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Dan and Marla are now in Oahu, Hawaii and plan to stay until late May of 2018

18 July 2017 | Boynton Beach, Florida
01 May 2017 | Oahu, Hawaii
24 January 2017 | Ko Olina Marina
30 December 2016 | Boynton Beach, Florida
29 November 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
10 November 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
20 October 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
24 September 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
09 July 2016 | Honolulu, Hawaii
06 June 2016
04 June 2016 | South/North Pacific
02 June 2016
31 May 2016 | Penrhyn Island
30 May 2016 | Penrhyn, Cook Islands
09 May 2016 | Savusavu, Fiji
23 April 2016 | Inside Long Windid
07 April 2016 | Port Denarau
04 April 2016 | Savusavu, Vanua Levu
09 March 2016 | Makogai Island

Better Late Than Never

18 July 2017 | Boynton Beach, Florida
Marla / Warm and Humid
Prior to departing San Diego for Mexico over three years ago, just like most other cruisers preparing for an extended voyage, our original "to do" list was not only extensive, but also expensive and exhausting. Our prioritized list focused mainly on boat systems and other projects making sure Dan and I would be living as comfortable as possible while cruising Long Windid in the warm tropics. As hard as we worked toward completing each task, it always seemed we needed more time before our departure date.
What I remember about the list, was way down at the bottom, Dan was to get his scuba diving certification while still in San Diego.
Scuba diving is an activity Dan wanted to further participate in since his introductory dive nearly twenty years ago when we first visited Bora Bora. To sell me on the idea, Dan figured once certified, he could explore the beautiful underwater gardens of the Pacific. That wasn't one of his more convincing arguments but when he mentioned he could also deal with any boat related issues below the waterline, I was sold but only if all the other tasks had been completed and there was still sufficient time. Looking back, we should have made the time to get him certified.
Diving services in most countries are non-existent. While anchored, Dan would always put on his mask and fins to dive on the boat wiping off the growth from her bottom. It seems his inability to hold his breath longer than 17 seconds at a time made for long exhausting days to complete the job. He would also spend hours snorkeling the reef systems at each beautiful location.
While in Florida, Dan is fortunate that my son Mike and our beautiful daughter-in-law Iris who are avid divers, have encouraged him to dive with them. So, Dan decided to finally take the courses needed and has successfully completed his "Advance Open Water Certification". Now, after traveling through some of the most beautiful dive spots in the world, Dan is finally a certified diver! Obviously a little late and a bit after the fact for the South Pacific, but there are still plenty of beautiful places to dive in Florida and more warm water destinations to come.
For me, I'm still just as happy to lounge on deck above the waterline!


01 May 2017 | Oahu, Hawaii
Marla / Warm and Breezy
Since we have been cruising Mexico and the South Pacific, Dan and I have been pushed along from country to country by customs and immigration officials due to visa expiration dates. Kinda' cruisers graduation of sorts.
Now that we are in the Hawaii, there are no time restrictions. "Island time" has become a way of life for us. It's very easy to find yourself putting off tasks and projects for another day just to enjoy the moment. The project list for Long Windid has been neglected. Recently, Dan figured that if he got a part time job at West Marine, his days off would become more important and therefore more productive. His strategy seems to have paid off because he has once again become motivated and is working hard on Long Windid projects. Me on the other hand, my motivation is to continue to enjoy my tropical lagoon.
We will be going back to Florida to be with my Mom this coming week. As much as we hate to leave here we are looking forward to seeing family and friends on the mainland again. Planning on returning to Hawaii middle of August.
Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Amazing What Costco Offers!!

