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We Did It!

08 August 2013 | Marina Village
Sally Vienna
A big thank you to who came to help us celebrate this fabulous day. We couldn't have asked for it to go any better or be any more beautiful!

Spring Break 2013!

07 April 2013
We can't believe it is already spring and the month of April! It's getting scary how fast time is zipping by. Our two week break has gone way too fast as well, but we got some time in away from the dock, so guess we can't complain too much!

We started out with a fun visit from Jeff and Kathi from Bold Spirit. They left their boat in Fiji for another season and flew home to spend time in the states. We are so happy they stopped by San Diego so we could get together. We spent a couple of nights on the hook in Glorietta Bay rafted with John and Renee on Rubicon (formerly from Scarlett O'Hara). It felt like we were back out there cruising. Notice the Hotel Del in the background of our picture!

After a night in Mission Bay, we headed out to San Clemente Island to get some diving in, but 30 minutes after we got anchored, the Navy asked us to leave because they were going to be doing live fire practice. What we could say?!! So we decided to give up on the diving and head to Catalina. The water was too cold anyhow - not very inviting! We spent a couple of days in Avalon, then went to Two Harbors. We were surprised at how empty is was. We thought there would be a bunch of people out for Easter, but other than the weekend days, it was very quiet. We met a very nice couple (Kathy and Jeshua) who hiked the entire island from Avalon to Two Harbors. It was fun hearing about their adventures and we played some pool together at the Harbor Reef. From Catalina, we headed over to Dana Point for a couple of days, then down to Oceanside, and then back home. It feels good to be back - now we need a vacation from vacationing!

Merry Christmas!

25 December 2012 | Our Marina
Merry Christmas! We hope everyone is having a fantastic day filled with lots of love and laughter!
Vessel Name: The Dorothy Marie
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavor 43
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Glen Vienna and Sally Houston
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Album 2 - Mazatlan - Hiva Oa
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The road home from Atuona.  We walked up and down a steep hill over 2 miles each way!  Boy are we getting our exercise!
The Municipal Police Station in Atuona.
The Gaughin Art Museum.
Paul Gaughin
Some lovely flowers - they
Some bungalows up on the hill in Atuona - there aren
On the way from Fatu Hiva to Hiva Oa - a beautiful pre-sunset!
Just another beautiful sunset!  :)
The Tapa lady!  She
Fatu Hiva General Store!
The primary class at the Fatu Hiva School - the program was adorable!
Every child had been adorned by the local foliage - it was interesting to see how many ways they use their natural resources.
This little boy was so cute - part of the dance was for the boys to wiggle their knees together and boy did he do a good job!
No words needed - just a cutie!

