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Living the Dream
The Dorothy Marie's Photos - Living the Dream (Main)
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On a mooring ball belonging to the Lahaina Yacht Club.  They gave us a temporary membership while visiting on Maui.
February - 2010
Hanging with the "big guys!"  Cruise ships were a common sight in the anchorage at Kilua-Kona.
Hawaii - January 2010
Tied up to "the wall" in Radio Bay - you drop anchor and back in to tie up to the wall.  We had a few issues in heavy weather with getting a little too close... yikes!
Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii -  December 2009
A very leaky Dorothy Marie sitting at anchorage in the Fanning Island lagoon.  It was either sweltering hot, or pouring down rain (and we were once again all alone)! 
Fanning Island, Kiribati
November - 2009
Alone again!!! Anchored at Christmas Island.  The water was beautiful - you can see the different hues of blue showing reef, sand, then deeper water (from shore looking out to the boat).  In the background in a few of the local fishermen that spent sunup to sundown fishing.  They had to paddle, then surf their outriggers through the waves to get back to shore.
Christmas Island, Kiribati 
(A part of the Line Islands) October/November - 2009
We were the lone boat in our anchorage in Matautu Bay on the beautiful island of Savai
Tied up at the little marina in Apia, Samoa.  This is where we were when the earthquake and four following tsunami waves hit.  We couldn
Looking back at the island while on a putt in Little Dot!  Sadly, the village that was right behind our boat in this picture got wiped out from the tsunami that hit while we were in Samoa.
Niuatoputapu, Tonga
September - 2009
While in Savusavu, we gave work to Semi, a hard working Fijian man.  He is the father of 5 and works so hard to support his family.  He totally scrubbed and waxed the hull of The Dorothy Marie by hand - she
The Dorothy Marie is up a creek!  That
The Dorothy Marie is now a "black bottomed girl!"  We hauled out in Fiji to put new anti-fouling paint on the bottom.  We had bought the paint in NZ (better quality), but the color didn
The Dorothy Marie hanging out in the Blue Lagoon with her playmate, Destiny!
Nanuya Lailai, Yasawa Group, Fiji
July - 2009
At anchor in Musket Cove, Fiji.  Just another beautiful sunset!
The Mamanuca Group
June - 2009
At anchor just outside the floating "Q" dock in Opua.   We left the boat on a mooring ball there in Feb. when we land yachted, then were on anchor for most of March,  two weeks of April, two weeks in May (we left New Zealand on the 13th).
May - 2009
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The Dorothy Marie
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