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Bday Art Fest

16 January 2012
We've been hanging out in Conception Bay a bit longer than usual and decided to stay for the annual art festival in El Burro. I donated some stuff for the event (if I had more time I could have whipped out a blanket dang it) and Jim helped the locals set up tables and whatnot.

Lots of people and great music and food and art. We've met a lot of the locals and have finally met the grand pupa of the Sonrisa weather - pap kilo hotel himself Gearry. He also tends to be the MC for lots of the local events (go figure).

A nice way to start off my birthday too! What fun!
Vessel Name: CharAnn
Vessel Make/Model: Newport 41s
Hailing Port: Newport, NY
Crew: Jim & Jeannine
About: We'll be spending our 2nd season cruising the Sea of Cortez. We had a great 1st full NY season from snow to snow! We can't wait to see what's in store for us this winter.
Just so everyone is less confused, Jim is Phil & Phil is Jim. Jim is Jim in the boating community and with his family and long-time friends but he's Phil to me and my family and friends in NY. Though the boating community wishes he'd stick with Phil (there's too many Jim's and we haven't met one [...]
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Who: Jim & Jeannine
Port: Newport, NY