24 January 2017 | Ko Olina Marina
Marla / Cool and Breezy
Since we were going to stay in Oahu longer than previously planned, we decided to buy an "Island Car" for a means of convenient transportation. An island car is a "beater" car used to run around the island, similar to the old VW buses used when mainland counter-culture surfers invaded the island in the 60's. So, in today's world, where do you go to find inexpensive reliable transportation in Hawaii? Surely not a used car lot, Auto trader or Carfax. No, you search Craigslist. Ideally, you hope to find someone leaving or being transferred off the island and needs to liquidate their belongings. After hours of exhausted search and phone calls, I finally spoke to a young man named Reuben who said the 2003 Scion we were originally interested in was just sold but he had another car available. A silver 1998 Volvo S70 with 85,000 miles. Reuben was on his way to the DMV to re-register the car and get the required updated safety report. He suggested we meet him in the Costco parking lot at 4:00pm that afternoon. With cash in hand, Dan and I took the local bus to Costco where we met Reuben. He was a pleasant entrepreneurial young man born in Mexico City, raised in Anaheim, California and recently moved to Oahu. It was in the Costco parking lot where we learned that he buys cars from an auction and flips them through Craigslist. In the far distant corner of the parking lot, Reuben and his partner had four other cars lined up that he just bought and was detailing them. The Volvo is in fair condition, everything works and is in good order, as stated only 85,000 miles. The only issue right now is the drive train. Seems there is a small lug when backing up. I guess we'll just have to park the car in a way that doesn't require backing up or else Dan will have to push us out of a parking stall. After signing the paperwork and driving out of the parking lot, I contacted our insurance company to make sure we were insured. No sooner than I hung up with the agent, Dan seeing a car wash quickly turns into the next lane without signaling, cutting off a car. Within seconds, blue lights were flashing behind us. YES, Dan cut a police car off. We pulled over onto the shoulder. The officer gets out of his car, marches to the driver side puts both hands on the lowered window, sticks his head in the car and asked in a rather stern voice, "What were you thinking? Cutting off a police officer in a very expensive car". Dan stumbled around for an answer but decided there was no reasonable excuse so he just apologized and told the officer that we just bought the car and was not familiar with it. He then asked to see Dan driver's license and registration. When the officer saw the registration, he inquired where we bought the car. We told him Costco parking lot. The disturbed look on his face after hearing "Costco parking lot" was sobering, we not only sounded but felt stupid! Did we do something illegal, I asked? Since we had all the necessary paperwork, he reluctantly confirmed it was legit. Now, the officer wanted to see the insurance card of which luckily had just been texted to me from the Hawaiian insurance agent just minutes before. After a while the officer started to feel sorry for us and was nice enough to eventually let Dan off with just a warning and not a $360 fine. Now, Dan has to hear me nag him about his driving skills every time we get in the car. Sometimes, I think he would have rather paid the fine!

Special Holiday Season

30 December 2016 | Boynton Beach, Florida
Marla / Cool and Breezy
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Boynton Beach, Florida. Dan and I are enjoying the holiday season with my mom, son and daughter-in-law. Hope to be back in Oahu, Hawaii early January 2017.

Fondly Remembered and Sorely Missed

29 November 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
Dan / Cool and Breezy
Our dear friend Emil Dopyera recently passed away, two weeks after he and Susan joined us aboard Long Windid for a week in Hawaii. I can spend hours talking about Emil and his vast sailing accomplishments while growing up in Newport Beach, California. His stories of sailing around the world when few had the courage or skills to do so were inspiring. As I think back to the times I shared with Emil, one event in particular comes to mind. Whenever you were in Emil's presence you knew you were with someone very special. He had a grace and charm about him. Emil was always able to win you over with his positive attitude and quick smile.
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying Emil to Fender Guitar in Corona, Calif. As a young man in the late 1950's, Emil had taken over the family guitar business his father and uncle had built under the brand name of DOBRO. Emil ran DOBRO for a decade before selling the company and its name. Now out of a job, Emil was recruited by Fender Guitar in Fullerton Calif. The Fender executives wanted Emil to take over the struggling acoustic string division. With Emil's engineering background and guitar manufacturing expertise, he was able to quickly turn the division around within six months. He became a rising star at Fender where he spent two years before leaving for other opportunities. While driving to Corona, Emil mentioned that his time at Fender produced some of his greatest memories during his working career.
We arrived later than expected on a Friday afternoon. The plant was closing and the office had just said good-bye to the vice president of sales and the general manager, for the weekend. The office manager was cleaning up the conference room and was also in a hurry to leave. You could sense that she was in no mood to deal with us. Emil, in his gentle ways, introduced us and said we had driven up from San Diego and would like to have been given a factory tour. She apologized and said the plant had closed, there was only a skeleton crew finishing up the days' production. No one was available to take us on a tour. Emil casually mentioned that he worked for Fender Guitar years ago. Her tone quickly changed and she reluctantly volunteered to show us around. As we progressed through the factory, the office manager began asking Emil more questions about his experiences "back in the day". The more Emil answered, the more interest was shown. When he mentioned his involvement with DOBRO, the word quickly spread throughout the plant. Shortly, a crowd gathered wanting to meet Emil, shake his hand and take pictures with him. Many said they learned to play the guitar on a DOBRO. Meanwhile, the vice president of sales and the general manager heard that Emil was in the building. They both turned around to fight the traffic on the packed 91 freeway to make their way back to meet Emil and take a few pictures, as well. Emil was humbled by the attention and experience. I, however felt like I was with "royalty". People ask "who I was" and I answered "nobody special other than I am with my good friend Emil".

