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Living Aboard a Sailboat, K-Dock, Fort Pierce City Marina, Florida
Thomas Lee

The extension of the Fort Pierce City Marina, officially called the Waterfront Protection Project, progresses every day. Yesterday a new little tug was assembled just across Moor's Creek from WINDSONG. A bit windy today but temperature in the high 70's which is normal for November.

Thomas Lee

I had once intended to take my Seawind 30, s/v VIKING, to Florida. I did a lot of work on her to get her ready. However, shortly before my departure from Ontonagon, I discovered that the Albin AD-2 engine in VIKING at water in the oil. The problem appeared to be a blown head gasket. So I decided to take our C&C 27 WINDSONG. As it turns out, that was a good decision. Getting a new had gasket for an antique Albin AD-2 diesel engine is difficult. After considering a lot of options, I finally had to contact Stefan Strom at ALBIN MOTORS AND FASHION in Sweden. I have spoken to him a few time by phone a few times. This is probably the only store in the world has has parts for Albin engines. Not only can he provide the gasket, but he has a sale celebrating 40 years of working at Albin Motors by giving a 40% discount. How great is that, says the Sock Monkey! Today's picture: Stefan and Maud Maria Strom, ALBIN MOTORS AND FASHION, Sweden.

11/29/2012 | MB
What a happy turn of events, eh?
Thomas Lee

My Black Friday gift to myself was a new bicycle. Bicycles are a very traditional vehicle for a librarian. Melville Dewey, of Dewey Decimal fame, was an avid bike rider. Anyway, the bike arrived in a big box and a marina staff member delivered it over to K dock on one of their motorized carts. Some assembly was required. Christmas lights are still being put up on the palms in Marina Square. It's a complex business. When music is being played the lights change with the music. So I am told. I was also told that the cost of this little project was $30,000.

11/28/2012 | John Frizzle
Looks like the shark on your shirt is biting your arm.
11/30/2012 | GLEE
You look great dad. Have fun on the bike.

"Land shark"
Thomas Lee

Today I put up Christmas lights on WINDSONG. She looks good. I may add a few more lights before the Christmas boat parade. The new LED lights work good since many strings can be run from a small 12 volt inverter. At the dock I cheat and use shore power! Sock Monkey is happy that the lights are up.

Thomas Lee

A lighting company is busy putting Christmas lights on palm trees in Marina Square. Christmas is a big deal in Fort Pierce. Very soon there will be a big Christmas parade. I have not put my Christmas lights on WINDSONG yet . but this will probably motivate me.

Thomas Lee
11/22/2012, Public Marina, K Dock, Fort Pierce, Florida

While biking over by the marina office I took a picture of a lady feeding the birds their Thanksgiving Dinner!

DUMB WAYS TO DIE - Australian safety video goes viral on the Internet
Thomas Lee
11/21/2012, Public Marina, K Dock, Fort Pierce, Florida

An online video featuring cartoon creatures killing themselves in a variety of ways as part of an Australian transport safety campaign has gone viral, with almost 12 million YouTube views in a week. Search DUMB WAYS TO DIE on you tube.

02/24/2013 | Kisdobos
This is my take on the song. I made this listening activity for the song to be used in ESL classes:
Thomas Lee
11/21/2012, Public Marina, K Dock, Fort Pierce, Florida

My grandfather Edward Edson Lee wrote 50 books under the pseudonym of Leo Edwards. They were published by the New York publisher, Grosset and Dunlap. The books have been long out-of-print. I am signed up with a number of large booksellers that e-mail me when any of Leo's books are offered for sale on the Internet. Usually one pops up about once a month. Today I received an e-mail saying that TUFFY BEAN'S PUPPY DAYS was offered for sale at $200.00. I am sure that Leo would be surprised that books that once sold for 50 cents have increased in value.

Thomas Lee
11/19/2012, Public Marina, K Dock, Fort Pierce, Florida

Now that I am living on a sailboat in Fort Pierce, it has got me thinking about which of my other boats would be a better choice to bring to Florida. s/v WINDSONG, (now at Fort Pierce) has a fin keel and draws about 4 and a half feet. s/v VIKING, a Seawind 30, (on the hard at the Ontonagon Marina) has a modified full keel and draws about four feet. PENRYN, (at the Gorman House in Ontonagon) a Ballerina II designed by Robert Tucker, draws 2 and a half feet. Unlike the picture (above) PENRYN actually has 3 keels; two bilge keels plus a ballast keel.

Each vessel has its own strengths. VIKING would be a excellent ocean cruiser. She has an old diesel engine and no trailer. She has no trailer and even if she did, her size would be an issue... permits, etc. She is also VERY heavy.

WINDSONG is a excellent coastal cruiser. She can not be set on her fin keel and her draft can cause issues in shallow water, like the Intracostal Waterway. She does have a trailer, but it requires a powerful truck to pull her. Her center of gravity.

PENRYN, buit in Cornwall, England is good for shallow tidal waters. In a tidal environment she can sit on her bottom when the tide is out. Her shoal draft of only 2 and a half feet allows here to travel in very shallow water. Perfect for the Intracostal Waterway.

It has become clear that day-sailing out on the Atlantic from Fort Pierce on a daily basis is not always possible. Winter winds makes the Atlantic a bit rough and the entry out to the Atlantic very tricky as well. Travel on the Intracostal is difficult because of shallow water.

So in many ways, PENRYN may be best suited for Fort Pierce in the Winter. It would be good for cruising down or up the Intracostal from Fort Pierce. It does not have the room of WINDSONG, but one has to consider that a similar vessel designed by Robert Tucker sailed around the world. Also the famous solo sailer Tristen Jonesl sailed a Tucker designed bilge vessel the size of PENRYN all over the world.

Also PENRYN because of her size and low center of gravity is easy to trailer. She could easily be pulled to Fort Pierce on her trailer and put in the water to live on. A vehicle would then be available to get around the area. (I would still bring a bike.) PENRYN has a new 4 stroke gas engine which would be fuel efficient and dependable.

A bilge keel boat like PENRYN can be pulled up on the beach at high tide. When the tide goes out she just sits on the beach and her bottom can be cleaned. When the tide comes in, she floats and is ready to go.


Designer: Robert Tucker England Builder: Penryn Boat Building and Engineering Co., Ltd. Ponsharden, Cornwall, England
Built: 1968
Design: Bilge Keel, Mast Head Sloop
Est. Rating: Thames measurement: 3.9 tons Portsmouth yarestick 116 Construction: GRP
LWL: 5.10m/16'9"
LOA: 6.56m/21'6"
Beam: 2.3m/7'5"
Draft: 0.69m/2'6"
Displ.: 1,017k/2,240 lbs.
Ballast: 362k/800 lbs.
Interior: 3 berths
Engine: Inboard Motor Well
Sails area: 18.3m sq/232 sq ft
Spinnaker area: 21.6m aq/232 sq ft
Summary: Fine windward performance. A well proved crusing sloop.

Life in Florida ... Oranges, Oranges, Oranges
Thomas Lee
11/18/2012, Public Marina, K Dock, Fort Pierce, Florida

Sock Monkey says where are the bananas!

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