clemente Island, the water was glassy as a mirror - amazing! It was such an odd feeling to cruise by SCI - such a strong feeling of home that Glen got a big knot in his throat and tears in his eyes. We really are close! (And we're thinking maybe we should put in a request for world peace and economic stability since all our other requests have been being honored so quickly!!!!)

It is now noon and harnesses and tethers have once again been stowed, sweat pants have been traded for shorts, hair has been colored, and we are on the home stretch! The old iron genny is reved higher than it has been in quite some time and we are doing 7.5 knots! We are now thinking we should be coming in to Oceanside Harbor around 5:00 - 5:30! We're wondering... is Rock'n Baja Lobster still there?!!! Hmmm, maybe a meal I don't have to cook is within our grasps?!!! We are so excited we just can't stand it - we'll be seeing you in a few hours!!!! :)

05/30/2010 | Deanna
Whoo Hoo! Yes, Rockin Baja Lobster is still there. We will see you tonight!
05/30/2010 | S/v Taya
Hello Guys

We have been following you for so long you almost field like family. Anyway we are going to be in San Diego in mid August till the 2010 Baja Ha-Ha leaves for Cabo on October 25th. We have reserved at the Cabrillo Isle Marina for the duration of our stay in San Diego. We would love to get together with you guys to benefit from your experience before heading out on our own adventure. Please advise if this is possible?


Lynne and Clifford Quesnel

PS Steve Tremblay of Orca has been doing a fair amount of work on our boat and they are also following your progress.
05/30/2010 | Lynn A. Stokes
CONGRADS! I finally got all the bug s boos out of her, auto dialed in and set up Pacific Seafares. Gone from here inm the am. Guess our e-mail connection broke down but say Hi to Cal for me. Be there soon. Also home e-mail is [email protected] Drop a line as I still owe ya a drink! I'll be doing updates on the
Again Congrads on the trip!
05/30/2010 | marcy moreno
If all goes as expected then you should be sailing into Oceanside in about an hour. Welcome home, my friends! Love, Marcy
05/30/2010 | Tammy Connors
Congrats on "living your dream!"
05/31/2010 | Joan & Jan
You two are amazing! We are so happy to know that you arriving safe and sound--what an interesting "farewell" Big Blue gave you--a few last kicks to keep you on your toes, eh? We will dearly miss reading your always upbeat, lively, vivid descriptions of your adventures on the high seas--it has been such fun to follow you. Our heartfelt congratulations for completing your amazing journey and making the most of every moment. Horray for Glen and Sally, for truly "living the dream"!
05/31/2010 | KKarin Morey
Congratulations Sally And Glen
You are our heroes! We are glad you're both back safe and sound. The adventures we've had with you were so much fun. Your amazing stories will be missed.
Have a wonderful time today seeing everyone who has missed you so much.

Karin and Mike
05/31/2010 | Kenneth Newell
Well done guys! It has been great following your tracks for the past couple years. Lori & I have learned alot from your blog. We are now in Fakarava and look forward to the path ahead. Keep up the blog and let us know what homecoming is like after such a journey!


Ken & Lori
06/01/2010 | Paula
We're so glad to hear you've had a safe sail home. Aloha, Paula & Jerry
Isn't It Ironic?!!!
05/29/2010, 161 Miles Away!

You know the Alanis Morissette song? It's a great one to scream along with when things in the world aren't quite as you'd like them. Well, we're singing along big time right now! Last night, with just two hundred miles to go, we end up picking up the strongest wind and sea conditions we have had on this entire trip! We know we had asked for wind, but come on!!! Most of the night we had sustained winds of 30-40 knots with gusts blowing way up into the 50's! The seas, whipped by the wind kept growing and growing and growing. We think they have now maxed out at about 12 - 15 feet. Our night and all of today has been roll up one side of a wave and slide down the other with quite a few cross swells hitting us broadside. Not fun!!! We want to be there NOW!!!!! We did make 125 miles yesterday, but sadly, not all of it was in the right direction. We had to change coarse to ride the swells as best we can. The Coast Guard has been making announcements on the VHF for small craft advisories saying the current wind and sea state will remain until sometime tomorrow. It is nice to be back in VHF range for hearing alerts now, but when Glen tried to contact them, they apparently cannot hear us yet. We are safe, although have pulled out our harnesses and tethers for while we are topside. There hasn't been any rain, thankfully, but the deck is getting swept by waves and spray. A couple of our jerry cans were washed over the side, but their lashings held and Glen was able to crawl out (tethered the whole time!) and pull them back on board - didn't lose a drop!

Our game plan has again shifted to try to better deal with the conditions. We are going to head to San Clemente Island - its where the wind and seas are taking us anyhow, and anchor there. We should be able to get there Sunday (tomorrow) morning. We got no sleep last night and probably won't be getting any tonight either. Depending on the conditions at San Clemente Island, we will either stay there Sunday night, get some sleep, and head to Oceanside on Monday (with a hopeful arrival around 4 in the afternoon), or if the anchorage is not tenable or they are bombing, we will just glide past and continue to Oceanside (arriving late Sunday night). As much as we'd like to get to Oceanside, we're thinking a night on the hook so we can get some sleep would be great. We'll send another update tomorrow! Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?!!!

05/29/2010 | marcy moreno
Egads! If it isn't one thing it's another but it is certainly keeping you on your toes - literally! We are leaving to go up to Beth and Rick's - an open house/baby shower for Sarah and Anthony. Maddox is looking forward to running wild at their house! I will check for another update tomorrow. Love, Marcy

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