Emil was a "humble, inspirational and gentle-man" in every sense of the word. He will always be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Good to have Friends

10 November 2016 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu Hawaii
Marla / Warm Tradewinds Blowing
Two and a half years ago, Dan and I were in the midst of our 3-month extended shakedown cruise along the southern coast of California and the Channel Islands. We were trying to find out what systems work and what didn't work on our sailing vessel "Long Windid". While we were docked at Cabrillo Marina our good friends Darrol and Stephanie Johnson, met us in San Pedro for lunch. We talked about our plans for the South Pacific Islands and that eventually, we would be in Hawaii. They spoke of their condo on the beach in Lahaina, Maui and how cool it would be to cruise the Hawaiian Islands and drop anchor in some of the most picturesque bays in the world. By the end of lunch, Darrol and Stephanie committed to meeting us in Hawaii, if and when we got there. After cruising the beautiful waters of Mexico, the romantic French Polynesian Islands and the many tropical Fijian Islands, Long Windid and her crew finally arrived in Hawaii. However, the toughest part of the voyage from Fiji according to Dan, was the last forty or so miles crossing the Molokai Channel, which is considered to be one of the most treacherous channels in the world. The trade winds funneled through the channel from the northeast at 30 knots and the 10 foot swells continued to build. Long Windid on a close reach, would climb to the top of an oncoming swell then leap off crashing to the bottom of the trough, sending water and spray everywhere with most of it ending up in the cockpit. This assault lasted for hours and Dan was convinced that the boat would break! He said, "It's impossible to put into words the feeling of a 23,000-pound boat launching off a big wave. Items down below flew everywhere and the sound was deafening." So, when Long Windid was finally safely moored in a secure marina in Oahu, our big plans of cruising around the Hawaiian Islands with Darrol and Stephanie quickly changed.
True to their word, Darrol and Stephanie met us in Hawaii. Rather than taking a chance crossing the Molokai Channel again with Long Windid, Dan and I decided to fly to Maui to meet them. They graciously offered to share their beautiful two-bedroom condo. The views from their deck overlooking the Lahaina Bay were breathtaking, especially as the sun set over the Island of Lanai. Like the part-time Hawaiian natives they have become, Darrol and Stephanie drove us to the charming town of Lahaina. During the 1800's Lahaina was a whaling village and was the center of the global whaling industry. Through the years, thousands of sailors took leave in Lahaina including Herman Melville, who immortalized the era in his classic novel "Moby Dick". Situated on the scenic waterfront, Front Street is lined with cute and charming boutique shops and numerous art galleries. There was no stopping Stephanie and I when it came to shopping. She instantly became my new best shopping friend. At night Front Street transforms into Maui's center of activity with unique and trendy restaurants and bars. Darrol drove us around the entire island on the winding Hana Highway, over rustic bridges crossing dozens of mountain streams. We even drove up to several lush roadside waterfalls. When we weren't touring, we spent countless hours relaxing at the pool overlooking the beach. After a week on Maui, the four of us flew together to Oahu to see and explore some of the sights there. Although the trade winds continue to blow at 20 to 25 knots, we were able to take the Long Windid to Pokai Bay and anchor comfortably overnight. The protected bay was calm and relaxing. Dan and Darrol dove to clean the bottom of Long Windid in the beautiful crystal clear water. Since we had a limited amount of time with them, the following morning we lifted the anchor to head back to the marina. We had little time left but managed to go to the historic North Shore where Stephanie and I did what we do best, SHOP. Meanwhile, the guys drove to Waimea Bay. This is where annual big wave surfing championships are held during the winter months when the north swells create huge mountainous waves. Further up the road is the Banzai Pipeline, where they watched surfers getting tubed or wiped out. After three days in Oahu, Darrol and Stephanie had to leave for Lahaina once again, to meet their daughter and son-in-law. We had so many laughs and shared good times with them both. Dan and I are so fortunate to have Darrol and Stephanie for friends and in our lives. Hope to get together with them again next year when they return to Hawaii.
Vessel Name: s/v Long Windid
Vessel Make/Model: 42' Jeanneau Sun Odyssey CC
Hailing Port: San Diego, California
Crew: Dan and Marla Slattery
About: Dan and I have been cruising the Pacific for over two years and are now in Hawaii for an extended stay.
Origin of the name “Long Windid” Noticing a large luxury yacht anchored off Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island, Dan got in his dinghy to check it out. As he circled the yacht, the captain and 4 crew members all dressed in white, were unloading the “toys” from the transom garage. Looking [...]
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A band of 30 gypies on five boats from 14 different countries travel all over the world. They perform for the local school children and at various marinas and harbors along their way. Not as polished as Cirque du Soleil but very entertaining with a high degree of energy and passion. Admission is free but tips or donations are graciously accepted.
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