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Living the Dream
Happy Labor Day!
09/05/2011, Mission Bay

Happy Labor Day! We hope everyone is having the chance to relax and not labor today! We are giving it our best effort! :) Glen brought the boat over to Mission Bay on Friday, so when I got off work, I drove straight to the MB Yacht Club instead of our Marina. Saturday morning, we drove the car back to the marina and Dennis and Cathy picked us up on their way to the yacht club.

Glen and I sailed with Dennis and Cathy on Moani from the Yacht Club marina out to our boat in Mariner's Cove. It was interesting seeing how a "tabernacled mast" works. In order for sailboats to get under the Nimitz Street Bridge, the masts have to be lowered. It's amazing how necessity fosters ingenuity! Through a very stout set of block and tackle, the mast was lowered forward on the deck (and on the second try it was low enough to fit under the bridge!!!). Maoni is a very pretty Catalina 30. It and another Cat 30 rafted up to The Dorothy Marie for the weekend and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture while Tom's boat, Cookie Tosser, was tied up with us, but this is what we looked like after he left! Thankfully the wind stayed extremely calm, so the water was pretty glassy most of the weekend.

It's hard to believe I am already on week 3 of first grade. I am totally LOVING being back with the little guys and teaching reading. We're already making great progress - they are such little sponges!

09/10/2011 | lynn stokes
Had a hard drive crash and need your e-mail address...AGAIN! I'll be down with the Go For Broke around Oct 17th for the Baja Ha Ha then off to Guaymas. Know any good deals on slips for a 60'er?
09/17/2011 | Colin
We have a 30 O'day and a guy showed up in our marina with a 43 Endeavor. It was damaged in a Trop storm and insurance replaced the rigging and masts. The chain plates look iffy. Down stairs smells like a funeral home. 90 grand. What do you think. Is this a good boat for two 48 year old kids who have 8 years to prep it?
10/11/2011 | Gary Stuber
Glenn and Sally,
I've been looking at your albums, slowly going through them, great stuff! Hope things are well!
Gary Stuber
Welcome to the World, Emily Grace Miller
Great Aunt Sally
08/12/2011, Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach

We are so pleased to welcome to the world Emily Grace Miller! She arrived on August 11 at 2:57PM, weighed 7lbs. 9 oz, is 19 inches long, has strawberry blond hair, and is soooo adorable. Momma Jenn and Daddy Jason did well!

09/02/2011 | Tammy
Hanging with the Tall Guys in Catalina!
07/22/2011, Two Harbors

Although Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands were beautiful, they were a little too cold and windy for our summer vacation, so we headed south and have now been enjoying much warmer water and air temps around Catalina Island. The picture is of us while at anchor in Two Harbors (we're the little guy on the right!). Four tall ships came in and shared the anchorage with us. They sure are majestic looking!

Back tracking to the northern Channel Islands for a minute... our first couple of days were nice, but then the winds started (20+ pretty much constantly). It made the windward side of the islands way too rollie for comfortable anchorage so we headed to the leeward side. A little better, but the water was cold and churned up from the wind, so no snorkeling or diving. It was also a little difficult to get ashore in the heavy swell, so exploring wasn't even a big draw. We did meet some really nice guys on a boat named "Liquid Lounge," however, and had a super fun day on the beach playing horse shoes and "off- road" bocce. (Billy, Josh, Saul, and Charlie - thank you so much for a great day!) Two of the guys were Chumash Indians and it was interesting to hear a little more about their heritage. Our move from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa was super windy across the channel and after only a day there, we decided we needed some bluer skies and clearer water. It took us about 13 1/2 hours to sail from Santa Rosa to Catalina and what an amazing difference in wind and temps!

After a quick trip into Avalon to provision fresh produce, we have been hanging at little nooks and crannies on the island. We enjoyed our own private beach (a spot called Cabrillo) for a few days. Every morning we'd load up the dinghy with our beach chairs, bocce balls, paddle ball set, cooler, books, and Penny and totally bask in the sunshine, not heading back to the boat until dinner time. Now that's more what we had in mind for this trip! All three of us have perpetual smiles on our faces now. :) (Penny so loves rip roaring up and down the beach, although she has slowed down a bit in her old age!) We are now back in Two Harbors to meet up with some friends, Fred and Jeanette, who came out on their boat for an Oceanside Harbor Yacht Club event. Last night we went in for our first meal out for the trip - some yummy white sea bass at the Harbor Reef Restaurant. It was nice meeting Fred's brother, Don, visiting from Chicago and Piper, Fred's granddaughter who has grown several inches since we last saw her. Don is going to crew for Fred and Jeanette when they take off in October for the Baja-Haha, a boat rally that leaves from San Diego and ends up in Cabo.

Let's see, some "catching up" from the past 6 months... I think the most news worthy is that my niece, Jennifer, and her husband, Jason, are expecting their first baby. "Emily Grace" is due to arrive on August 18th, although I am hoping she comes a little early so I can be there. (My first reporting day back to school is the 17th.) Jenn looks so adorable pregnant. She is still tiny everywhere except for the ever increasing baby bump. Jason just took his boards for becoming a doctor and will be starting his internship soon. We are so happy for them, but know they have some very busy days ahead of them.

My brother, Ron, just recently had a knee replaced and is getting around so much better. He and Mary were just in Las Vegas celebrating their 32 anniversary.

Throughout the early months of this year, we had visits from several of our cruising friends. Kathi and Jeff from Bold Spirit came by while on a visit home. Their boat is still in Fiji and they have really enjoyed their prolonged time there. John and Renee from Scarlett O'Hara were also here for a visit. They are still enjoying the Malasia (sp?) area and with all the pirate crud going on near the Red Sea, are going to head south around Cape Hope instead of going through the Red Sea to the Med. It's a shame that the pirate situation is causing so many cruisers to have to change plans. Tom and Dawn from Warm Rain also came through San Diego for a visit while taking their boat from Ensenada back up to Washington. Warm Rain hopped on the back of a truck in San Diego, so they didn't have to bash their way up the coast. Just recently, Alan, from Charisma, was down from Napa for a quick visit. We are hoping he and Kristen will be bringing their boat down for a couple of months while Alan works on a contract in Escondido. It has been so great to get to see all of these cruising friends.

Although the school year was extremely time consuming, we tried hard to spend time with all of our local friends who we missed so much while away. We're hoping we will have more time this next school year, so everyone be warned... we'll be calling! :)

08/05/2011 | Lindsay
I just found this and wanted to thank you for all your help when our boat broke down. We cannot express how much we appreciate it. Again thank you so much.
Daniel and Lindsay

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