(The girls had tapa cloth outfits under all the flowers!)
This little girl was completely off throughout the entire program, but she was such a cutie, it didn
The teachers at the Fata Hiva school.  They did a lovely traditional dance.
The upper grade class!  This teacher spoke some English so it was interesting talking to him - kind of like a Mr. Johnstone Marquesan style!
A pamplemousse tree.  Pamplemousse is like a giant grapefruit, but much sweeter!
A breadfruit tree.  Breadfruit is kind of starchy like a potato.  It doesn
The school at Fatu Hiva - what a lovely view!
A closer look at a babu coconut tree!
This was the dinner we went to at a lady
These ladies were fantastic native dancers - not bad for a grandma!
The entertainment at our cruiser
A real cutie!  We couldn
Main Street Fatu Hiva!
The waterfall on Fatu Hiva - 200 feet high!
Sally swimming in pool at the base of the waterfall!
Yeah!  I made it and boy does this cool water feel GREAT!
Mr. Potato Head Tiki!
A woven shack on Fatu Hiva.
The tiki that meets you at the dock in Fatu Hiva (it has Glen
The dinghy dock at Fatu Hiva!
The dinghy area inside of the anchorage.  There is a concrete wharf that the dinghies are tied to.
The reason the bay was first called Bay des Verges (Bay of Phalli)!
The anchorage at Fatu Hiva - Bay of Virgins (or Penises, depending on who you ask!)
GPS position right after crossing the equator!  We
Our tribute to King Neptune!
Right on the equator - look carefully... you
Captain Glen makes his dream come true - he
Rain squall dead ahead!
Captain Glen enjoying a shower!
We saw some of the most vibrant rainbows out in the middle!
The atlas fencing raft we saw out in the middle of the blue!  There were 4 rolls lashed together with the skylight being pulled behind!
The skylight being pulled behind the fencing raft!  A drogue?
A lovely dinner top side - and yes, that is a skunk streak in my hair!
Seal rock on Socorro Island.  Mama humpbacks would bring there babies just inside this rock for jumping practice!
Our first official check in with the "Puddle Jumpers" net!
Retiring the Mexican flag!  We will be flying curtesy flags of all the countries we visit.  Our American flag flies at our stern.
It made it 3 months - notice about half of the red is gone... had to resew it and it still frayed!
The beach at Nuevo Vallarta - the beaches were very busy this week.  It
Bathing beauties!  Glen, Maya, and Emma!  The beach at Nuevo Vallarta.
No kidding!!!!
The camera focused on the branch instead of the croc, but you can see how big this crocodile was!!!
The river that continues on from the harbor at Nuevo Vallarta.
Red tide creeping in to shore at Ipala!
Enjoying a book on the back patio!  (Right before all the problems started!)
I couldn
The marina in Puerta Vallarta - we were at a slip right at the end of the dock.
Our forward head!  Think we have enough beer?!!!
Maria posing for her quincinera pictures aboard The Dorothy Marie!
Glen with the "Sand Man!"  When we first walked by this guy, we thought he was a statue!  He was really good at holding still!  On the malecon in Puerta Vallarta.
The "Bird Men" on top of their 100 foot perch!
The end of a whale jump in Banderas Bay!  (Sorry the guy got in the way!)
Mexican Dancer sculpture on the Malecon in PV.  It is so lovely!
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church - the top part is a replica of the Queen
An inside shot of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Notice the priest
We were so lucky to happen to be at the church as the bells were rung.  A man pulls a rope attached to the bell - looked like it wasn
A very famous sculpture on the Malecon in PV!  How come we don
Leaving Yalapa!  Orca III is right behind us and Atessa (the big boat that was our neighbor in Cabo) is just anchoring to the right!  I think they
If you ever get a chance to go to Yelapa - go!  It
The river bed that the pangas use to hold their boats during bad weather.  To get the boats into it, they have to take a running jump at the shore of the beach and go up and over (about 20 feet) into the river!
A very cute bird at the beach in Yelapa!
Some of the beautiful flora in Yelapa!
Yelapa horse ride to the waterfall - those poor horses!
Look closely and you will see a very poisonous snake that crossed our path while we were riding the horses to the waterfall!  Our guide wished he had a machete with him because the skin would have been worth around $80. for making belts!
The water felt so good after the hour long horseback ride to the waterfall!
A house in Yelapa - they were all pretty much like this - on stilts for the water that rages during the rainy season and no windows or doors - just open air!  I really liked the tree that was by it with all the vines growing around it!
Its amazing how much pressure the water had while falling.  Glen went under, but I decided to saty back a ways!
The waterfall near the village of Yelapa - we were able to hike to this one.  The path went straight up in some places!  A little boy was riding his bike down it and a man explained to us that the path had just recently been paved and the children were loving it!  Yikes!
Glen playing at Ana Banana
Glen played with several different groups of guys that played at Ana Banana
One of the Huichol Indians working a beadwork project.  They count the surface of what they
A different view of my little beadwork gourd - each bead is placed individually by hand!
The beach on Chacala.
Colorful houses are everywhere in the little town of Chacala.  It
A mango tree on Chacala.
One of Glen
Mainstreet Chacala!
The boys lugging the computers back from a trip to the internet cafe in San Blas!  (Note the cases that get tested later for their water proof capabilities!)
The original bell tower which inspired the Longfellow poem "The Bells of San Blas."
Lobsters on the bar- bie!  They were selling for 50 pesos ($5.00).  We didn
Giant Bamboo!  And for those of you requesting pictures of both of us... here you go!  We really are on the same trip!!!
An iguana of a differnt color!!!  We saw him on our jungle cruise!
Huts in the La Tovara river.  As cool as they seem, they were built for a movie that was filmed there and haven
One of the crodiles we saw on our jungle cruise in  San Blas.
Airring his pits?  Not sure why, but most of this type of bird sat with wings spread.  We saw so many different kinds of birds - it was incredible!
Camoflauge at its best!  Can you see the little bird?
The Dorothy Marie at hook in the river at San Blas!
Good bye Isla Isabela!  Notice the volcano "plugs" on the right side.
Lunar eclipse at Isla Isabela!  It was so clear and beautiful being so far from any other lights.
The birds of Isla Isabela - I wish we could add sound to this one!
A shrimp boat came in and anchored close to us at Isla Isabela.  We traded a six pack of beer and a pack of Pete
Our basket of shrimp and fish from the shrimp boat.  We made a very good trade!  :)
Fishermen on Isla Isabela loading their nets.  Their nets and methods were completely different from what we had seen on Isla San Francisco!
Tequilla is the raw!!!  An agave plant on Isla Isabela.
Yeah!  I
Iguana fun on Isla Isabela!  How many can you count?!!
Okay, so maybe we weren
Walmart in Mazatlan!  Notice the covered parking!  How come we don
I love you Senior Frog!  A Mazatlan tourist spot - now there are Sr. Frogs all over Mexico!
The jetty separating the ocean with the municipal harbor (where the cruise ships go in and where we anchored).  They must have run out of rocks so they made their own.  The concrete "rocks" looked like giant jacks (kid toy).
Got rocks?  No?  Okay, we
The light house atop a cliff at the entrance to the harbor in Mazatlan.  There is a neat cave at the base - we explored a bit from the dinghy!